Anti-FUD 101: Tips Sharing from Experienced Traders: “This is How I Recognize and Avoid FUD”

2022/09/02 10:00:00

Not a day goes by in the crypto sphere without drama. It could be a "flash crash" on a major exchange, a country banning Bitcoin, or even a celebrity saying something negative about crypto. In some cases, it could be fake news about the adoption of some obscure coin that leaves investors with FOMO as they jump in to cash in on the hype.

Either way, FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) is rampant in the crypto industry, and investors must be able to separate the wheat from the chaff while investing or trading. Whether positive or negative, FUD can have a severe impact on the price of assets in the crypto industry and eventually destabilize the market.

But what exactly is FUD? If FUD can be created by both good and bad news, how can one identify it and separate it from the facts?

With the help of industry veterans, in this article, we'll explore some ways crypto natives can recognize and avoid FUD with tips and tricks to help prevent it entirely.

Tips to Identify and Analyze Information Sources

FUD is "an attitude of mind characterized by fear, uncertainty, and doubt." In other words, it's when investors or traders are so afraid of missing out on an opportunity or losing money that they make irrational decisions based on false news.

In this instance, the news is typically spread by individuals who can gain from the effects the information will have on the market. For example, a group of investors might want to sell an asset at a higher price before the market crashes so they can repurchase it at a lower price, or vice versa. Therefore, this group of investors will pay a journalist to write a story that will trigger fear in other investors, leading them to sell their assets.

Once a panic sell ensues, the group of investors can buy back the assets at a lower price, essentially tricking other investors out of their money.

To avoid being caught in the crosshairs of such schemes, it's essential to take some time to analyze the news source before taking action. Here are some questions you can ask yourself when trying to identify FUD:

· Who is the source of the news? Is it a credible source?

· What are their motives for releasing this news?

· Does this news make sense? Or does it seem too good (or bad) to be true?

· Have there been any other reports to corroborate this news?

· What is the general sentiment around this news? Is everyone panicking, or no one seems to care?

The news source might be credible in some cases, but their motives could be questionable. For example, a well-known crypto influencer might tweet about a particular project being a scam, even if they have no evidence to back up their claims. In this case, it would be up to you to decide whether or not to take their word for it. Bitcoin, for instance, has been titled a scam by many people over the years, but it has still managed to stay afloat and become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

On the other hand, if an unknown entity with no credibility suddenly tweets about how a project is amazing and has huge potential, it would be wise to be skeptical. The entity could be paid by the team behind the project to spread the good news and pump the price.

On the contrary, there are also a few KOLs on Twitter. They tend to spread some unverified negative news or deliberately create FUD in order to achieve the purpose of gaining attention and followers to increase the traffic of their channels. And they often don't care about the authenticity of the content and tend to deliberately "fan the flame.”

Generally, it's always best to do your own research (DYOR) before making any decisions in the crypto world.

Multi-Party Verification: Why it’s Important?

Another way to avoid being caught in the crosshairs of FUD is by looking for multi-party verification before taking any action. This means you should look for news from multiple sources before deciding.

For example, you can come across a story about how a particular project is about to be delisted from a popular exchange. It would help if you looked for confirmation from the exchange before selling your assets. If the exchange denies the claims, then it's likely that the story is FUD.

Of course, this isn't always foolproof since exchanges have been known to delist projects without warning in the past. However, looking for multi-party verification before taking any drastic action is still a good idea.

What Solution can You Provide?

Everyone in the crypto space has a personal responsibility to get rid of FUD. When you see FUD, don't blindly follow the crowd, but take a step back and think for yourself. Always do your research before taking any action.

In addition, try to avoid being the source of FUD yourself. When spreading news, always ensure that it's coming from a credible source and that you have verified the information. If you're unsure about something, it's always best to stay quiet instead of spreading false information.

Lastly, try to provide solutions instead of just complaining about the problem. The crypto space is still in its early stages, and there's a lot of room for improvement. If you see something that you think can be improved, don't just sit back and complain, but try to come up with a solution and make your voice heard.

Actively Learning about FUD Prevention

Also, being an active learner is a plus in the fight against FUD. There are many ways you can do this, such as:

· Educating yourself on how to spot FUD

· Staying up-to-date with the latest news in the crypto world

· Asking questions and seeking clarification when you’re unsure about something

· Thinking for yourself instead of blindly following the crowd

By taking these steps, you can actively prevent FUD from spreading and stop havoc in the crypto world.

Closing Thoughts

The crypto industry's anti-FUD defense system is everyone's responsibility. Educating yourself on how to spot FUD and thinking for yourself instead of only being a follower can help make the crypto world a better place for everyone.

FUD creates volatility and uncertainty, both of which can lead to crashes in asset prices and stifle the growth of promising projects. It's essential to be aware of the tactics that FUDsters use so that you can avoid being caught up in the hysteria.

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