KuCoin x Sal’Ad Labs Affiliate Program Partnership

2023/08/28 06:28:34

We are pleased to announce our Affiliate Program Partnership with Sal’Ad Labs, a leading agency in the crypto space. Sal’Ad Labs offers a wide range of services including traffic, PR, media, SMM and influencer marketing with its established network of 2500+ KOLs. Founded in 2017, Sal'Ad has partnered with hundreds of startups, VCs, investment funds, exchanges and advisors, showcasing its competence in high-level networking and experience in business development, marketing, and fundraising.

By partnering with Sal’Ad, we are ready to bring our brand to the next level.

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About Sal'Ad Labs

Sal'Ad Labs is a blockchain go-to-market agency focused on hi-end marketing technologies.

More information about Sal'Ad Labs: https://sales-and-ads.com/