Top NFT Projects in the Bitcoin Ecosystem to Watch in 2024

Top NFT Projects in the Bitcoin Ecosystem to Watch in 2024

Bitcoin-based NFTs are unique digital assets directly inscribed onto the Bitcoin blockchain, pushing the boundaries of ownership and unlocking new possibilities for the legendary network. Here are the best Bitcoin NFT projects to explore in 2024.

The realm of NFTs has transcended Ethereum's domain, and a new frontier is emerging on the mighty Bitcoin blockchain. While Bitcoin, the pioneer of blockchain technology, initially lacked native NFT functionality, innovative solutions like Ordinals have opened the door for a unique NFT landscape. These Bitcoin NFTs aren't just digital collectibles; they're pushing the boundaries of the network's capabilities and injecting fresh life into the crypto space.


But how do these NFTs work on Bitcoin, and which projects are spearheading this exciting movement? Buckle up, KuCoin Learners, as we delve into the top Bitcoin NFT projects for 2024 and explore their potential impact on the future of digital ownership.


What Are Bitcoin NFTs? 

Ordinals leverages Bitcoin's robust infrastructure to directly inscribe NFTs onto the blockchain itself. Think of it like carving your initials into a historical monument – your NFT becomes an indelible part of Bitcoin's history. This pioneering technology, born in 2023, has sparked a vibrant NFT ecosystem, attracting artists, collectors, and investors alike.


These digital assets are like permanent inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain, utilizing the Ordinals protocol to embed ownership and metadata directly into individual Satoshis, the smallest units of Bitcoin. This approach differs from Ethereum-based NFTs, which store data off-chain and rely on smart contracts for ownership verification.


Bitcoin ordinal inscriptions by type | Source: Dune Analytics 


As of January 2024, the Bitcoin blockchain is home to over 54 million inscriptions, raking in a total fees of over $252 million. Bitcoin ordinal NFTs include models, images, text, audio, video, and other types of data inscribed directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. No wonder then than the Ordinals protocol has seen its market cap surge past $1.5 billion, making it among the top 60 cryptos by market capitalization. 


Unique characteristics of Bitcoin-based NFTs include: 


  • Immutability: Once inscribed, a Bitcoin NFT becomes an inseparable part of the Bitcoin blockchain, guaranteeing its permanence and security.

  • Scarcity: The total number of Satoshis is finite (21 million), limiting the potential supply of Bitcoin NFTs and potentially enhancing their value.

  • Decentralization: Unlike some NFT platforms, Bitcoin NFTs rely on the decentralized infrastructure of the Bitcoin network, making them censorship-resistant and immune to platform shutdowns.

How Do Bitcoin NFTs Work? 

Here’s an overview of how Bitcoin-based NFTs work: 


  • Ordinals Protocol: This protocol assigns a unique serial number, or ordinal, to each Satoshi, enabling individual identification and inscription of NFTs.

  • Bitcoin Inscriptions: Artists or creators use specialized software to "inscribe" data like images, audio, or text onto specific Satoshis, creating the NFT.

  • Ownership Through Ordinal Number: The ordinal number acts as a permanent record of ownership stored on the immutable Bitcoin blockchain. Anyone can verify the owner by simply checking the blockchain.

  • Trading Bitcoin NFTs: Bitcoin NFTs can be traded on dedicated marketplaces or peer-to-peer, with ownership seamlessly transferred through transactions on the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin NFTs vs. Ethereum NFTs 

When it comes to NFTs, Ethereum has been the undisputed king for years, but the tides are turning. Bitcoin, the OG of crypto, is now making waves with its unique form of NFTs, and the differences between these two titans are worth exploring. Here's a breakdown of how Bitcoin NFTs differ from Ethereum NFTs:



Ethereum NFTs

Bitcoin NFTs

Underlying Technology

Smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain

Ordinals on Bitcoin blockchain, directly embedding data onto Satoshis


Highly secure, but hypothetical hard forks or upgrades could affect NFTs

Truly immutable, guaranteed permanence as part of core Bitcoin blockchain


Vast and flexible potential supply

Inherently scarce due to finite Satoshis (21 million)

