Thanksgiving & Black Friday Carnival: Buy Crypto on Fiat Account to Get $350 Amazon Gift Cards and 20% Off!

2021-11-22 20:59:51--

General Activity Period: November 23,2021-November 26,2021(UTC)

I. How to Deposit and Buy USDT on KuCoin Fiat Account?

How to find KuCoin Fiat Account?

Go to the ‘Buy Crypto’ page >> Fast Buy page>>Select your local currency

How to pass the advanced KYC:

Payment methods:


Ways to Buy USDT on Fiat Account:

1. Deposit assets on the KuCoin Main account with Visa/Mastercard, then use ‘Balance’ to buy crypto

2. Use Visa/Mastercard to buy crypto directly

II. Activity Rules:

1.Warm-up &Thanksgiving Giveaway: Get up to $350 Amazon gift cards!

During a specific time From Nov.23-Nov.25,2021 (UTC), KuCoin will open 100-200 spots each day for quick buyers who complete an order for no less than 100 USDT amount on KuCoin Fiat Account to get a $50/$100 Amazon gift card each! FCFS!

2. Black Friday carnival: Enjoy 20% off!

00:00-24:00 on November 26,2021(UTC), the first 100 users who buy any amount of USDT on KuCoin Fiat Account can enjoy 20% off! (Max. cashback: 200 USDT)

Time Schedule:

Nov.23: $50 Amazon gift cards to Giveaway 

0:00 UTC: $50 Amazon gift card each for the first qualified 100 users

Nov.24: $50 Amazon gift cards for 200 users at 0:00&18:00 UTC, FCFS!

00:00 (UTC): $50 Amazon gift card each for the first qualified 100 users 

18:00 (UTC): $50 Amazon gift card each for the first qualified 100 users 

Nov.25: $100 Double-value on Thanksgiving

00:00 (UTC): $100 Amazon gift card each for the first qualified 100 users

18:00 (UTC): $100 Amazon gift card each for the first qualified 100 users

❤Thank-you giftcard name list (optional):

*You can fill in the email address of who you want to thank and receive the Amazon gift card. If not filled, we will send it to your email address by default.

*We’ll distribute the Amazon giftcards to qualified users’ designated email right after the purchasing day. 

Nov.26: 20% off for first 100 users on Black Friday

The 20% amount of USDT for the order will be distributed to qualified users’ KuCoin main account within 5 working days after the campaign.

For qualified users who purchased more than 1000 USDT, they will get 200USDT cashback.


1. Users can have unlimited participation. This means one user can get up to $350 and one time 20% off in total if they qualified in each spot opening time.

2. All users will receive the result notice by email after the purchasing day.

3. To make sure you will receive the email notification and gift cards, please bind your email to KuCoin account and fill in the correct information.

4.KuCoin reserves the right of final interpretation to this campaign.


* If you use Fiat Account on KuCoin App, please update the app to the latest version or install the app via this link:

* Please be noted that the new product – KuCoin Fiat Account, is different from Third-Party Credit Card purchases. It is KuCoin’s own channel.

*Fiat account Tutorial Guide:

Thank you for your support!

The KuCoin Team

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