KuCoin to Partially Adjust Rules of Airdrop Distribution

2019/03/13 22:18:48Announcements

Dear KuCoin Users,

In order to safeguard the ecosystem of the exchange, create a superior trading experience, and take a ‘customer-orientated’ stance, KuCoin will be partially adjusting the rules of airdrop distribution. The adjusted rules are as follows:

1. For airdrops that projects distribute to token holders across all channels and not just limited to KuCoin exchange, please communicate with the KuCoin team in advance about the related rules and types of activities. KuCoin will completely follow the rules of airdrops and distribute rewards to each user account that meets the conditions.

2. For unverified airdrops that come without notice to the KuCoin team, KuCoin will reserve the right to dispose of all tokens received from automatic airdrops, to convert tokens to KCS from the market, and distribute the rewards to KCS holders as KCS bonus.

*This adjustment applies only for the airdrop distributions not organized directly with KuCoin exchange, the normal airdrop distributions from KuCoin exchange will not be included.

*Previous airdrops that were supported by KuCoin and the corresponding rules will not be affected.

*For communication about airdrop distribution, please contact [email protected]

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team