New Style To Earn In Bear Market: New Trading Bot “Martingale” Is Available Now!

2022/12/07 11:16:54Announcements

DearKuCoin Users,

In order to provide KuCoin users with more diversified trading strategy tools, the Trading Bot team has developed a trading strategy suitable for volatile and bear market - the Martingale. Now, Martingale is officially launched!

How to run a Martingale bot?

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*Martingale is currently available in the App. It will be supported on the web in the near future.

What is Martingale?

- Buy in batches when falling

- Sell at one time when rebounding

- A spot strategy suitable for volatile and bear market

The Martingale Strategy reduces average position costs through continually increasing positions and sells the entire position when the price rises to a desired level. With Martingale Bot, you can choose to increase your positions whenever prices fall by certain percentages.

For example: If I were to set the bot to increase my position whenever the price drops by 1%, to increase my position 4 times, and to take profit at a profit rate of 2%, then my investment amount would be divided into 31 shares, with 1 share being initially invested. If the price were to fall by 1%, another 2 shares would be used to increase my position. If the price were to fall by another 1%, then another 4 shares would be used to further increase my position. When the price drops by 4%, 16 shares would be used to increase my position. This amounts to a total of 31 shares.

During this process, whenever a profit of 2% is reached, regardless of whether all of the funds have been put in yet, the bot will execute a take profit and then initiate a new round of buying and selling.

How to make profit from Martingale Bot?

Martingale reduces average position costs through continual position increases, which is somewhat similar to the DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) method. However, while DCA increases positions periodically in fixed amounts and in fixed time intervals, the Martingale Strategy increases positions when prices fall. When prices rise to desired levels, the Martingale Strategy will sell the entire position.

In the long term, crypto market always tend to grow and prices always tend to increase. Therefore, as long as you choose the right mainstream cryptos that have long-term potential, you will have a good chance of profiting using the Martingale Bot.


The KuCoin Team

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