Top Solana NFT Projects to Keep an Eye On

Top Solana NFT Projects to Keep an Eye On

Solana-based NFTs offer high-speed transactions and low fees, fostering an innovative and accessible environment for digital art and collectibles​​​​​​. Here’s a look at some of the best NFT projects to explore within the Solana ecosystem.

Solana has been around for just four years but has been one of the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems and has become the top-rising star among the layer-1 blockchains. Solana shortly flipped Ethereum in total decentralized exchange (DEX) volume for the first time in history on Mar. 20 . Although its recent price action and on-chain activity may attract investors and users across sectors, emerging NFT projects in the Solaa ecosystem are also gaining much attention lately. Renowned for its high throughput and efficiency, Solana offers an exciting ecosystem for exploring innovative NFT projects


This guide delves into why Solana stands out in the NFT space, how you can get involved with its NFT projects, and what the future holds for NFTs on this high-performance blockchain.


Why Solana for NFTs?

As of March 2024, over 110 million NFTs have been minted on the Solana blockchain. Over 14 million wallets have at least one of these NFTs minted on Solana. 


Solana is distinguished by its impressive transaction speed and affordability, processing up to 65,000 transactions per second (TPS) at peak times, a stark contrast to Ethereum's 15 TPS. The average cost of minting an NFT on Solana is around $0.00011, thanks to its state compression feature. 


This efficiency is attributed to its unique combination of Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of History (PoH) mechanisms, making it not only fast but also environmentally friendly. These features address the demand for platforms offering faster and cheaper transactions, making Solana a preferred choice for NFT creators and collectors​​.

Successful NFT Collections in the Solana Ecosystem 

Solana's NFT ecosystem has seen remarkable collaborations and collections that stand out due to their community engagement, innovative use cases, and significant trading volumes. Here's a summary of some of the most successful and notable NFT projects within the Solana ecosystem:


  • Degenerate Ape Academy & Degen Trash Pandas: A pioneering collection emphasizing brotherhood and rebellion. Its community-driven approach, including running a validator and engaging in other initiatives, marks it as a standout project​​.

  • DeGods: Known for its strong community, DeGods allows owners to stake their NFTs to earn $DUST. It also introduced an innovative way to enhance value by converting DeGods into DeadGods, multiplying the rewards, and increasing exclusivity​​.

  • Aurory: As one of the early NFT projects on Solana, Aurory is building a blockchain game with an immersive world and play-to-earn model, demonstrating the potential of NFTs to integrate into larger digital ecosystems​​.

  • Solana Monkey Business (SMB): A collection that evolved from simple PFPs to a deeply engaged community of builders and creators, with plans to fully transition to a DAO model. It's the third most traded NFT collection on Solana​​.

  • Okay Bears: Achieving the highest trading volume among Solana NFTs, Okay Bears benefited from OpenSea's support for Solana NFTs, fostering a broad and inclusive community under the motto "It is okay to be okay."

  • Taiyo Robotics and Famous Fox Federation: These projects have introduced innovative mechanisms like milestone staking and extensive ecosystems, including token marketplaces and gamified elements, to engage their communities and add value to holders​​.

  • Claynosaurz and ABC NFTs: Offer unique art styles and immersive experiences. Claynosaurz features 3D animated dinosaurs aimed at a future metaverse, while ABC NFTs remind holders of the joys of childhood through simple yet effective artwork​​.

  • y00ts: A project related to DeGods, y00ts and its derivative collection, y00ts: t00bs, have quickly become among Solana's most traded and popular collections, featuring an engaging community and innovative use cases like staking for rewards​​.

These collections not only highlight the diverse potential of NFTs on Solana but also underscore the blockchain's ability to support large-scale, high-volume trading and complex community-driven projects. Each project's success stems from its unique blend of artistic innovation, community engagement, and practical utility, setting a high standard for future NFT endeavors on the platform.


Top NFT Projects on Solana 

While the previous section offers examples of some of the biggest NFT collections on Solana in the past, here’s a look at some of the most promising NFT projects in the Solana ecosystem as of Q1 2024. We’ve compiled the list below based on trading volume, rate of growth, and popularity in the market: 


Move-to-Earn NFT Game: Genopets 


Genopets is recognized as the first "Move-to-Earn" NFT game, revolutionizing the GameFi space by combining play-to-earn concepts with physical activity. Launched on the Solana blockchain, this innovative project has attracted attention for its unique approach to gaming and fitness, allowing players to earn rewards through real-world movement​​​​.


