KuCoin Plus Trading Area

2018-07-12 11:58:11--

Dear KuCoin Users,

To improve the trading experience for all KuCoin users, and to provide more opportunities for those projects that have performed well, KuCoin is now presenting you with KuCoin Plus.  The People’s Exchange, KuCoin, may upgrade any well-performing projects into the KuCoin Plus Trading Area as long as specific criteria are met.

The benefit of this new addition is tokens promoted to this area will have already completed a strict screening process done by KuCoin.  Once tokens are promoted users can assume that these projects are well performing and have less risk than the tokens traded in the main market.  However, keep in mind all trading in cryptocurrency has risks at all times.  The process for projects to be promoted is listed below.

To be upgraded, projects must meet criteria number 3 listed below.  This criterion is in regards to the initial rating score for the project, as well as our continuous checks.

Projects must also meet at least one more of the criteria listed below.  The rules required to be promoted to the KuCoin Plus Trading Area are:

  1. Tokens must be ranked in the top 40 on coinmarketcap.com.
  2. Token’s volume performance will be tested within the market.  Tokens with well-performing trading volume are eligible. The project needs to rank in the top 10% for trading volume out of all projects listed on KuCoin for two months consecutively.  (Once implemented, KuCoin will go back and check all eligible token’s trading volume history before the launch of The KuCoin Plus Trading Area.)
  3. Tokens will be regularly rated, after the initial rating.  Only tokens with high ratings from KuCoin’s review system are eligible.

We sincerely appreciate your kind support,

The KuCoin Team