Easy and Convenient Operation With Bigger Display: KuCoin Trading Bot Web Version Is Online

2021/08/05 10:45:22

The web version of KuCoin Trading Bot was officially launched on August 4, 2021. Users who prefer to operate the trading bots on the web end can easily access more detailed information displayed on the larger screen, and trade in more convenience.

To allow KuCoin users to quickly get started with the web version of trading bot, we will walk you through the details in a comprehensive user-guide in the following article.

1: About KuCoin Trading Bot

KuCoin Trading Bot is a free trading tool launched by KuCoin in 2021. It provides hands-off intelligent services to increase trade profits while saving time and energy for investors. With its highlights of configuring an all-weather, all-around bot "butler" for the trading strategy, users can effectively avoid the weakness of manpower and human nature, reduce repetitive work and transaction risks, and increase their profit rate.

The KuCoin Trading Bot now supports three operation modes: App, Web, and M station to meet users' preferences.

2: KuCoin Trading Bot: Web Version vs App Version

Other than the number of supported strategy types, the two versions of trading bots are exactly the same in functions.

Currently, the KuCoin Trading Bot web version only supports the Spot Grid. Other strategies, namely Futures Grid, Smart Rebalance, and DCA, which will be gradually updated in the future to be consistent with the app version.

3: About Spot Grid Strategy

As one of the most classic and popular trading strategies, Spot Grid works by selling high and buying low to gain profits in a specific price interval. So it is a good strategy in a volatile market, and higher volatility may bring higher returns.

For instance, if you believe Bitcoin price will fluctuate between 30k and 40k in the following days, you can set the two prices as the price range of your Spot Grid. Then the bot will arbitrage for you within the interval.

For more info about Spot Grid, check the tutorials for Spot Grid 1 and Spot Grid 2 .

4: KuCoin Trading Bot Web Version Tutorial

Currently, the KuCoin Trading Bot web version only supports Spot Grid strategy. Here’s how to start using the web version:

1. Visit the KuCoin official website and log into your account ;

2. Click [Trade] on the upper left side of the page, then click [Trading Bot], or click this link directly.

3: In the webpage of KuCoin Trading Bot, click “Create Bot” to start a spot grid trading bot. KuCoin Trading Bot provides 2 ways to create spot grid trading. One is “AI Parameters”, and the other is “Customize”.

For AI Parameters

a. Select a trading pair. (Since grid trading is chasing volatility, higher volatility will bring higher returns. So, the best choice is to choose the most volatile pair.)

b. As you can see, the Price Range and the Number of Placed Orders will be set by the AI. “Total Investment” part is for users to set the asset value to invest in the grid trading.

After filling a certain amount in the “Total Investment “, you can view the “Profits per Grid”.

c. Click “Create”, and confirm the order information, then click “Confirm” to run the trading bot.

For Customized Parameters

a. Click “Customize” to choose a trading pair, and set the Min. and Max. Prices. If the token price goes lower than the Min. Prices or higher than the Max Price, the grid trading will be stopped until the price goes back within the range. ( Tips: To maximize your profits, it is important to set a proper price range based on the historic market trends to keep your Spot grid bot running within your setting price range).

b. Set the “Number of Placed Orders” and the “Total Investment”.

c. Click “Create”, and confirm the order information, then click “Confirm” to run the trading bot.

To celebrate the official launch of the KuCoin Trading Bot WEB version, generous gifts have been prepared for users. During the activity period from 11:00 am August 4 -11:00 am August 9,2021 (UTC), anyone who creates and runs the trading bot through the web version will have a chance to share a prize pool of 3,000 USDT. Click here to see the details of the activity.

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