The game's unique selling point is its integration of physical activity with digital gameplay. Players start with a Genopet, a digital companion that evolves and grows based on the player's real-world movements. This mechanic not only encourages physical activity but also adds a personal touch to the gaming experience, as Genopet's development mirrors the player's own. Funded by notable investors, including Pantera Capital and Konvoy Ventures, and even receiving backing from Samsung Next, Genopets has raised $8.3 million, highlighting its potential to bridge the digital and physical worlds to benefit users' health and well-being​​​​.


NFT Collection with High Growth: Frogana 


Frogana stands out in the Solana NFT space not just for its rapid growth and recovery from a rocky start but also for its distinctive artistic vision. Launched with a total supply of 5,555 units at 0.069 SOL, Froganas witnessed a meteoric rise, with its floor price skyrocketing to 14.47 SOL, marking a staggering increase of over 14000% from its initial price​​. This significant growth came after overcoming early challenges, including when the project's original creator exhibited rug pull behavior. The remaining team member, Tee, took the initiative to compensate affected pre-sale participants and fully deliver the project to the community, demonstrating a strong commitment to their vision and supporters.


Frogana distinguishes itself through its unique art style and theme, showcasing humanoid frogs that have evolved to adapt to a mysterious island environment. Each Frogana possesses a unique blend of traits, making them highly collectible and sought after by enthusiasts. Beyond mere digital assets, owning a Frogana grants access to a vibrant community and exclusive perks, fostering a deep sense of belonging among its members. The project emphasizes community-driven development, allowing holders to influence the project's direction through a sophisticated governance system​​.


Most Valuable Solana NFT Collection: SMB Gen2 


SMB Gen2, part of the Solana Monkey Business ecosystem, represents a unique blend of digital artistry and community-driven initiatives on the Solana blockchain. This collection comprises 5,000 distinctively designed 24x24 pixel "monke" NFTs, renowned for their distinctive presence within the Solana community and the broader NFT landscape​​​​.


These NFTs are not only notable for their artistic charm but also for the technical infrastructure supporting them, with metadata stored on Arweave, ensuring permanence and decentralized data storage. Each monke in the SMB Gen2 collection boasts a unique combination of 99 possible traits, underscoring the rarity and individuality of each piece. The launch of SMB Gen2 was marked by its distinct appeal that encourages owners to "reject humanity, return to monke," embracing the whimsical spirit of the collection​​.


Popular NFT Collection: Degenerate Ape Academy 


Degenerate Ape Academy (DAA) is a standout NFT project on the Solana blockchain that features a collection of 10,000 3D-rendered apes, each with its own set of unique traits ranging from clothing and eyewear to different backgrounds and expressions. Launched on August 14, 2021, the project quickly became a hallmark in the Solana NFT space, signifying a significant milestone for the platform's NFT ecosystem​​.


What sets Degenerate Ape Academy apart is not just its diverse personalities represented through creative outfits and facial expressions but also the project's community and governance aspects. The DAA universe, or Degeniverse, provides a vibrant backdrop for these NFTs, fostering a sense of belonging and participation among its holders. Owners of these NFTs are required to engage actively within the community, further enhancing the project's allure and the sense of exclusivity​​.


The project's significance was underlined by its immediate impact on the Solana network, with the launch contributing to a surge in SOL's price to an all-time high. The initial sale saw all 10,000 NFTs sell out in just eight minutes, amassing a trading volume of almost 96,000 SOL (over $5.9 million at the time)​​. Notably, one of the Degenerate Ape NFTs was sold for 5980 SOL, equivalent to $1.1 million, marking the largest-ever NFT sale on Solana at that time​​.


Digital Collectibles: Famous Fox Federation 


The Famous Fox Federation (FFF) distinguishes itself within the Solana NFT ecosystem through a vibrant collection of 7,777 uniquely generated foxes, showcasing over a million possible trait combinations generated via art software. This expansive variability ensures that each NFT within the collection possesses a distinct personality and appearance​​. A record sale for the collection reached 5,980 SOL, or approximately $1.1 million, showcasing the project's significant market traction and community valuation. 


Launched on September 30, 2021, the project transitioned from an initial Ethereum launch plan to Solana, attributing the switch to the blockchain's entry-level accessibility and speed. This strategic move underscored Solana's capacity to host dynamic and innovative projects like FFF, further enriched by subsequent collections, including Transdimensional Famous Foxes (TFF), Friends & Foes, and the Dens​​.


The FFF ecosystem is underpinned by the $FOXY token, pivotal for auction participation, raffles, and internal market transactions. This ecosystem provides a comprehensive range of utilities to NFT holders, from the gamified missions and raffle participation to staking mechanisms that encourage long-term engagement and community building within the Federation​​​​. TFF, airdropped to FFF holders in October 2021, introduced an engaging layer to the ecosystem by offering pixelated versions of the original foxes as stake-able assets, which not only diversify the project's appeal but also increase participation incentives through daily FOXY token rewards​​. 


