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About ARNM

What is Arenum (ARNM) Crypto?

Arenum is an eSports project running on the Solana blockchain that aims to transform the mobile gaming industry with the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It calls itself the first DeFi platform for mobile gaming tournaments, offering a feature-rich and incentivized ecosystem for mobile gamers and developers.

The Arenum metasystem incorporates the metaverse with the lucrative potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to offer developers and gamers alike competitive Play-to-Earn (P2E) opportunities. Having been around since 2018, Arenum enables traditional game devs a way to generate incentives and offers a Web3-powered, decentralized and global matching engine for eSports.

The NFT metaverse of Arenum offers several P2E opportunities through Player-vs-Player (PvP) modes and eSports, using its tokenized ecosystem to reward gamers, developers, and influencers that make up the platform’s community. Players can compete against one another to unlock new and more valuable NFTs, and earn crypto within the game and the overall economy of the Arenum ecosystem.

$ARNM is the native token of the Arenum ecosystem and is used for gameplay and purchasing NFTs on the platform. It can also be staked to level up and participate in higher-tier tournaments, providing rewarding incentives.

How Does Arenum Work?

Games can be integrated into Arenum's feature-rich ecosystem using the Arenum Multiplayer PvP SDK to gain access to the tournament engine. Influencers and sponsors will then be able to access their tournaments via the commercial and technological infrastructure of Arenum engine and pick the game they wish to sponsor.

Players can visit the Arenum PvP multiplayer engine to pick the games and tournaments they wish to compete in. They can stake $ARNM tokens to unlock higher levels in the tournaments. The more the number of tokens staked, the higher the levels in tournaments unlocked and the higher the potential for earning rewards.

Players earn rewards by competing in and winning tournaments in the form of NFTs. They can collect, trade, or buy these NFTs in a marketplace. These NFT rewards can also be used for auto-battle to win more NFTs and other in-game rewards.

Arenum takes a 3% fee from the tokens staked by the players for providing its gaming infrastructure. Like the players, game developers also need to stake $ARNM to gain eligibility for their games to host tournaments within the Arenum engine.

With its powerful SDKS, Arenum aims to function as the tournament creator and publisher role, earning rewards from players’ staked tokens and game developers’ stakes. Players can level up by cross-breeding the NFTs they win/unlock through gameplay to increase their chances of winning higher rewards.

History of Arenum and ARNM Token

Arenum was co-founded by Eduard Gurinovich, Alex Pasechnik, and Alexander Zelenshikov, with Vyacheslav Tarasov, who serves as the company’s CTO. The team launched the PvP engine for casual games in October 2021, deployed the first P2E casual tournaments game, and selected Solana as the blockchain for developing its platform.

Arenum’s fundraising efforts began in November 2021. The team launched the official website in the same month and started building its online community.

The Arenum IDO was held on SolRazr in December 2021, followed by IDOs on Trustpad, Occam, and Infinite Launch in January 2022. Following its initial DEX offerings, the $ARNM token was listed on leading crypto exchanges and DEXs, including KuCoin.

Arenum Season 1 was announced in July 2022, and the platform added three new games during the same month. The SDK for third-party game developers started undergoing MVP testing in October 2022, while five new games were added to the ecosystem in November 2022.

How to Buy Arenum (ARNM) Coin

Arenum (ARNM) is listed on select cryptocurrency exchanges such as KuCoin and is available on PancakeSwap and Raydium. KuCoin is one of the most convenient platforms to buy ARNM quickly and safely. Here’s how:

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Buy $ARNM With Existing Crypto Holdings

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Store ARNM Safely

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Is Arenum (ARNM) a Good Investment?

Arenum is a promising crypto project in the eSports category to transform the mobile gaming experience for players and developers with the power of blockchain. The project spans multiple emerging categories of the crypto market, including Web3, NFTs, metaverse, and GameFi, making it an interesting crypto asset to invest in.

The Arenum price could make gains amid an increase in developers deploying games and tournaments on their platform. This would attract players and increase on-chain activity on the Arenum tournament platform, boosting the ARNM price statistics.

