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What Is Karata Combat (KARATE) Crypto?

Karate Combat is the world's premier full-contact striking league that combines the excitement of live-action, full-contact Karate with immersive CGI environments. It is powered by the Epic Games Unreal gaming and virtual production engine.

The league features Olympic medalists, national champions, and elite karatekas from around the world. The matches in Karate Combat involve karatekas competing multiple times in a single season. The ultimate goal is to win enough fights to challenge the champion for a belt and become a world champion.

The KARATE token serves as the token economy of Karate Combat, and it is managed and gamified by a KarateDAO. The token provides users with the ability to play a game called Up Only Gaming and participate in real league management. Users can earn more KARATE tokens by selecting their favorite fighters, and the more KARATE tokens a user holds, the higher their chances of winning.

KARATE Coin actively supports and is used by the Karate Combat league and its growing community. It serves as a tool for managing the league and supporting users' favorite fighters, as well as for playing games within the Karate Combat ecosystem.

How Does Karate Combat Work?

Karate Combat is a brand that promotes the first professional, full-contact karate league, which has been hosting worldwide events since April 2018. It aims to showcase the dynamic and skillful techniques of Karate in a competitive and entertaining format.

The Karate Combat league organizes events where karatekas compete in multiple fights during a single season. The goal for competitors is to win enough fights to challenge the champion for a belt and become a world champion.

Karate Combat's unique feature is the use of immersive CGI environments, which enhance the visual experience for viewers. These environments are created using the Unreal gaming and virtual production engine, adding a dynamic and captivating element to the matches.

The matches emphasize full-contact striking, with participants utilizing various striking techniques, defensive blocks, and footwork characteristics of karate. The platform leverages the Epic Games Unreal gaming and virtual production engine to offer immersive CGI environments combined with the excitement of live-action, full-combat Karate.

History of Karate Combat and KARATE Token

Karate Combat is a brand that promotes the first professional, full-contact karate league, which has been hosting worldwide events since April 2018. The company is headquartered in New York and was founded by Michael DePietro and Robert Bryan.

In 2022, Karate Combat transferred all of its assets from its crypto-native founders to a decentralized mechanism powered by the KarateDAO. This move was aimed at facilitating web3-powered governance and gamification within the Karate Combat ecosystem.

In April 2023, Karata Combat secured $18 million in funding from BITKRAFT Ventures and other investors. This was followed by the launch of the KARATE token in May 2023. The token was listed on KuCoin in the same month.


How can I buy Karate (KARATE)?
Buying KARATE on KuCoin is fast and simple. Create an account, verify your identity, deposit funds, and start your trading. It's that simple! See How to Buy Karate (KARATE) for more information.
How much is 1 Karate (KARATE) worth?
KuCoin provides real-time USD price updates for Karate (KARATE). Karate price is affected by supply and demand, as well as market sentiment. Use the KuCoin Calculator to obtain real-time KARATE to USD exchange rates.
Is Karate Combat a Good Investment?

Karate Combat could be a good investment option for the long term. Although the $KARATE token is a new entrant in the crypto market, the Karate Combat league has established itself since 2018, gaining considerable traction among its users.

In addition, it has raised $18 million in funding to enhance its full-contact martial arts events through the integration of mixed reality and XR technologies. These technological advancements, such as immersive CGI environments powered by Unreal Engine, aim to increase engagement between fans and the sports league, adding a unique and interactive experience to live events.

The KARATE price could strengthen as more users sign up to participate on the Karate Combat platform. News of future upgrades, partnerships, and investments could also support the KARATE to USD price in the market.

What Is Karate Combat Price Prediction?

The price of Karate Combat (KARATE) can be influenced by various factors, as is the case with most cryptocurrencies. While it is impossible to offer an accurate KARATE crypto price prediction, you could observe the following factors to understand the price action in this cryptocurrency:

Market Demand for $KARATE

The level of demand and trading volume has a significant impact on the $KARATE price. Higher trading activity in the crypto market supports the price of Karate Combat. However, lower trading volume or decreased interest can put downward pressure on the $KARATE price.

Future Developments in KC Universe

News and updates related to the Karate Combat project, such as new partnerships, technological advancements, or the release of significant features, can influence the KARATE token price. Positive developments may generate enthusiasm and attract investors, potentially leading to an increase in the Karate Combat value.

Crypto Market Sentiment

The overall sentiment and perception of Karate Combat within the cryptocurrency community can impact its price. Positive news, partnerships, or developments related to the project may generate increased interest and demand, potentially driving the Karate Combat price up.

What Is KARATE Token Used For?

$KARATE is the utility token of the Karate Combat platform and powers the KC Universe. Here are its use cases:

Governance of Karate Combate Via KarateDAO

KARATE is the governance token of the Karate Combat league. It empowers token holders to both govern the league and vote on engaging decisions like upcoming fighter matches.

Participation in Karate Combat

$KARATE is required for participating in the league and backing players. Picking the winning player gives you a chance to multiply your token holdings and climb the Karate Combat leaderboards.

Open IP Licensing

The League is developing KC Universe - an inclusive ecosystem built upon the League's intellectual property and smart contract-based application, Up Only Gaming. Leverage the League's highly accommodating IP policies to create your unique vision atop Karate Combat and enhance the utility of the $KARATE token even further.

Access Exclusive Experiences

As a $KARATE holder, you can unlock unparalleled access to real-world events, token-restricted servers, honors, leaderboards, boasting rights, merchandise, and much more. In this manner, Karate Combat offers exclusive access to token holders on the platform.

Trade or HODL KARATE Token

Trade Karate Combat token against other digital assets to capitalize on market fluctuations. Buy or sell KARATE on the KuCoin Spot Market, or hold it long-term if you have faith in the future potential of the Karate Combat league. Note that the cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile and unpredictable, so remember to DYOR before entering any trade.

How to Participate in Karate Combat

Here’s how you can participate in the Karate Combat league and earn $KARATE:

1. Download the Karate Combat app on your smartphone or access it on the web.

2. Connect your wallet to the app. Ensure your wallet is funded with tokens by buying KARATE on KuCoin or other supported platforms and transferring your tokens to your wallet.

3. Vote on fighters in upcoming matches. If the fighter you select wins the match, you can earn $KARATE tokens.

4. You can also boost your earnings by supporting your favorite fighters’ potential prize pools.

Who Are Karate Combat’s Investors?

Karate Combat is funded by several renowned businesses, including BITKRAFT Ventures, Alpha Wave, Hashkey Capital, Delphi Ventures, Blockchain Coinvestors, Santiago R Santos, Orchard Street Capital, and Gate.io. You can find a more exhaustive list of Karate Combat investors here.

Live Karate (KARATE) Summary

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