Going “Glocal”, KuCoin To Set up Regional Headquarters to Better Serve 20 Million Users

Going “Glocal”, KuCoin To Set up Regional Headquarters to Better Serve 20 Million Users

2022/09/20 10:08:54

Dear KuCoin Users,

Globalization has been one of KuCoin’s core policies since day one. We are proud to see our exchange, launched in 2017, has grown into one of the biggest crypto exchanges. At present, we provide crypto services for over 20 million users in more than 200 countries and regions in 22 languages and established 23 localized communities with a total of more than 1 million members worldwide.

KuCoin, also known as "People's Exchange”, has always been committed to providing the best crypto services to the world.  With the continuous global penetration of cryptocurrencies and the hope to further advance the crypto mass adoption, we plan to launch the long-term "Glocal (Global + Local)'' strategy to better serve KuCoin's users. We believe that local talents will run “People’s Exchange” better as they are deeply rooted in the local community, and we also believe that this will strengthen our global operations while being more localized. 

Going “Glocal” will be one of our top priorities for the future. To better support the strategy, we will establish KuCoin regional headquarters in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, and other regions. A number of KuCoin staff who previously worked in a remote way will move to these offices. Meanwhile, we will open about 200 positions in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, and Dubai at the first “Glocal” stage. More details about our recruiting plan, please click here. We sincerely invite global talents in blockchain R&D, technology, marketing, and management to join us, bringing crypto to the masses with our joint efforts.

Keep BUIDLing!

The KuCoin Team

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