Learn and Earn With KuCoin Rewards Hub 2.0

2022/11/14 17:40:23

KuCoin Rewards Hub is an innovative product for users to earn extra rewards by completing various tasks. To kick start, users can go to the Rewards Hub and complete the learning tasks by reading or watching the basics about cryptocurrencies, trading skills, or trading guidance. The Hub will give out free USDT or coupon rewards after completing the task. In addition, the tasks in the KuCoin Rewards Hub will closely follow the market trend and offer various trading-related tasks. Users can choose their preferred tasks while discovering more crypto gems and promising investment opportunities. Rewards will be distributed after each designated task is complete.

01. What benefits does the KuCoin Rewards Hub bring?

Learn to Earn

KuCoin Rewards Hub provides a rich selection of learning materials for newcomers, including the most up-to-date blockchain topics such as web3 and layer2, blockchain entry-level infographics and video tutorials, KuCoin’s beginners’ guide, and practical skills of security and risk management. It is a great place for KuCoin users to upgrade their crypto knowledge while receiving rewards for their efforts.

Explore for Promising Investment Opportunities

KuCoin Rewards Hub keeps users abreast with the latest trends in the crypto world by offering various trading-related tasks for users to choose from. Users can choose their preferred tasks while discovering more crypto gems and promising investment opportunities.

A Variety of Bonuses

KuCoin Rewards Hub has prepared a variety of bonuses for all KuCoin users, including a $500 worth of welcome gift, USDT token rewards, deduction coupon for transaction fees, a trial fund for Futures Trading, and Margin Trading, a free trial for VIP, etc. Enter the KuCoin Rewards Hub page for more details.

02. How to Earn on KuCoin Rewards Hub

KuCoin Web:

Step 1: Log into your KuCoin account, click ‘More’ and select ‘Rewards Hub’;

Step 2: Choose a task and complete it to earn your first reward;

Step 3: Switch to the ‘Challenges’ section to explore more rewards.

KuCoin App:

Step 1: Please upgrade your app to the latest version. Tap ‘More’ on the app’s homepage, then scroll down to find ‘Bonus’> ‘Rewards Hub’.

Step 2: You can add ‘Rewards Hub’ to the homepage by tapping ‘Edit’ on the top right corner of the Quick Access page.

Step 3: Click the ‘Rewards Hub’ icon to learn and earn free USDT.

For more details please check the official announcement.

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