Celebrate the Launch of ETH Contracts with 10,000 USDT in Benefits!

2020-06-02 18:29:34--

With the approaching platform brand upgrade, KuCoin has launched the ETH contract on June 2, 2020(UTC), which offering high leverage and low trading fees (as low as zero) with diversified activity rewards for you!

【Activity 1】 Time-Limited 0 Trading Fee for ETH Contract Launch

Activity Period: 16:00, June 2 - 15:59, June 9 (UTC)

All users can participate in the event as no sign-up is required. The trading fees will be returned to your account after the event.

A 20% off discount available for all of other contracts.

TypeTrading Fees

【Activity 2】 ETH Contract Trading Competition: Get a Share of 3,000 USDT

Activity Period:16:00, June 2 - 15:59, June 9 (UTC)

The system will generate a ranking list after the event according to the total trading volume of each user on ETH contracts during the activity. Users will get a share of the reward according to their ranking.

RankingRewards (USDT)
1Total 300 USDT
2-5Total 400 USDT
6-10Total 300 USDT
>10Total 2,000 USDT Trial Funds

  1. Users ranking in the top 10 for the trading volume on ETH contracts during the activity will share the corresponding rewards equally.
  2. The minimum amount required for ETH contract trading is 100 lots.

Here's the real-time ranking until June, 10.


  1. For users who have already enjoyed trading fee discounts and incentives, the platform will deduct the corresponding discounts and incentives before issuing.
  2. For any duplicate or fake accounts found to be cheating or attempting to conduct fraudulent behaviors, the platform will withhold the distribution of the rewards; for any manipulations attempting to get the rewards illegally, the violators will be deprived of the qualification for the rewards.
  3. KuCoin Futures reserves all rights to the final explanation of the event.


1. How are the trading fees returned? Is it by cash?

The trading fees generated in the ETH contract trading will be returned to your account based on the rules of “Activity 1: Time-Limited 0 Trading Fee for ETH Contract Launch”. The withdrawal of the returned amount of trading fees is available.

2. When will the USDT rewards be distributed?

KuCoin Futures will check the users’ info after the event. If you qualify for the rewards, the system will distribute the corresponding rewards to your account within 7 working days.