KuCoin Has Completed the SEPA System Maintenance

2022-06-16 16:31:09--

Dear KuCoin Users, 

To provide our valued users a better SEPA experience, we completed the ‘on-site bank transfer of SEPA’ deposit and withdrawal service maintenance on KuCoin web and app. All KuCoin users in the EEA area (including new users and existing users in the European Economic Area) can deposit or withdraw EUR via SEPA now! Please be noted of the deposit changes below and continue your Crypto Journey!

I. Important Notice

1. Please deposit to new IBAN

Please note that the old personal IBAN account and old single pooled IBAN LT973780000091308478 will no longer be in use. Please make sure to use the New IBAN LT273780000067633881 to deposit (which will be shown on the deposit page).

2. Please fill in the reference note in the correct format

Users need to include the ‘Reference Note’ provided by KuCoin in their SEPA transfers to identify their transactions. Please copy and paste the KuCoin provided reference note when you make SEPA transfers. Please do not include additional words in the notes, such as the following incorrect reference note format:

Incorrect format:

1. U17E7678A325 – John Doe

2. Reference Note: U17E7678A325

3. U17E7678A325 KuCoin

Correct format (example): U17E7678A325

3.KYC Matching Function

Please be noted that the user's bank account need to match KuCoin KYC, otherwise the payment might be rejected.

*For users who deposit to the old personal IBAN after the upgrade or fill in the reference note in the wrong format, the funds will either be rejected or reversed to the users’ bank account afterward.

II. How to deposit EUR via on-site SEPA and buy USDT with Balance 

Step 1: Complete the KYC2 verification Guide>>>

Step 2:Go to Assets > Deposit > Fiat > EUR > SEPA (0 fees) 

Step 3: Go to Buy Crypto > Fast Trade > EUR/USDT > Balance 

III. Upcoming campaign for SEPA users

In order to thank users for their support of KuCoin, we are preparing a campaign for SEPA users that will be launched in the following week. Please keep an eye on KuCoin's official announcement to learn more about our benefits. Thank you.

Thank you for your support! 

The KuCoin Team