Futures Carnival Week -100% Chance to Win Rewards of Up to 500 USDT With Deposit & Trades for New Users!

2023/03/17 08:00:00Promotions

Dear KuCoin Users,

In order to celebrate the Futures carnival week, we are preparing an even bigger and better rewards for new users only! Cumulate deposit and trades to unlock higher rewards.

Campaign Period: 00:00 on March 17, 2023 to 23:59 on March 31, 2023 (UTC)

How to participate:

Step 1: Event Registration: Click the "Join" button to participate in the campaign;

Step 2: Cumulate More Net Deposit Volume: Make more deposit to unlock higher tier rewards, net deposits = deposits - withdrawals;

Step 3: Cumulate More Futures Trading Volume: Make more Futures trades to unlock higher tier.

And Please check the reward tiers here:


1. Event Duration: From 00:00 on March 17, 2023 to 23:59 on March 31, 2023 (UTC);

2. Users can cumulate more deposit and trade to unlock the larger rewards within 14 days after registration;

3. Total Prize Pool: 20,000 USDT Trial Bonus and unlimited Coupons, users can get it based on their deposit & trading tier by campaign registration sequence;

4. Only users registered during the campaign period and complete tasks within 14 days will be counted;

5. Deposit Requirements: During the event period, users may make deposits on KuCoin (converted according to the asset's price at the time of deposit). Valid deposit techniques include on-chain deposits, fast trade, P2P, and third-party transactions. Red envelopes, trial funds, and other deposits are not eligible for this event. Net deposit volume = (deposits - withdrawals) x price;

6. Futures Trading Requirements: During the event period, users must deposit funds on KuCoin and complete their cumulative trade. Trading volume includes orders placed for Futures trading only;

7. During the event, only users who have fulfilled both the deposit & trading requirements will be eligible to get rewards;

8. The reward tiers can be seen at the table above;

9. All rewards will be issued within 14 working days after the event ends to users' Futures account;

10. Sub-accounts are not eligible to participate in this event. Deposits to sub-accounts will not be counted for the purposes of this event;

11. The dollar value of deposits and trades during the event will be calculated according to the real-time exchange rate;

12. KuCoin reserves the right to disqualify and revoke rewards from any participations who are found to be engaged in fraudulent or illegal activity during the event;

13. KuCoin reserves the right to cancel or modify any part of the event or event rules at its sole discretion;

14. All participants must strictly abide by the KuCoin terms of use;

15. KuCoin reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this event. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.