The Highest Commission Rate! Why Should You Be a KuCoin Affiliate?

2022/11/07 18:23:45

For most investors in the bear crypto market, being a KuCoin Affiliate and earning a commission is regarded as one of the best ways to earn passive income. With the launching of the new KuCoin Affiliate Program, KuCoin allows its affiliates to invite their friends to join KuCoin and earn a commission with up to 55% rate for a lifetime, which will take you throughout the crypto winter with ease.

This blog will walk you through the newly upgraded KuCoin Affiliate Program.

Permanent Rebates, No Expiry

With the new upgrade of the KuCoin Affiliate Program, the commission time has been upgraded from the previous 365 days to permanent. As long as you meet the corresponding requirements, you can get a lifetime rebate from your invitee.

Competitive Commission Rebate

The commission rebate has been upgraded from the previous 40% to three levels, Lvl1 - 40%, Lvl2 - 45%, and Lvl3 - 55%. The higher the number of valid invitees who register through your referral link, the higher the trading volume, and up to a 55% rebate can be enjoyed.

The corresponding requirements are as follows:

Lvl1: 40% commission ratio (Requirements: 3-month cumulative transaction volume of not less than 10 BTC, and invite at least 5 real users to deposit and trade on KuCoin);

Lvl2: 45% commission ratio (Requirements: the cumulative transaction volume in 3 months is not less than 50 BTC, and at least 20 real users are invited to deposit and trade on KuCoin);

Lvl3: 55% commission rate (Requirements: the cumulative trading volume in 3 months is not less than 500 BTC, and at least 100 real users are invited to deposit and trade on KuCoin).

*Valid Invitees refer to users who have registered via your referral link and made a deposit and trade on KuCoin.

Better Mechanism for Upgrade/Downgrade/Elimination

KuCoin will conduct an assessment every 3 natural months. As long as you meet the corresponding assessment requirements, your level will be automatically adjusted; the assessment for Affiliate who joins after the 15th of each month will start the following month after joining.

The Affiliate who has successfully registered will get Lvl1 rights and start the assessment according to Lvl1. If the higher-level requirements are reached 30 days after registration, they can be adjusted directly.

If you fail to meet the standard in the first assessment period, you will receive an email reminder. Suppose you fail to meet the Lvl1 assessment requirements for two consecutive assessment cycles (Any one of the requirements: Trading Volume or Number of Valid Invitees). In that case, the commission rate will be temporarily adjusted to 0% and automatically resume when the assessment requirements are met.

Ready to Start Earning Commission?

Step 1: Become a KuCoin Affiliate

Click this link to apply. Once our team evaluates your application and ensures you meet the criteria below, your application will be approved.

Step 2: Promote your referral link

You can create and manage your exclusive referral link on the 'Affiliate' page and share your link to different channels.

Step 3: Earn commission easily

Whenever a user signs up for a KuCoin account via your referral link, you will receive a commission of up to 55% from his completed trade; the commission will be automatically sent to your KuCoin Main account every Wednesday.


1. Who can participate in the KuCoin Affiliate Program?

Publishers and creators from verified websites, trading software, bloggers, online KOLs, and users with a vast trading network can sign up for the KuCoin Affiliate Program.

2. How to get my referral link?

App Version: Select "More" in the quick entry bar of your KuCoin App homepage, scroll down to find "Welfare", then tap "Affiliate", and get the join invitation link on the join invitation management interface.

Web Version: Go to the KuCoin website homepage. On the menu bar, click "Affiliate," then get the affiliate invitation link on the affiliate invitation management interface.

3. How do I earn through this program? Do you have any product suggestions?

You can promote KuCoin products through video production, community promotion, article creation, etc. Recommend your friends or fans to register and trade through your exclusive link to earn commissions. The KuCoin Trading Bot, P2P, KuCoin Earn, etc., are all featured products of KuCoin.

4. How is the commission settled?

Commissions are settled in USDT and will be distributed every Wednesday of the calendar week for the previous calendar week (UTC+8) commission.

5. What are the newbie benefits for invitees?

We provide new users with a gift package with a value of up to 500 USDT, which you can check in the task center.

6. I have applied for "Becoming an Affiliate," when can I receive the application result?

We will check your application within 24 hours, and the result of the application will be emailed to you within 7 working days.

7. Where can I check the received commission?

Please check your commission rewards in your KuCoin Main account (the token type is Referral Bonus).

If you have any questions, contact us at or Support Center.

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