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2021/11/29 06:08:13Promotions

Dear KuCoin Users,

KuCoin will be launching the 16th Spotlight token sale with Victoria VR (VR) on November 29, 2021 (UTC). The new round of the VR token sale will operate using the proportional distribution model.

Spotlight Token Sale Details: (Subscribe Now)

  1. Token Name: Victoria VR (VR)
  2. Spotlight Hard Cap: 300,000 USDT
  3. Spotlight Allocation: 101,694,915 VR
  4. Spotlight Token Sale Price: 1 VR = 0.00295 USDT
  5. Token Supported: KuCoin Token (KCS) Only
  6. Price Ratio: The actual price ratio of KCS will be announced on the day of the Token Sale
  7. Token Sale Format: Proportional Distribution Model (PDM)
  8. Spotlight Token Distribution: 10% will be unlocked on Token Generation Event (TGE), after 2 months cliff, the remaining 90% will be on monthly linear vesting for 9 months. (KuCoin will distribute the remaining 90% before the 10th day of each month, each month 10%.)
  9. Total Token Supply: 16,800,000,000 VR
  10. Initial Circulating Supply: ​​676,997,288 VR
  11. Victoria VR Website:

How to Participate

Participants must have KCS holdings of at least 100 KCS, where their final allocation of the new token is determined by the portion of their KCS holdings against the total KCS holdings by all participating users. To ensure a fair allocation for all participants, there will be a set hard cap for the token allocation per user.

  1. Token Sale Subscription Start Time: 12:00:00 on November 29, 2021 (UTC)
  2. Token Sale Subscription End Time: 00:00:00 on December 2, 2021 (UTC)
Minimum KCS holdings for eligibilityHard Cap Per User
100 KCS300 USDT (101,694.91 VR)

*Hard Cap: The max number of tokens your will receive

The Shares You Will Receive:

(User’s KCS holdings / Total KCS holdings of all participants) * Total Spotlight Allocation (101,694,915 VR)

KCS Holdings

From 16:00:00 on November 29, 2021 to 16:00:00 on December 1, 2021 (UTC), KuCoin will take a snapshot of each users’ KCS holdings each day at 16:00 (UTC). From these daily snapshots, each user’s KCS Holdings (the average from the 3 holding snapshots) will be determined.

*Sub-accounts can’t participate in the token sale as an independent account. However, the KCS holdings in the Sub-accounts will be combined into the Master account for the calculation of the Average Daily KCS Balance.

Daily KCS Holding Calculation Rules:

  1. Main Account * 100%
  2. Trading Account * 100%
  3. Pool-X Account (including locked and unlocked assets) * 100%

Ongoing Pool-X staking programs for KCS (locked assets):

  1. KCS-FOR-ILA-20D
  2. KCS-FOR-FTG-20D
  3. KCS(Beta)

Spotlight Token Sale Timeline:

  1. At 12:00:00 on November 29, 2021 (UTC), KuCoin will launch the Spotlight Token Sale and open the subscription for VR.
  2. At 00:00:00 on December 2, 2021 (UTC), KuCoin will end this round of token sale registrations, counting the shares of all successfully registered participants.
  3. From 08:00:00 to 09:00:00 on December 2, 2021 (UTC), KuCoin will deduct the corresponding amount of KCS in the qualified users’ Trading Account and distribute the corresponding amount of VR. Please ensure you have at least 20 KCS in your Trading Account on December 2, 2021. If the deduction is successful, the VR will be distributed immediately to your Main Account; otherwise, your eligibility to purchase in the Spotlight will be lost.

Please note that the amount of VR shares you will receive is based on your average daily KCS holdings.

To participate in the token sale, your KuCoin account needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete KYC2 (Advanced Verification) before 00:00:00 on December 2, 2021 (UTC). If you fail to pass KYC2, then you will not be eligible for the token sale subscription.
  2. The following countries/areas are not supported for the purchase: Belarus, Myanmar, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Mainland China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe, United States, U.S. Outlying Islands, Japan, Canada, East Timor, Cambodia, Laos, Tanzania, Serbia, Tunisia, Uganda, Mali, Afghanistan, Albania, Central African Republic, Somalia, Malawi, Mozambique, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Burundi, South Sudan, Sudan (North), Republic of Guinea, Guinea South Africa, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, the Lebanese Republic, Kosovo, Libya, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Botswana, Ghana, Jamaica, Mauritius, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Panama, Republic of Vanuatu (VUT)
  3. Purchase Agreement Signed.
  4. After completing the steps above, please be sure to click the Participate Nowbutton on the Spotlight page.

Note: The above steps can be completed on the Spotlight page before the start time of the Token Sale.

Victoria VR (VR): IMMERSE YOURSELF. Dive into The World’s First Realistic Metaverse.

Victoria VR is the first blockchain-based MMORPG in virtual reality with realistic graphics built on the Unreal Engine, created and owned by its users. Victoria VR aims to create a new Metaverse of multi-dimensional interactions where users will be able to immerse themselves interactively with never-ending digital content.The whole world is built to be a universal platform for all virtual realities, games, and decentralized applications, collectively creating a Metaverse — a shared virtual realm, the 3D internet. The Victoria VR Metaverse will be where people go to work, rest, learn, play and eventually live.

Official Website:

Join the Community:



Know More About Victoria VR (VR)

Risk Warning: Spotlight is a high-risk investment channel. Investors should be sensible in their participation and be aware of investment risks. KuCoin is not liable for users’ investment gains or losses. The information we provide is for users to conduct their own research. It is not investment advice. KuCoin reserves the right of final interpretation of the activity.

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team

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