KuCoin AMA With LABS Group (LABS) — Empowering Access to Real Estate Through Blockchain-Driven Property Investment and Trading

2023/08/28 09:22:46

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: August 24, 2023, 14:00 - 14:59 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the CEO of LABS Group and Staynex, Bernard Lau, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://labsgroup.io/

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Q&A from KuCoin to the LABS Group Team

Q: Let's start by introducing to our KuCoin community the project LABS Group and its core mission. As we have recently heard about Owner's Circle NFT and Staynex, kindly speak more about their roles within the LABS ecosystem.

Bernard: LABS Group is dedicated to democratizing the real estate sector by leveraging blockchain technology. We aim to provide a seamless, secure, efficient property investment and trading platform.

The Owner's Circle NFT represents a novel way of tokenizing properties, granting holders certain rights and benefits tied to real-world properties.

Staynex, on the other hand, is part of the LABS Ecosystem and is a next-generation travel platform built on the blockchain to revolutionize the travel and hospitality industry. Designed to bring more value to hotels and users, Staynex can offer up to 30% savings compared to other online travel agencies. On top of this, Staynex allows hotels to create unique and better products and experiences for their users, leveraging Staynex's partnerships, e.g., Arsenal and Miss Grand International. "These products will be embedded into NFTs and can be redeemed when used or tradable if they change their plans.

Q: LABS Group has introduced some unique NFTs into its ecosystem, with the “Owner's Circle NFT” being the current hottest. Could you elaborate on these NFTs, their utilities, and what sets them apart in the rapidly growing NFT space?

Bernard: Our Owners Circle NFTs are not mere collectibles but have real utility. Owning one of our NFTs could grant you rewards in a property through the Owner's Circle Hub. The Owner's Circle hub is being developed right now as we speak, and it's essentially a platform where holders access them through their NFTs and collect rewards from the revenue generated by any property / real estate acquired/ managed by LABS Group. We will announce our second property in the ecosystem, of which we will be finalizing the details very soon. It is in one of the most iconic locations in Hanoi, Vietnam. This property is revenue-generating and one of the most booked properties on Staynex.

What sets us apart is the narrative of RWA, which I mentioned a while ago, is not just a narrative. We are improving and innovating existing infrastructures and processes by utilizing blockchain to make processes simpler, faster, and more efficient. We believe what we are creating will be used frequently in the future and not just a "phase."

Q: How is LABS Group then aiming to revolutionize the real estate industry? Share some insights into the technologies and methodologies LABS is deploying to reshape the traditional real estate model.

Bernard: Real estate, traditionally has been an industry with high entry barriers, often limited to those with significant capital. LABS Group is reshaping this model by fractionalizing real estate assets, making it possible for anyone to invest in real estate businesses and properties with as little or as much as they're comfortable with. We ensure liquidity, transparency, and global access by tokenizing these assets. We believe in a future where buying a fraction of a property worldwide is as easy as buying a cup of coffee.

Ultimately, there are a couple of parts. One is fractional ownership; the other is blockchain on transacting real estate. From where we are from, an average transaction takes 3-6 months.

The biggest obstacle is going against the norms where taxes, agents, and legal fees all play a part and will be significantly reduced over a transaction. Blockchain can eliminate all that and speed up the process by, for example, putting a title on an NFT. But this is significantly changing the process.

You can't jump from 1-100 in an instant, so we must take it step by step.

Q: How does LABS Group envision the interplay between blockchain technology and the real estate market? What are the various benefits that this union promises to both investors and everyday individuals?

Bernard: The blend of blockchain and real estate is a match made in heaven. Blockchain brings unparalleled transparency, security, and efficiency to the table. For investors, this means reduced fees, instant trades, and a clear audit trail of all transactions. For the everyday individual, this translates to an opportunity to invest in properties worldwide, no matter how big or small the investment is.

Q: Please share upcoming milestones and plans for LABS Group. Is there something the KuCoin community should be particularly excited about in the coming months?

Bernard: We have an exciting journey ahead! In the upcoming months, we're looking at expanding our property listings, partnering with global real estate giants, and enhancing our platform's user experience. As you can see on the Labsgroup.io website, we follow a diversified investment strategy for our NFTs and choose the best products for our users. Moreover, collaborations with institutions and strategic partnerships, like the one with Staynex, are also on the horizon. We're just starting, and the road ahead promises innovation and growth.

