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About XDB

What is DigitalBits (XDB) Crypto?

DigitalBits is an open-source, public blockchain that can be used to tokenize real-world assets and convert them into digital assets. The blockchain for brands can be used to issue branded currencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), stablecoins, and more to power the points economy using distributed ledger technology.

With numerous protocol-level features and functionality, the third-generation protocol DigitalBits aims to power projects in the NFT and metaverse sectors of the crypto industry. In addition to enabling convenient tokenization and transfer of digital assets, the DigitalBits ecosystem also supports seamless transfer and trade of these assets on-chain, bringing crypto adoption into the mainstream.

The blockchain utilizes an automated market maker (AMM) model to tackle the lack of market liquidity for non-tokenized assets. DigitalBits also supports the seamless trade of assets even if they do not have a direct market for the two traded assets. The blockchain features a built-in decentralized exchange, the DigitalBits DEX.

XDB is the native token of the DigitalBits blockchain. Its initial white paper release fixed its total supply at 100 billion. However, by the time the blockchain launched in early 2021, the developers decided to reduce the XDB total supply by 80% to 20 billion tokens.

How Does DigitalBits Work?

The DigitalBits blockchain utilizes a Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) consensus mechanism to make it more eco-friendly and faster than leading blockchain networks in the market. FBA employs trust within the network to increase the efficiency of the overall consensus mechanism.

In the DigitalBits network, each node can maintain a list of nodes it trusts. This trust can build up over time. Nodes are chosen at random to agree and confirm the validity of transactions. This process turns more efficient when each node becomes more trustworthy and reliable.

Ecosystem partners of the DigitalBits blockchain are responsible for running nodes within the network and contributing to verifying transactions. However, the blockchain does not reward these nodes for their efforts, unlike the models employed by Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithms.

Instead, their contributions help make the nodes more trustworthy. These ecosystem partners also operate as application providers on the blockchain, and keeping the network secure serves their best interests, ensuring higher integrity within the decentralized network.

History of DigitalBits and XDB Token

DigitalBits was founded in 2017 by Al Burgio, an established entrepreneur, to drive higher adoption of digital assets by brands and their consumers. Al Burgio envisioned DigitalBits as a project that could support real-world use cases for blockchain technology. The blockchain originated after being forked from the Stellar protocol in 2017.

The DigitalBits testnet launch took place in November 2017, followed by its mainnet launch in February 2018. A month later, its blockchain explorer, the XDB Explorer, was launched.

DigitalBits announced the launch of its Partner Ecosystem Program in May 2018 to drive blockchain adoption. This program encouraged developers, service providers, and businesses to experience its ecosystem, accelerating the building and deploying of their services and assets on the platform.

The blockchain network is governed by the DigitalBits Foundation - formerly known as XDB Foundation, in a neutral and agnostic manner. The foundation is also responsible for driving the DigitalBits ecosystem development and adoption.

Where to Buy DigitalBits (XDB)

DigitalBits (XDB) is listed on some top cryptocurrency exchanges, including KuCoin. Here’s how you can buy XDB on KuCoin quickly and conveniently:

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Store XDB Safely

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Is DigitalBits (XDB) a Good Investment?

DigitalBits is an interesting project with considerable scope for mainstream adoption, making it an investment worth considering. The platform allows businesses to tokenize their assets and build engagement with their customers using the power of blockchain technology.

As more partners and brands join the DigitalBits ecosystem, the XDB to USD price could strengthen to test its highest price and head to a new all-time high. The DigitalBits price could rise as the blockchain experiences higher on-chain activity, as more users tokenize assets and trade them on the network’s official DEX.

In addition to higher adoption and trading activity on its network, the DigitalBits price could also strengthen as the mood in the crypto market turns strongly optimistic. A bullish attitude among investors could encourage more buying activity across the board, boosting the XDB price statistics.

What is the DigitalBits Price Prediction?

