Referral Program 2.0 Event Rules

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1. What is KuCoin Referral?

KuCoin Referral Program aims to reward loyal users who invite their friends to sign up on KuCoin. The program is simple and easy to operate. Just invite your friends to earn a wealth of rewards.

The program launched its open beta testing on November 25, 2021, and will be launched on December 28, 2022. Try out the new features of mystery box rewards!

2. What Rewards Does the Event Offer?

Invite friends to sign up to KuCoin to earn stars. The amount of stars you earn is calculated according to the rules. Stars can be exchanged for mystery boxes or crypto prizes.

Invited friends will receive a one-month VIP Trial, granting them 10% off trading fees on the first month of sign-up.

3. How are Stars Granted?

When an invited friend completes a task, you will receive a corresponding number of stars as a referral bonus. The specific amounts issued are as follows:

For Example:

Alice invited a friend to sign up on KuCoin, and her friend made deposit/tansfer>100 USDT, spot trading volume>100 USDT, and futures trading volume>100 USDT, then Alice can get 90 stars.

4. How to Redeem Rewards?

Users can earn more stars by inviting more friends. KuCoin automatically keeps track of the referral relationship. Stars can be used to open mystery boxes and crypto prizes. The exchange rules are as follows:

Mystery Box Exchange Rules:

  1. Users can exchange stars for mystery boxes. There is no limit to the amount of mystery boxes that can be obtained this way.
  2. The total amount of mystery boxes that can be exchanged each day is limited, operating on a first-come first-served basis.
  3. Rewards in the mystery boxes may include: USDT, popular coins, Futures Deduction Coupons, Futures Trial Funds, Rate-Up Coupons, Fiat Deduction Coupons, Hot Coins, Trading Fee Rebate Coupons, Margin Bonuses, Interest-Free Coupons, and other surprising rewards.

Crypto Prize Exchange Rules:

  1. Users can exchange stars for crypto prizes. There are 10 levels of crypto prizes, and each can only be opened once.
  2. Users may choose the order in which they exchange crypto prizes. The higher the level, the higher the value, and the higher the star cost. The prizes earned from the highest level prize is 1,000 USDT.
  3. The December 28, 2022 upgrade will optimize the design of crypto prizes. Exchange history and relevant rights and interests will remain unchanged.

5. How to Participate?

  1. Download the latest version of the KuCoin app, register an account, then log in.
  2. Tap the Referral icon on the homepage to enter the referral page.
  3. Users can invite friends in a variety of ways. We recommend using a referral link or referral code.

4. Invited friends will be linked to your account when they register through your referral link or QR code on the poster. Friends may also download the latest version of the KuCoin app and paste your referral code on the sign-up page to link to your account.

5. You can view the information and progress of invited friends from the Star Details page.

6. What is the Difference Between the Referral Program and the Affiliate Program?

  1. All users can participate in the Referral - Invite Friends to Earn Stars system. There is no requirement for registration of the event, review, or assessment. KuCoin automatically records referral relationships.
  2. Users cannot receive referral bonuses and participate in the affiliate program at the same time. If you are an affiliate who wants to receive referral bonuses as well, contact your account manager to change your bonus program.

7. Other Details

  1. Star rewards will be issued within 1 business day after the invitees have completed their tasks.
  2. Rewards will be issued to your account on the same day they are exchanged.
  3. Deposit and crypto purchase mean crypto deposits and purchasing coins via fiat deposits (Visa/MC, OTC, Banxa, Simplex, and other channels).
  4. Spot trading includes trading bots, margin trading, and other forms of trading.
  5. Sub-accounts are not eligible to participate in this event. Deposits to sub-accounts will not be counted for the purposes of this event.
  6. Attempting to sign up multiple accounts by yourself through your own referral link or code is strictly prohibited. Rewards issued to such accounts will be revoked.
  7. Rewards will be revoked for illegal actions that hijack official traffic or put users at risk of being phished. This includes but is not limited to creating hyperlinks with content highly similar to KuCoin official social media accounts, website content, and website domain names, placing ads with KuCoin branded keywords on search engines, and others.
  8. KuCoin reserves the right to adjust the reward rules without prior notice.

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