Scheduled KuCoin Spot Trading System Upgrade on July 15

2021/07/12 12:06:55Announcements

* 中文公告 *

Dear KuCoin users,

To provide better trading services for our valued users, KuCoin is going to upgrade the Spot/Margin trading system on 07:00:00 am, July 15, 2021 (UTC). The upgrade will take about 1 hour.

During this period, the following functions will be affected:

1. KuCoin will suspend all Spot and Margin trading pairs on Web, App and Open API, including the order-matching, order placing, order cancelling.

2. Leveraged Tokens will suspend all trading pairs on Web, App and Open API, including the order-matching, order placing, order cancelling. Subscribe and redeem will be available during this period.

3.The Balance Transfer between accounts will be delayed.

4. Fiat Trade System/ Pool-X System/ Margin Lend and Borrow System will be unstable temporarily.

5. Trading Bot users can’t create or stop the Classic Grid, Smart Rebalance and DCA trading bots, the running bots will not be affected; Users can create or stop Futures Grid trading bots normally.

6. The query function of "Open Orders" and "Asset Balance" on APP, WEB and Open API will be unstable temporarily.

7. During the upgrade period, the debt ratio notification, the liquidation procedure of the Margin account, and asset transfers will be suspended.

10 minutes will be reserved to open the cancellation function before the end of upgrading. To avoid possible risks, you may enable the “take profit/stop loss features”.

Once the cancellation function is activated, we will notify by announcement as soon as possible, please pay close attention.


1. If a large price fluctuation occurs, we will postpone the upgrade accordingly and notify you via the announcement.

2. During the upgrade period, order placing, order canceling, and order dealing will be suspended. Take profit/stop loss orders may be dealt after the upgrade. Please cancel your orders in the Margin Market to avoid losses that may be caused by violent market fluctuations. At the same time, please consider risk control. It is recommended that you reduce your debt ratio by transferring funds to your Margin Account to avoid the risk of liquidation caused by violent market fluctuations.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding and support! 

The KuCoin Team

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