KuCoin Revises Exchange Center

2019/10/16 17:14:11Announcements

Dear KuCoin Users,

In order to improve the user experience, we have revised the exchange center. This new version is now online and available to use.

The details of this revision are as follows:

  1. Market — Fiat price checking is available for all coins with just a click (added fiat price display for listed coins).
  2. Order Placement — Save settings under advanced mode (PostOnly, Time In Force, etc).
  3. Order Placement — Instant order price and amount filling are available with a click on the order book.
  4. Orderbook — Accumulated volume/amount and avg. price data display for the orderbook has been added.
  5. Recent Trades — Market depth settings have been increased to adjust the display range.
  6. Orders — A sound-effect reminder feature has been added for partially or fully completed orders.
  7. Orders — Order filtering and batch order cancellation features have been added.
  8. Theme — A Day/Night mode switch now available.
  9. All orders can be canceled with a simple click.
  10. The indicator settings marked on the K-line will be maintained after refreshing.
  11. Trading interface details have been improved. Quick price & amount filling with just a click on the orderbook. Click ‘price’ on the orderbook and only the price will be filled.
  12. Maintained the risk warning for market orders of 15% price deviation with the ask/bid price.
  13. Ability to display the 100 most recent order details from the past 3 months under the "Open Orders", "Stop Orders", and "Order History” lists has been enabled.
  14. Market Depth - Ability to obtain 5%-20% data depth from the market for the market depth display has been enabled.

KuCoin will continue our efforts to provide better services and products for you!

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team

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