For NFT Traders on Tensor: Tensorians 


The Tensorians NFT project is a unique collection that stands out within the Solana ecosystem, mainly due to its strong affiliation with Tensor, Solana's leading NFT marketplace. Tensorians was launched as a way to commemorate and reward the most dedicated NFT traders on Tensor, emphasizing the project's aim to add flair to NFT trading with features like trading history visibility and real-time trading activity. The collection consists of 10,000 NFT arts, and holding one offers several perks, including access to exclusive drops, underscoring the project's community-focused ethos​. Tensorians has enjoyed an ATH floor price of 124 SOL, while its 24-hour trading volume at the time of writing is 844.61 SOL. 


The project's distinctiveness lies in its close ties to Tensor's innovative features, like support for compressed NFTs (cNFTs). These innovations aim to make Solana the dominant chain for digital assets by significantly lowering the costs associated with creating NFTs on the blockchain. This approach has opened up new possibilities for NFTs beyond collectibles, allowing for a wide range of non-fungible digital assets to be brought on-chain​. Tensorians and its associated marketplace, Tensor, have seen significant achievements, including a high market share within the Solana ecosystem and a strong community of dedicated users. The project has made strides in fostering a robust community, with a large percentage of its active traders proudly displaying Tensorian profile pictures on their social media accounts. 


Foray Into IRL: Claynosaurz 


Claynosaurz emerges as a standout project in the Solana NFT landscape, not merely for its digital art but for its comprehensive approach to building a vibrant, interactive community and expanding into physical collectibles. Born from the creative minds at a 3D production studio with team members from illustrious companies like Sony, Disney, DreamWorks, Ubisoft, Netflix, Warner Bros, Marvel, and Industrial Light & Magic, Claynosaurz is more than an NFT collection; it's an expansive universe of Web3 entertainment. Launched in November 2022, Claynosaurz introduced a collection of 10,000 animated 3D NFTs featuring six initial species of dinosaurs. This genesis collection quickly captivated the community, amassing impressive trading volumes shortly after release. The Claynosaurz project achieved notable success upon its launch, with trading volume reaching over 130k in just a few hours and an ATH floor price standing at 96.69 SOL. 


The project’s lore originates from a young boy's summer adventures, creating dinosaurs from clay, and imagining a vibrant world called Claynotopia. This narrative not only enriches the collection's depth but also invites community involvement in its ongoing development​. Claynosaurz's ecosystem has expanded beyond the original NFTs to include additional collections like Claymakers and Clays, which introduce gameplay and utility elements such as item crafting and armor forging for the dinosaurs. These innovations provide a dynamic and interactive layer to the NFT ownership experience. Beyond digital boundaries, Claynosaurz is pioneering into physical collectibles, starting with a series of limited-edition plushies, a move aiming to bridge the gap between NFTs and tangible products. It also stands out for its unique engagement strategies, like distributing exclusive digital items at IRL (In Real Life) events. This approach not only enhances community engagement but also serves as an innovative onboarding mechanism.


How to Participate in Solana NFT Projects

Getting involved in Solana's NFT projects is straightforward. Begin by setting up a Solana wallet, such as Phantom, known for its user-friendliness and security. 


Learn more about how to set up your Phantom wallet


Once installed, you can fund your wallet with SOL by purchasing through exchanges or directly within the wallet. With your wallet ready, explore secondary marketplaces like Magic Eden, which dominates Solana's NFT trading volume, to purchase or trade NFTs. This marketplace is an excellent starting point for newcomers to the Solana NFT scene​​​​.


The Future of NFTs on Solana

Solana's future in the NFT space looks promising, thanks to continuous technological advancements and a growing community. The recent introduction of new token extensions allows developers to incorporate metadata natively into Solana NFTs, enhancing the ecosystem's flexibility and enabling creators to innovate freely. This development is set to narrow the gap with other blockchains and boost the diversity and complexity of Solana's NFT projects. With its scalability and low environmental impact, Solana is well-positioned to attract a broader audience to its NFT and dApp offerings​​​​.



Solana stands at the forefront of the blockchain revolution, offering a compelling blend of speed, efficiency, and innovation. Its growing NFT ecosystem presents a fertile ground for creators and collectors alike, promising an exciting future for digital assets on the platform. As Solana continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, it solidifies its position as a leading choice for NFT projects, drawing in users with its user-friendly approach and commitment to sustainability. Embracing Solana's NFT projects not only allows participants to explore the rich landscape of digital art and collectibles but also to be part of a vibrant and forward-thinking community.


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