User Experience

Numerous user-friendly wallets and marketplaces

Ecosystem still nascent, accessing and managing can be complex


Diverse use cases beyond collectibles (utility tokens, access tokens, fractional ownership)

Primarily digital collectibles, potential for wider applications being explored

Community and Hype

Well-established NFT community with significant hype

Relatively new, attracting early adopters and those interested in unique properties


In summary:


  • Ethereum NFTs: Offer wider variety, ease of use, and established functionalities, but with less inherent scarcity and potential governance flexibility.

  • Bitcoin NFTs: Provide unmatched immutability, guaranteed scarcity, and direct integration with the Bitcoin network but face challenges in user experience and currently offer limited functionalities.

Ultimately, the "better" choice between Bitcoin and Ethereum NFTs depends on your specific goals and preferences. Are you drawn to the security and scarcity of Bitcoin or the established ecosystem and diverse functionalities of Ethereum? Research and experiment to find the NFTs that best suit your needs and interests.


Top Bitcoin NFT Projects for 2024 

The following top Bitcoin NFT projects showcase the potential for diversity and innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem. They demonstrate the ability of Bitcoin NFTs to offer unique features beyond simple collectibles, including fractional ownership, community building, and storytelling. Their development paves the way for further integration of NFTs with DeFi, gaming, and other applications on the Bitcoin network.


Ordinal Punks


Number of Items: 100

Floor Price: $269k

24h Trading Volume: $1.27 million

Number of Owners: 76


Inspired by the iconic CryptoPunks, these 100 pixelated avatars represent the first major NFT collection on Bitcoin. Their historical significance and limited supply make them coveted collectibles. Owning an Ordinal Punk grants access to an exclusive community and potential future benefits.


Bitcoin Frogs


Number of Items: 10,000

Floor Price: $9.29k

Market Cap: $92.91 million

24h Trading Volume: $141.04k

Number of Owners: 4,344


These amphibian avatars boast unique traits and accessories, adding a touch of fun to the Bitcoin NFT landscape. Holding a Bitcoin Frog grants access to a thriving community and potential future utility features. The project celebrates memes and internet culture, appealing to a broader audience.


The Pepes


Number of Items: 9,864

Floor Price: $70.40

24h Trading Volume: $5.78k

Number of Owners: 3,116


Remember the mischievous Pepe the Frog? He's hopped onto the Bitcoin blockchain with The Pepes, a collection of rare and hilarious NFTs celebrating internet culture, injecting humor into the sometimes-serious world of crypto. Owning a Pepe grants access to exclusive content and experiences, fostering a strong community. The project highlights the ability of Bitcoin NFTs to capture cultural trends and memes.




Number of Items: 2.1 quadrillion

Market Cap: $1.32 billion

24h Trading Volume: $92.6 million

Number of Owners: 46,000+


Get down to the granular level with SATS, NFTs representing individual Satoshis, the smallest units of Bitcoin. This project explores fractional ownership and opens doors for micro-investments in valuable Bitcoin assets. SATS introduces a novel concept and potentially democratizes access to Bitcoin-based NFTs.




Number of Items: 10,000

Floor Price: $8.18k

Market Cap: $81.85 million

24h Trading Volume: $696.9k

Number of Owners: 3,567


These mischievous simians represent different Bitcoin nodes, the backbone of the network. Owning a Nodemonke signifies support for the decentralized infrastructure and grants access to a vibrant community. The project raises awareness about the importance of nodes and fosters community engagement.


Bitcoin Punks


Number of Items: 10,000

Floor Price: $2.35k

Market Cap: $23.47 million

24h Trading Volume: $39.36k

Number of Owners: 6,173


Not to be confused with Ordinal Punks, Bitcoin Punks is a unique project utilizing a different technique to inscribe pixel art avatars onto Bitcoin. Their distinctive style and focus on community building set them apart. The project demonstrates the diversity of approaches within the Bitcoin NFT realm.


