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2022/02/25 08:00:00

There are new projects every now and then that explore the possibilities in the world of cryptocurrency, NFTs and metaverse. MARS4 takes on a niche that is making waves globally with its Ethereum-based virtual environment that revolves around Mars. Mars has been a subject of human curiosity for decades, and this project provides a closer look at owning land, customizing it and selling it. There are openings for NFT revenue generation with Mars Land tokens and other interesting transactions that MARS4 makes possible.

What is MARS4?

Mars4 is a unique ecosystem for P2E gaming and the metaverse where anyone can access Mars virtually in 3D. Participants in the ecosystem can buy and own land, customize it and earn the associated rewards on the first Mars revenue-generating NFT. Landowners will be able to go-ahead and build real estate holdings, rent them out, sell and bag the rewards. The games on MARS4 will include the best of Axle Infinity, Decentraland and Star Atlas, among others.

For the VR adventures, you will be able to explore Mars and pay visits to the most intriguing and exciting landforms on the planet. Beyond all these, participants can also become Mars pioneers, search out the best spots, build structures, install mining rigs and a host of other activities that can boost the earning power of each individual investor.

MARS4 offers a metaverse with real maps, landforms, and imagery of the red planet for you to explore as a landowner and real estate guru in the making. Those who invest early will be able to get a better deal with the land selling out fast and price surging with the multiple of 10,000 plots sold. All transactions here are powered by the MARS4 token.

How does MARS4 work?

Mars4 merges the worlds of gaming, virtual reality, quantum computing and yield farming on its platform to create a grand world that fits into the scale of a global Metaverse. The platform allows owners of MARS4 NFTs to exercise complete control on a part of the metaverse. This differentiates the platform from other competitors where this is not possible. NFT collection on MARS4 is on a higher trajectory.

If you are dreaming of setting foot on Mars, the overwhelming expanse is yours to explore with the tools provided by MARS4, which includes accessibility using the 3D exhaustive mapping. The NFTs developed by the MARS4 team used the copy of Mars mapping provided by NASA for precision and accuracy. This makes for an immersive experience with Virtual Reality that is the end vision of the project.

Who created MARS4?

Richard Berno runs MARS4 as the CEO, and he comes with a pedigree as a business leader and serial entrepreneur with a portfolio of media, blockchain, and connected businesses.

Tomas Martunas is a co-founder of MARS4, and he is reputed as an Angel investor and a venture capitalist with more than two decades of banking, ICT and investing experience. His string of businesses includes Electric vehicles ventures, Fintech startups and related fields.

Paul Seras is in charge of the marketing team and is also a co-founder. He comes with an impressive experience in crypto and allied businesses. The creative director is Vitalius Zukas, an award-winning creative director.

Core Team is world class, coming from companies like PWC, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Swedbank. Notably, two of the team members helped build and launch the first marketplace on Second Life (the original Metaverse). There are also six other members in the core team and two advisors, Kieran Warwick & Aaron Warwick, who are Illuvium Founders, and proponents of the RPG game platform with an open-world concept. To find out more, visit Official Twitter and Official Discord.

What is the MARS4 token and what is it used for?

Mars token is the native token of the ecosystem, and it will be used for buying plots of land and to earn rewards. The price of the MARS4 token is surging with the passage of time. As more Martians buy land plots, the greater the value of the ecosystem will become. This also applies to unsold land in the ecosystem, and the implication is that more activity will drive up the prices of real estate, pushing up the price of NFTs too.

The ecosystem will continue to pay the rewards for each Epoch completed with MARS4 tokens. Every Mars landlord will proceed to claim the reward for the completed Epochs as soon as they are ready for distribution.

What makes MARS4 Unique?

The layout of Mars on the platform has been done with epochs programmed into the mix. With Epoch1 in progress, participants who acquired Mars4 land NFTs are going to be paid 51 percent of the earnings in the upcoming Epoch, and this will be distributed in a lump sum in Mars4 Tokens on completion of the sales of NFTs under the Epoch. There are 5 Epochs available starting from Epoch 0, and each covers a specified range of NFTs. On sales completion of an Epoch, all investors in the previous Epochs will become recipients of the income generated. This favors and offers rewards to early participants and all who invest their funds in earlier Epochs.

On a familiar note, you can be sure that the NFT prices will rise as each Epoch completes its sales. The principle of scarcity applies here too with land becoming fairly scarce and commanding greater valuation and price. Epoch 1 is reported to already be on the verge of completion so that NFT holders for Epoch 0 are now set to be paid their dues from Epoch 1 NFT sales.

Closing Thoughts

The growing popularity of NFTs has taken the prices of the metaverse and allied tokens on the upswing of late. With MARS4, the same experience is playing out already to the excitement of investors. Starting early to participate in the project positions you for immediate rewards from sales completion of the Epochs that follow the one you invested in. Epoch 2 completion positions Epoch 1 investors for immediate rewards as soon as it is completed, and so on.

For the excitement of exploring the Red Planet and more, MARS4 presents an opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolios and be rewarded. Early participants are set to earn passive income from the subsequent Epochs that arise on the platform.

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