Labs is the investment, and Staynex generates revenue for that investment

Q: How can the KuCoin community get involved and support the initiatives of LABS Group? Are there any specific programs or events they can participate in?

Bernard: We believe in the power of community. The KuCoin community and other enthusiasts can engage with us through our social media channels, webinars, and community meet-ups. We also regularly roll out staking programs, reward pools, and launchpad initiatives. Our doors are always open for feedback, and we invite everyone to participate in our journey actively.

Also, we have launched a Lite version of Staynex to celebrate our partnership with Miss Grand International (MGI). We decided to use Vietnam as a sandbox to test the feasibility of the business. We would love to bring the world to Vietnam in October to participate in the festivities with us. We are hosting the event across four (4) cities in Vietnam and would love the KuCoin community to join us. Register and subscribe as a member now on Staynex Lite to enjoy 30% savings on hotel bookings. Nevertheless, there will be some bugs, but the full version will have much more improvement and utilities when we launch soon. For our opening promotion, for just $1, you get to use Staynex and get complimentary two (2) months and more.

Subscribe now and win a chance to win tickets to Arsenal and MGI! Also to join some of our private parties, and more. You can check it out on our website at Staynex.

Q: Every innovative approach faces challenges. What have been the major challenges for LABS Group in disrupting the real estate industry, and how have you addressed them?

Bernard: Revolutionizing an industry as vast and traditional as real estate comes with challenges. The most common is that there isn't a one solution fits all, as every jurisdiction has different regulations. And that dampens the adoption as the approach is different in every country. Regulatory hurdles, ensuring global compliance, and educating the masses about the benefits of tokenized real estate have been some of the roadblocks. However, we've successfully navigated these challenges with a robust legal team, continuous dialogue with global regulators, and community outreach programs.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community to the LABS Group Team

Q: Could you share more about the development process and features of the Owner's Circle Hub? How will NFT holders access and collect rewards from revenue generated by properties managed by LABS Group?


Currently, we're creating a hub where OC holders can log in to view the specifications and details of each project. Each project or property will be unique on its own and will show the dates on every payout. Holders can log in and claim the rewards when the timer counts down. All revenue collected will be converted to BNB and distributed amongst the holders.

We will add features to integrate our PMS property management system to show full transparency of the business operations.

Q: Does your token have any passive income potential, and How do you manage to keep the value of your tokens in this volatile crypto market?

Bernard: We will be introducing more utilities. With our real estate platform for fractional ownership still in development, ample opportunities will exist to use the token. Staking is definitely on the cards, and passive income is on the cards, but we are making careful choices as we want to be classified as something other than a security. Demand will come when more properties are added, and we are focusing on that.

Q: If I want to buy LABS Property like real estate items, how much is the minimum resort property starting price?

Bernard: It varies from property to property. This is why we have launched the Owner's Circle NFT. We've made it possible through Kunang Kunang Tent Resort in East Java, the first property invested by LABS Group. We have successfully distributed the first round of dividends to early investors, amounting to a 10% yield, but we can do something beyond that. At this stage, it's $100. But we will make adjustments when needed

Q: How does LABS Group differentiate itself from other real estate investment platforms, and what unique features does it offer investors?

Bernard: We are focused more on high-yield properties such as hotels and resorts, and that's where Staynex steps in to help these properties generate more yield. We are looking at the entire ecosystem, which requires a balance of investors and consumers.

We do not want to be in a situation where the property performs badly; hence, we are solving two (2) issues at once

Q: What advantages come with minting Owner's Circle NFTs?

Bernard: You can check that out on the LABS Group website under Owner's Circle. We have launched these NFTs to provide these utilities to our holders.

75% of net yield generated (after paying management and operation fees) by properties invested by LABS Group and Owners Circle. It'll be equally divided by 10,000 holders.

Access to the Owner's Circle Hub, where holders can access the platform just by simply having the NFTs to claim rewards generated from the properties that LABS Group has invested in.

Rewards from property operations will be paid in BNB, equal to 10,000 NFTs. This can be claimed from the Owner's Circle website whenever paid-out dates are made.

Exclusive access to the Owner's Lounge in LABS Discord. Connect with like-minded investors and discuss potential properties to invest in.

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