KuCoin AMA With Halo Wallet — Unlocking Wealth Codes: Empowering Your Web3 Journey With The Next-Level SocialFi Wallet

2023/07/07 08:12:59

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: July 5, 2023, 12:00 - 13:03 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Business Development Manager of Halo Wallet, Joy, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://halo.social/

Weblog: https://medium.com/@HaloDotSocial

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Joy — Business Development Manager of Halo Wallet

Q&A from KuCoin to the Halo Wallet Team

Q: Since some of our community members may need to become more familiar with Halo Wallet, please give us some introduction.

Joy: Some may have heard that Halo Wallet was rebranded from KuCoin Wallet recently. With KuCoin Exchange's support in the past year, we have quickly developed a highly secure crypto wallet with over 800k users, access to 8 EVM public chains, and the ability to support tens of thousands of tokens and NFTs.

Halo Wallet has received its 1st round of financing led by KuCoin Ventures, with investments from IDG and HashKey, and we have many Web3 strategic partners worldwide!

With over 800K active users, Halo Wallet is making its unique mark in the crypto space. We have started upgrading our products to SocialFi, aiming to become the most popular and the only SocialFi wallet in crypto.

In May, we launched our brand-new SocialFi product MVP version with 8,000 whitelist spots all claimed! And our 2nd round of open beta started on 5th May!

Q: Being a SocialFi Wallet sets Halo apart from other Web3 wallets. Can you share more details with us?

Joy: Socialfi Wallet is our positioning for this platform. I prefer to call it ‘the Web3 wallet that helps you discover wealth codes.

Unlike ordinary Web3 wallets, the team behind Halo Wallet designed some special features in addition to the basic functions to help users capture valuable investment targets through social content and on-chain information of outstanding investors in crypto.

We help filter valuable and consensus investment information from massive on-chain data. Based on your risk preference, we recommend investment portfolios to help you increase returns and hedge risks.

Our product innovation mainly includes the following aspects:

a. Track smart wallets of pros.

Through on-chain data analysis, we have found a group of real Smart Money for users, including OGs well-known in the industry, opinion leaders who are good at exploring opportunities, and so on. You can directly follow these wallets and receive the real-time transaction dynamics of these wallets, just like checking Twitter to quickly understand the latest hot spots and participate in the investment you are interested in as soon as possible.

b. Access social graph on Lens Protocol

The lens is a social protocol everyone loves and uses frequently. By connecting Lens profile NFT, Halo Wallet users can directly migrate their social graphs to Halo and keep all watchlists with one click!

It is worth emphasizing that the Halo wallet is a true self-custodial wallet; all assets and data are controlled by users themselves, ensuring the safety and reliability of assets.

Q: Tell us about the interesting features of the second public beta version and how we should participate in the 2nd round of Beta testing.

Joy: The following introduces some interesting functions; you will want to try them:

1. 🔍 Quick Smart Address Search: Connect faster!

2. 🎨 Stylish Avatars: Express yourself!

3. 🔄 Streamlined Feed: Share & like with ease!

4. 🔎 Transaction Support with new DIDs: Now support .bit & .arb!

5. 👥 Attract Followers & Build your community!

6. 🌟 Sleek UI: Intuitive & user-friendly!

7. 🔔 Custom Notifications: Control your feed!

You need only three (3) steps to get involved, and there will be only 8000 WLs. Welcome everyone to experience our products and build the first Socialfi wallet together:

​​Step 1

Check if you are eligible for the Halo Open Beta via this link: https://halo.social/whitelisted.

Step 2

Download the MVP version if you get 3 points and experience the various functions provided by the Halo Wallet!

Step 3

Bind the wallet in the new version and create your dedicated account, then experience the various functions provided by the Halo Wallet!

Here are the conditions to get the point. If you can get 3 points, don't miss the chance to join us!

Our Bug Bounty campaign is also ongoing. You can get feedback on your experience and win bonuses.

Q: If we finally get through this second round of Beta Testing, what plans do you have next?

Joy: During 2023 Q2 - Q3, we will focus on continuously improving product functions, such as achieving on-chain data analysis of EVM blockchains and enabling users to follow and filter transaction addresses via HaloWallet.

We'll complete DID construction, establishing an on-chain identity system by connecting decentralized & centralized social graphs. At the same time, we will build a screening mechanism for high-quality content, ensuring efficient and consistent output.

During 2023 Q4 - 2024 Q1, we will work with our community to create a greater ecology. We'll determine the economic model of HaloWallet and announce incentive plans for creators and users.

After that, our focus will be shifted from content to financial products, launching structured financial products in collaboration with esteemed creators in the community. By combining on-chain data analysis and social content, we want to build a web3 wallet that helps investors find investment opportunities and obtain high returns.

Q: Are we happy to welcome KOLs into Halo's ecosystem and provide incentives?

