Mint Cyberpop Mystery Box on Windvane and Get One Free NFT!

2022/08/12 11:33:06Promotions

Dear KuCoin Users,

We are excited to announce that Cyberpop Mystery Box will be launched on Windvane Launchpad on August 15th! You can participate in the beta test and the lottery held in Cyberpop community with the NFT. Holders can also free mint one Sands of Time NFT which can be swapped for Sand Point used in the game!

Details of minting:

Time: August 15th 8:00am (UTC) - August 18th 8:00am (UTC)


Quantity:100 (Silver) / 80 (Gold) / 20 (Diamond)

Price:0.06BNB / 0.09BNB / 0.2BNB

Rank: SSR / SR / R / N (Higher chance to get SSR with Diamond boxes)

Blockchain: BSC

About Cyberpop Mystery Box

Cyberpop is an AAA open-world UGC blockchain metaverse game combined with exploration, combat, and play- create- to- earn. It is the world's first open-world MMO- RPG metaverse game with cyber style.

Support Card is an important part of a player's equipment that can turn the tide of battle. By consuming a certain amount of MP, powerful support skills can be cast. Moreover, support cards provide additional secondary attributes if equipped. A character can equip a maximum of three Support Cards at the same time. The support cards are ranked from SSR, SR, R, and N. We provide three types of mystery boxes- Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each box contains one support card with a random rank.

NFT benefits:

1. Participate in the beta test.

2. Mint freely one Sands of Time NFT which can be swapped for Sand Point used in the game.

3. Own priority to get airdropped gifts.

4. BD power score will be improved with the help of Support Card.

5. Participate in the lottery held in Cyberpop Discord community.

6. Possess exclusive identity in Cyberpop Discord Community.

NFT reveal time:

August 19th 0:00am (UTC)

Official links for more information:

Official Website:





About Windvane and its launchpad

Windvane is a brand new decentralized NFT marketplace powered by KuCoin. It provides NFT launchpad, NFT mint, trade, management, and many other services.




Risk warning: NFT trading is subject to market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that Windvane is not responsible for your trading gains or losses.


The Windvane Team

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