A positive outlook among investors towards Web3, NFTs, blockchain gaming, and the metaverse could also keep the ARNM token in the limelight and support the Arenum price to make it test its all-time high. When the project announces new partnerships and funding, investors’ confidence in $ARNM increases and strengthens the Arenum price further, taking it towards its highest price.

What is the Arenum Coin Price Prediction?

While it is impossible to offer an accurate ARNM price prediction over any duration, based on its price history, here are some fundamental factors that could drive price action in the ARNM token:

Adoption of Arenum Ecosystem

A higher number of developers launching their games on the Arenum engine or increasing the number of gamers participating in tournaments on the platform could spur the demand for the $ARNM crypto and send the value of Arenum higher. The sentiment could also drive up investor interest in the digital asset and support the price of ARNM token in the market.

Outlook Towards NFTs, GameFi, Metaverse, and Web3

Mainstream adoption of Web3 in the gaming space and higher interest among investors in blockchain-based games, NFT, and metaverse projects could also contribute to an uptick in the Arenum price and market cap. Widespread adoption of crypto projects in these categories could generate higher interest in the ARNM cryptocurrency and support the Arenum value.

Market Sentiment

Market sentiment is one of the most significant factors influencing price changes in trending coins across the crypto market. Positive sentiment or a risk-on mood in the global financial markets could power an uptrend in the ARNM to USD price. However, a bearish sentiment or a risk-off mood in the markets could weaken the price of Arenum crypto.

What is ARNM Token Used For?

ARNM is the native cryptocurrency of the Arenum ecosystem. Here are some of its critical use cases:

Native Currency

$ARNM serves as the native currency on the Arenum platform. Players can use ARNM to participate in gameplay via staking, buy NFTs from the marketplace, and level up. Developers can also stake $ARNM to add their games to the Arenum engine and launch tournaments.

Incentive Token

The ARNM token is also used to distribute rewards to winning players. In addition, developers and influencers receive incentives in $ARNM from the Arenum platform for their contributions.

Crypto Asset to Trade and HODL

Trade Arenum against other assets to profit from changing market conditions. You can buy or sell ARNM against other crypto assets or hold it long-term if you believe in the future potential of Arenum games. Check the live price of Arenum, ARNM market cap, circulating supply, 24-hour trading volume, and analyze the Arenum price chart before trading ARNM in the market.

Earn Passive Income

Some platforms support ARNM staking, allowing token holders to generate passive income from their investments in the crypto. Perform online research to find the best-suited platform offering the highest APYs and reputed service, create an account on the platform of your choice, and stake $ARNM on it to earn rewards and grow your ARNM holdings.

How to Earn $ARNM

There are several ways to earn $ARNM, including:

Play Games and Win

Gamers can win rewards in the form of NFTs that can then be exchanged for $ARNM crypto. It is one of the most lucrative ways to earn Arenum tokens.

Trade ARNM on Crypto Exchanges

Trade Arenum against other crypto assets and generate profits based on changing market conditions. Analyze the ARNM price chart to increase your chances of placing winning trades and growing your crypto portfolio.

Stake $ARNM

Some platforms also support staking ARNM crypto to generate passive revenue. Find the best-suited platform for you, review the APYs on offer and the lock-in period, and stake your ARNM holdings to earn more Arenum crypto and grow your holdings.

Who are the Partners of Arenum Games?

Arenum boasts a growing number of established businesses from the crypto industry as its partners. Some examples include KuCoin, KuCoin Labs, Vendetta Capital, Almora Capital, 7 O’Clock Capital, Basics Capital, Oracles Investment Group, CSP DAO, Baselayer Capital, Kernel Ventures, and more.

ARNM Price Analysis

Live Price

The live price of ARNM is 0.01927 USD, representing a decrease of -7.92% in the past 7 days and -3.88% decrease in the past 24 hours.

Historical Trend

The all-time high of ARNM was -- USD on Invalid date, from which the coin is now down .
The all-time low of ARNM was -- USD, from which the coin is now up .
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