Joy: We have a program exclusively for content creators. Whether you're a first-time content creator or an established influencer, you'll find all the tools to create, share, and earn! To better cooperate with KOLs, we will also give exclusive rewards and support.

There are mainly the following benefits, and there will be more in the future:

  1. Halo Exclusive NFT Access to the upcoming release of Halo NFT Pass (free minting).
  2. Become the verified content creators on the Halo Platform and unlock VIP rights and pro features.
  3. In-app traffic support(>800K Users): Your Halo Wallet handle will be listed in the top recommended watchlists.
  4. Get exposure on Halo's official Twitter (>101K Followers)
  5. Community traffic support (DC&TG >71K Members). The content and links they want to expose will be given priority to be shared in our community.

Join the Halo Wallet Creator Program now. More exciting perks to come so you better stay tuned!

Q: Since you just mentioned that there will be a NFT plan, when will you launch the NFT? In addition to that, is there any plan to launch your tokens in the near future?

Joy: Launching Our Genesis NFT Pass (GNP) is one of our most important plans in the near future. OG users and ecological partners will be given priority in obtaining mint qualifications.

GNP is designed as a growing equity NFT, meaning users can unlock Halo ecological exclusive benefits by holding it, including content governance, economics, and product privileges. Users can also improve the NFT pass level by actively participating in platform construction to obtain more new airdrops and high-level rights and interests and realize Social2Earn.

Genesis NFT Pass will promote more Web3 users to participate in and understand the rights and interests of NFT, grow together with Halo, and share the fruits of platform development. It aims to establish an NFT equity ecosystem integrating "Social2Earn, Swap, Pro Features, and Airdrop" for users. It will use NFT Pass as the core value drive to build the most active SocialFi ecosystem in the world!

I can only reveal a little about the plan for our token now. The sure thing is that our early users will be our priority for the token airdrop. All early users and creators who share high-quality content will get additional rewards.

Q: We are all looking forward to the release of NFT! Is there anything else you want to share with us?

Joy: I invite you to experience Halo Wallet again and share your experiences to help us improve the user experience!

To stay informed about product progress and the upcoming airdrops, please follow us on Twitter and join our global community:

Website: https://halo.social/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HaloDotSocial

Telegram: https://t.me/halowalletsocial

Discord: https://discord.gg/958cKHaG2m

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community to the Halo Wallet Team

Q: Social information represents a unique investment signal in the Crypto industry. Please share more details about product design with us.

Joy: We have made a YouTube video to show our functionality clearly. Please catch a sight!

Q: What is the difference between a Halo wallet and a Metamask and Trust wallet? What innovations or improvements did Halo Wallet include in its wallet, and why is it more convenient for us?

Joy: Halo Wallet, with the leading security technology audited by Hacken, is a secure and self-custody SocialFi crypto wallet that supports multi-chain aggregation and aims to give users full control of their assets with a more efficient and deep insight into investment opportunities through the Social web.

With the expansion to the SocialFi ecosystem (from liking & sharing features and tracking smart money to your unique avatar), Halo Wallet is committed to allowing ordinary users to break through the media noise and identify high-quality investment targets.

What makes us different from other wallets? Halo Wallet is way beyond just a wallet; we focus on every you and create a new social experience. Build the new Web3 identity here!

Q: Many projects need help with UI/UX, and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and users outside the crypto space?

Joy: Halo Wallet provides new user guides with comprehensive details to help users onboard. Our mods are also online 24/7 in the community if you have any problems. Halo Wallet is for everyone and aims to constantly deliver insightful views and opinions to help new crypto users navigate in Web3.

Q: One of the key features of the Halo Wallet wallet is the proficiency to send funds to various addresses within a minute. This characteristic seems very impressive, but I am worried about the gas fees consequences. Do the users have to pay higher gas costs to use this element?

Joy: Thank you for your affirmation of the strong basic functions of Halo Wallet! The gas fee is mainly determined by the degree of congestion on the chain.

Q: What upcoming features or developments can users look forward to in Halo Wallet?

Joy: We'll complete DID construction and establish an on-chain identity system by connecting decentralized & centralized social graphs. At the same time, we will build a screening mechanism for high-quality content, ensuring efficient and consistent output.

After that, our focus will be shifted from content to financial products, launching structured financial products in collaboration with esteemed creators in the community.

Q: Is your project for English-speaking countries only, or do you have a community for non-English-speaking users? If so, are they local?

Joy: Localization is defined in the long-term vision of Halo Wallet. The demographic of Halo Wallet is very spread out all over the world. To form a sense of belonging and community for users, it is necessary to create channels specifically for the major languages of Halo Wallet users. We will focus on bringing new users on board and optimizing the wallet functions.

KuCoin Post AMA Activity — Halo Wallet

🎁 Be among the privileged few who gain early access to the Halo Wallet and unlock a world of exclusive offers. Enjoy exciting opportunities within the Halo Wallet ecosystem!

Halo Wallet AMA - Giveaway Section

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