Rewards Plan for KuCoin Spotlight Token Sale

Rewards Plan for KuCoin Spotlight Token Sale

2019/04/06 13:02:03

Dear KuCoin Users,

Evidence shows that during the Spotlight Token Sale last night, a few users used programmed scripts to automatically go through some of the steps (e.g. to manually key in the purchase amount and trading password) before pressing the 'Purchase Now' button. These kinds of scripts helped those users get an unjustified advantage in the Token Sale. To some degree, the scripts made the already hard-to-get token even harder.

As the People’s Exchange, we would like to show our gratitude to users who have always supported us and attempted to participate in the Spotlight Token Sale but failed to get a share of the MultiVAC tokens. Below is our rewards plan for the Token Sale:

For users who participated (e.g. clicked the 'Purchase Now' button) but failed:
At 22:00 (UTC+8), April 3rd, 2019, if your KCS holding amount was:USDT amount that KuCoin will airdrop to you:
(within this week)
MTV* amount that KuCoin will airdrop to you:
(before listing)
1902 <= KCS amount100 USDT1700 MTV
950 <= KCS amount < 190250 USDT850 MTV
95.1 <= KCS amount < 95030 USDT500 MTV

*The MTV token airdrop to users will come from MultiVAC’s Ecosystem allocation

We also have another GREAT announcement. We have decided to do a special round of the Spotlight sale with MultiVAC this coming Tuesday. It will be another first-come first-served session with a fixed share of 120 USD worth of MTV token per user. Users will not need to input the purchase amount or trading password, and Google Recaptcha Verification will be required before users’ orders are placed on our system.

Note: Users who successfully purchased MTV in the first round of the token sale on April 3 will not be able to participate in the special round of the MTV token sale on April 9.

We are listening carefully to your opinions and will be adjusting the rules based on users’ feedback ready for our next Spotlight Token Sale to achieve fairness.



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