Bitcoin Puppets


Number of Items: 9,085

Floor Price: $1.26k

Market Cap: $12.63 million

24h Trading Volume: $110k

Number of Owners: 3,730


These marionette-inspired NFTs tell fantastical stories while celebrating Bitcoin's history and technology. The artwork features intricate details and hidden Easter eggs, appealing to art collectors and crypto enthusiasts alike. Bitcoin Puppets showcase the potential for narrative storytelling within Bitcoin NFTs.


Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB)


Number of Items: 2,023

Floor Price: $21.46k

Market Cap: $45.07 million

24h Trading Volume: $67.8k

Number of Owners: 1,1219


OMB embraces the Bitcoin Maximalist philosophy, celebrating Bitcoin as the true digital store of value and emphasizing its superiority over other cryptocurrencies. The collection features hand-drawn sketches of human figures with vibrant eyes in various colors. Each figure possesses unique traits, adding to the collection's diversity and collectibility.OMB boasts a passionate community of collectors and Bitcoin enthusiasts. They congregate online to discuss the collection, analyze market trends, and celebrate the shared value of Bitcoin maximalism.


OnChain Monkey (OCM) Genesis


Number of Items: 9,998

Floor Price: $3.35k

24h Trading Volume: $6.92k

Market Cap: $69.92 million

Number of Owners: 16


This collection of 100 generative monkey NFTs utilizes a unique on-chain algorithm for their creation. Each OCM possesses its own unique traits and rarity level, adding an element of surprise and discovery. The project highlights the potential for on-chain randomness and algorithmic art within Bitcoin NFTs.


Taproot Wizards


Number of Items: 2,108

Market Cap: $130k 

Number of Owners: 47


These magical avatars celebrate the groundbreaking Taproot upgrade on the Bitcoin blockchain. Owning a Taproot Wizard grants access to educational resources and potential future utility features related to Taproot. The project promotes awareness of Bitcoin's technological advancements and fosters community learning.


NFTs on Bitcoin: Opportunities and Future Outlook 

Bitcoin NFTs can diversify Bitcoin's use cases, attracting a wider audience including creators and collectors. They can increase blockchain activity, demonstrating its scalability and versatility, and create a new economy within the Bitcoin ecosystem. This could lead to new financial opportunities like digital art sales and royalties for artists. NFTs can also enhance Bitcoin's public perception, presenting it as a versatile blockchain platform, and drive technical innovations. However, they could also increase volatility if the NFT market fluctuates significantly.


The future of Bitcoin NFTs in 2024 looks promising with growing interest in various sectors like gaming and real estate. Bitcoin-based NFTs are expected to grow as the community becomes more educated. The gaming sector is likely to see more blockchain-based games, integrating NFTs for true ownership and interoperability. However, challenges include public skepticism, potential scams, and regulatory issues. Technological evolution, like modular and Bitcoin layer-2 solutions, will facilitate the diversification of NFT use cases and their integration into various sectors.


The Final Verdict: A Treasure Trove Uncovered

In conclusion, the outlook for Bitcoin NFTs in 2024 is marked by growth, diversification, and ongoing challenges. The integration of NFTs into different sectors, the evolution of blockchain technology, and the increasing mainstream acceptance of Bitcoin NFTs point towards a dynamic and transformative year ahead in the NFT space.


The Top Bitcoin NFT projects for 2024 are not just digital oddities; they represent a new chapter in the history of NFTs and Bitcoin. They challenge the status quo, pushing the boundaries of technology and redefining the concept of digital ownership. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a curious crypto enthusiast, keeping your eyes on this evolving landscape could unlock a treasure trove of opportunities.


Remember, KuCoin Learn serves as your compass in the dynamic cryptoverse. Stay tuned for further insights into Bitcoin NFTs and the exciting possibilities they hold!


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