KuMEX Referral Bonus Upgrading

2019/10/22 16:27:11Contract

Dear KuCoin Users:

To light up the referral passion of users, KuCoin has upgraded the referral bonus on the platform. From now on, users successfully invite friends to trade on KuMEX will get a corresponding referral bonus based on a given ratio.

Referral Rules:

  1. Share KuMEX referral link or code to your friends and invite them to register on KuCoin. For each person successfully invited via the referral link or code, the inviter will receive the corresponding referral bonus if the invitee completes a valid trade on KuMEX.
  2. An inviter will be able to enjoy the referral bonus rewarded from each valid trade of the invitees for a whole year.
  3. An inviter will be rewarded 0.005% of the total transaction amount of the invitees on KuMEX as a referral bonus.
  4. KuMEX will calculate the referral bonus and publish the referral bonus amount each day
  5. The referral bonus will be converted into KCS based on the exchange rate of the settlement currency.

For more details about the new referral bonus, please check https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-kumex-referral-bonus

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team