While it is impossible to offer an accurate XDB price prediction, there are several fundamental factors to monitor which could drive a price change in the DigitalBits token. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Level of Adoption and Interest in DigitalBits

The demand for the DigitalBits platform among business partners and end users is one of the most significant factors impacting the live price of DigitalBits crypto. Higher demand for the platform for tokenizing assets and trading them could drive up the value of XDB tokens and vice versa.

Mainstream Interest in Decentralized Technology and Tokenised Assets

In addition to the level of adoption of the DigitalBits ecosystem, general interest in tokenizing assets and exploring use cases of blockchain technology for marketing and engagement could also affect the DigitalBits price. As more businesses and brands try to leverage blockchain technology for engagement with fans and customers, we could see projects like DigitalBits surge in terms of value.

Market Sentiment Towards NFTs and Cryptos

In the crypto market, investor sentiment is one of the biggest drivers of price action in altcoins like XDB. The price of XDB could head higher as more investors participate in the market, buying up new altcoins and looking for new projects to support. However, a bearish sentiment or a risk-off mood keeps investors away from the market and could drive sell-offs that could weaken the DigitalBits price.

What is XDB Coin Used For?

XDB is the native token of the DigitalBits ecosystem. Here are some of its use cases:

Native Currency

XDB is used for paying transaction fees and using the DigitalBits blockchain. It can be used for sending and receiving digital payments on the blockchain. $XDB crypto is also used for creating NFTs and fungible tokens on the DigitalBits platform.

Bridge Token

XDB serves as the bridge token when swapping two on-chain tokens that lack a direct market for liquidity. The AMM model of the DigitaBits DEX uses XDB to facilitate the trade of tokenized assets on the network.


Each account using the DigitalBits blockchain needs to stake a minimum of 10 tokens to confirm the authenticity and enable transfers. This protective security feature is added to prevent malicious activity on the blockchain network and allow only genuine users to experience the platform’s features.

Crypto Asset to Trade and HODL

Trade DigitalBits against other crypto assets to profit from changes in market conditions. You can buy or sell XDB against other cryptocurrencies or hold it long-term if you believe in the future potential of the DigitalBits project. Check the real-time price of DigitalBits, XDB market cap, circulating supply, 24-hour trading volume, and the latest crypto news before you trade XDB in the market.

Who are the Partners and Brand Ambassadors for DigitalBits?

One of the biggest reasons investors are interested in DigitalBits is the impressive list of brands and brand ambassadors partnered with the blockchain project. Brand partners of DigitalBits include Inter Milan FC, AS Roma, and Dignitas.

The blockchain’s brand ambassadors include David Beckham and Francesco Totti. In addition, other ecosystem partners include top-tier crypto funds such as GDA Capital, BlockFolio, Fireblocks, KuCoin, AstraX, CoinPayments, Elitium, and more.

Is DigitalBits a Fork of Stellar?

The DigitalBits blockchain was created after it forked from the first-generation protocol Stellar in 2017, followed by its mainnet launch in March 2018. The fork from the former Stellar network allowed DigitalBits to enjoy higher versatility, throughput, and lower latency and transaction fees.

The purpose-built blockchain DigitalBits supported the creation of tokenized assets on its infrastructure, giving it more capabilities than the original Stellar blockchain, which was designed primarily to support low-cost payments powered by decentralization. In addition, the new enterprise-grade blockchain has its own inbuilt DEX for trading the assets created on its network.

DigitalBits also has other distinct differences from Stellar. For instance, its native token, XDB, is not subject to inflation, unlike Stellar’s XLM crypto. It also utilizes a different consensus mechanism, Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA).

XDB Price Analysis

Live Price

The live price of XDB is 0.00273172 USD, representing a decrease of -13.75% in the past 7 days and -5.20% decrease in the past 24 hours.

Historical Trend

The all-time high of XDB was 1.02 USD on 11-15, 2021, from which the coin is now down -99.73%.
The all-time low of XDB was 0.00138793 USD, from which the coin is now up 49.19%.
$ 0.00138793
$ 1.02
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