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About BLUR

What Is Blur (BLUR) Crypto?

Blur is an NFT marketplace on the Ethereum network designed for pro traders. Backed by Paradigm, the platform launched for public use in October 2022, making it a relatively new entrant into the highly competitive NFT market.

What sets Blur apart from its competition is that it functions like a direct marketplace on the lines of OpenSea while also serving as an aggregation platform like Genie & Gem. This unique model ensures that Blur users enjoy higher liquidity - both created by its own marketplace and leveraged from other NFT marketplaces.

With a distinct focus on UI and UX, Blur is designed from the ground up for users who have expertise in trading NFTs. In addition to its design elements, pro traders can enjoy meager trading fees and faster settlement on the Blur marketplace.

BLUR is the native token of the Blur NFT Marketplace and is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. It will drive the platform’s community ownership efforts, allowing BLUR holders to participate in the platform’s decentralized governance mechanism and earn rewards from the revenues generated by Blur.

How Does Blur Work?

The NFT marketplace hosts its own collections and serves as a market aggregator. In addition to a wide range of popular NFT collections to trade, it also offers professional NFT traders several advanced analytics and portfolio management capabilities.

The Blur market aggregator also provides a one-stop source where NFT traders can compare prices of popular non-fungible tokens across multiple marketplaces. This option lets them find the most competitive rates and trading fees, giving them the most profitable NFT trading opportunities available in the market.

Blur is an Ethereum-based NFT platform designed to offer the lowest gas fees on the network. This is a handy feature, as Ethereum has often been plagued with high gas fees, despite being the most extensive ecosystem for NFTs in the blockchain and crypto industry.

Blur’s users enjoy faster NFT sweeps and snipes than other leading NFT marketplaces. They also enjoy access to accurate real-time price feeds, superior UI and user experience, and zero trading fees when selling their NFTs on the platform.

History of Blur NFT Marketplace

Blur’s public launch took place in October 2022, making it a very recent entrant in the NFT market as of February 2023. Its developers had conducted the first round of $BLUR airdrops to early adopters who had used the platform in the beta phase six months before the official launch.

The first round of airdropped BLUR tokens, known as Care Packages, were distributed well before the official release of the native cryptocurrency. announced the second round of airdrops for users who had traded NFTs on the platform since November 2022 - three months before the release of the token.

These Care Packages consisted of four levels of rarity depending on their trading history. Listing a higher number of NFTs on Blur instead of other NFT marketplaces increases the users’ loyalty, making them eligible for receiving more rare and valuable Care Packages.

Users can start exchanging their Care Packages for $BLUR tokens following the token’s launch on 14 February 2023. In addition, traders who have used the Blur platform since 14 February 2023 can also receive airdrops of the BLUR cryptocurrency.

How to Buy Blur (BLUR) Token

Blur (BLUR) is listed on several top cryptocurrency exchanges, including KuCoin. Take a look at how to buy BLUR cryptocurrency safely and conveniently on KuCoin:

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Trade BLUR/USDT on KuCoin Spot Trading

After funding your trading account, head to KuCoin Spot Market to look for the BLUR/USDT crypto trading pair. Check the current price of Blur token, BLUR current market cap, current circulating supply, and 24-hour trading volume, and perform technical, sentiment, and fundamental analysis on the BLUR price chart before trading Blur token in the market.

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Store BLUR Securely

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Is Blur (BLUR) a Good Investment?

BLUR is a promising cryptocurrency to invest in, especially if you believe in the potential of the NFT market and associated tokens. As the native token of a popular NFT marketplace, the BLUR price could experience gains as the industry matures, takes on more users and applications, and delivers more value.

The price of Blur token could also strengthen as more NFT collections launch on its platform exclusively. Such partnerships could encourage higher on-chain activity, boosting investors’ demand for the BLUR token.

The value of BLUR could also head higher amid an overall improvement in the market sentiment toward cryptocurrencies. This brings more investors and traders into the market who are constantly looking for new tokens to buy and hold, a factor that could contribute to gains in the BLUR to USD price.

