ETH Packaging Income Increase

KuCoin Pool will increase the packaging income of ETH at 08:00 on December 30, 2021 (UTC). The total mining income of ETH miners will then be increased by around 2%.

2021/12/30 09:09:41
Time-Limited Offer: Enjoy 0 Mining Fee on KuCoin Pool

To show our gratitude over your support of KuCoin Pool, users who connect to KuCoin Pool during activity can enjoy 0 mining fee on BTC and ETH mining.

2021/09/28 07:06:06
Connect and Contribute BTC Hashrate for a Chance to Share 8,000 USDT

To celebrate the launch of KuCoin Pool, all users who connect and contribute BTC hashrate to KuCoin Pool can share 8,000 USDT. 

2021/09/10 07:57:19
ETH Mining Pool Goes Live on KuCoin Pool

The ETH mining pool will go live at 08:00 on September 9, 2021 (UTC) on KuCoin Pool. KuCoin ETH mining pool utilizes the FPPS settlement method and charges only a 2% pool fee for ETH mining. KuCoin Pool has deployed mining nodes worldwide, and all miners are welcome to join us. 

2021/09/09 07:57:29