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2022/03/08 10:03:12

The metaverse, a virtual world first described in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel, Snow Crash, has been making headlines in recent days as mainstream companies rush to enter the burgeoning space. At its core, the metaverse involves people escaping the dystopian reality to visit online worlds as digital avatars of themselves.

However, for the metaverse to offer the best user experience, it must feature several critical features. These include security, censorship resistance, permissionless access, decentralization, fair monetization, and, more importantly, property ownership. As such, the ideal metaverse must run on blockchain technology, seeing as it meets all the above requirements.

Hoping to create a virtual world that offers users the above perks is open metaverse platform Bullieverse. Created for players and creators, Bullieverse is a Web3.0 GameFi project that seeks to let non-fungible token (NFT) communities come together to play, create, earn, and experience, thus creating utility for their NFTs.

What is Bullieverse?

Bullieverse is among the first play-to-earn projects to roll out an NFT-based 3-D gaming experience, Bear Hunt on Unreal Engine. Although this game experience is suitable for hardcore gamers, Bullieverse offers casual gamers an array of game genres to pick. The project’s gaming economy is powered by game creators that can easily create immersive experiences through its creation engine, Snowcrash.

What makes Bullieverse unique?

The Bullieverse metaverse is based on the Bulliever Island, an ever-expanding world that features an arcade of games, which is about three miles long and wide. To become a citizen of Bulliever Island (COBI), users only need to buy BULL NFTs. The platform’s users can create games, publish games, play games, create assets, and buy or lend assets (NFTs, Land, Portals).

To distinguish itself from other projects, Bullieverse plans to evolve into a community-owned metaverse run by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

By focusing on fundamental principles like decentralized governance, immersive user experience, fair compensation for users, seamless game creation, and digital asset ownership, Bullieverse sets itself apart as the metaverse, not just a metaverse project.

While Bullieverse is a gaming ecosystem at heart, it seeks to compensate its community members for their time and loyalty. Apart from owning NFTs, users can own their digital collectibles to play games. The platform also allows asset holders to rent and lease their assets to other community members.

By playing the roles of players, game creators, or asset owners, Bullieverse users will get a myriad of incentives and rewards.

The metaverse can also host events and experiences. Bullieverse hopes to be interoperable with other metaverses over time. Bullieverse already has a team comprising Web3.0 developers, authors, and investors, working on executing this framework.

What are the BULL and SHELL tokens, and what are they used for?

Bullieverse is a dual token project powered by BULL and SHELL. BULL is the platform’s governance token and has a supply cap of 1 billion coins.

Being the governance token, BULL interactions are limited to three actors on smart contracts. The first party is the Bullieverse Foundation, which acts as the incubator platform for the creator engine. As such, this organization gets a fraction of the revenue that assets on the Bullieverse platform generate.

The second actor that interacts with BULL tokens is the Staking Pool, which is designed to remunerate BULL holders. BULL holders that also play games on the platform will get higher earnings. Finally comes the Bullieverse Treasury, which represents the BULL tokens the Bullieverse Foundation gets. The Treasury’s proceeds will be sold back to the market to cover operational costs.

On the other hand, SHELL is the in-game token of the Bullieverse ecosystem. The token allows gamers to purchase in-game assets such as weapons, special powers, health potions, and skins, among other cosmetics. Players and creators will also get rewards in SHELL.

SHELL will have a supply cap of 1 trillion coins for the first five years, and the Community DAO will be responsible for governing its supply.

Who created Bullieverse?

Bullieverse is the brainchild of Srini Anala and Murali Reddy. Anala serves as the project’s CEO and has years of experience in engineering and Operations after working in companies like Goldman Sachs, UBS, Capital One, and Reuters. Reddy serves as Bullieverse’s COO and is a serial entrepreneur with over ten years of experience in leading high-performance teams at Oracle, IBM, and Yodlee.

At the helm of the Bullieverse game engineering team is Sanjit Daniel, who has over two decades of hard-core programming experience. Arunkumar Krishnakumar takes the final executive position, serving as Bullieverse’s Chief Growth Officer. He has over 18 years of experience in technology, financial services, consulting, and venture capital. In total, the Bullieverse team currently comprises 26 members.

Closing Thoughts

By leveraging a decentralized model, Bullieverse positions itself as the ideal metaverse, seeing as people will get to enjoy high security, censorship resistance, and fair monetization, among other benefits that come with using blockchain technology.

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