What Is the BLUR Crypto Price Prediction?

While it is impossible to offer an accurate BLUR price prediction over any duration, several factors play an essential role in driving the price action and volatility in BLUR crypto. These include:

Level of Adoption

The BLUR token price could increase as more traders use the Blur NFT marketplace to trade NFTs. Higher trading volumes could increase the appeal of buying and holding the BLUR crypto, supporting its value in the market.

Future Developments

As the team of developers adds new features, such as analytics and trading tools, more users can sign up and start trading their NFTs on the Blur platform. In addition, partnerships with reputed NFT collections, news about funding, etc., can also boost the BLUR price statistics.

Market Outlook

The price of Blur token could also enjoy support from a bullish or positive sentiment among crypto traders. A risk-on mood in the crypto market could encourage buying activity and help drive up interest in trading and holding BLUR tokens. On the other hand, a bearish or risk-off sentiment could weaken the BLUR price in the market.

What Is BLUR Token Used For?

BLUR is the native cryptocurrency of the Blur NFT marketplace. It serves the following functions:

Governance Token

You can participate in Blur’s governance process as a BLUR token holder. You can vote on proposals recommending future upgrades and contribute your thoughts on the evolution of the project.

Airdrops to Reward Loyal Users

As of February 2023, following the official launch of the BLUR token, Blur is distributing its native crypto asset as an incentive to reward active traders on the platform. While early adopters received BLUR token airdrops via Care Packages, other traders who have used the platform since November 2022 can also receive BLUR as a reward for their loyalty towards Blur.

Crypto Asset to Trade and HODL

Trade Blur crypto against other cryptocurrencies and profit from changing market conditions. You can buy or sell BLUR against other digital assets or hold it long-term if you believe in the future potential of the NFT marketplace. Review the live price of Blur token, BLUR market cap, circulating supply, 24-hour trading volume, and the latest crypto news before trading BLUR in the market.

Incentive Token

BLUR token holders will also receive a percentage of revenues from the Blur marketplace as a reward. In this manner, the token aims to drive higher engagement with the NFT marketplace among traders.

How to Claim BLUR Airdrop

Blur will conduct multiple rounds of token airdrops. Here’s how to check if you are eligible for any of the rounds and can receive $BLUR airdrop:

Early Adopters

Users who were part of the Blur NFT marketplace beta testing six months before it launched received BLUR airdrops in the form of Care Packages. Following the token’s launch on 14 February 2023, they can now exchange their Care Packages for redeeming BLUR tokens.

Blur Users

All users who have traded on the Blur platform between November 2022 and 13 February 2023 can claim BLUR airdrops. You can check your eligibility by connecting your wallet to the app.

All users who trade on the Blur marketplace and rake up bid points and list points until 14 March 2023 are also eligible to claim BLUR airdrops. You must connect your wallet and trade NFTs on Blur to rack up points to participate. The higher your loyalty - calculated based on your trading activity, the higher the number of tokens you can claim via airdrop.

What Is BLUR Tokenomics?

The total supply of BLUR tokens has been set at 3 billion, and all tokens were minted at genesis. As of February 2023, the BLUR circulating supply stands at 360 million.

The developers plan to unlock access to the remaining supply of BLUR tokens over a period of four to five years. The initial token distribution details are listed below:

1. 51% of BLUR tokens are set aside for community members.

2. 29% of the total supply has been allocated to past and future contributors, with a four-year vesting schedule.

3. 19% of the supply has been kept for investors with a four-year vesting schedule.

4. 1% of BLUR tokens will go to advisors of the project with a vesting period spanning four to five years.

BLUR Price Analysis

Live Price

The live price of BLUR is 0.4979 USD, representing a decrease of -16.16% in the past 7 days and -4.48% decrease in the past 24 hours.

Historical Trends

The all-time high of BLUR was -- USD on Invalid date, from which the coin is now down .
The all-time low of BLUR was -- USD, from which the coin is now up .
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