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What is the KuCoin Affiliate Program?

We are looking for affiliates who share KuCoin's values and mission and are willing to promote KuCoin, so we have launched the KuCoin Affiliate Program where you can create a unique referral link and anyone who clicks on the link and completes the registration will automatically be classified as your invitee. You will receive commissions on all trades completed by your referee including Spot, Futures, and Margin trading.  

Who can join the KuCoin Affiliate Program

  1. YouTube video bloggers, digital currency community leaders, media writers and other content creators who are willing to promote KuCoin (a social media account with more than 5,000 followers, or a community with more than 500 members). 
  2. Cryptocurrency-related quotes sites, crypto tool sites, industry media sites, and other cryptocurrency sites. 
  3. Promotion agents, institutions, and organizations, etc.

How to join the KuCoin Affiliate Program?

Step 1: Become a KuCoin Affiliate 

Fill out the form to apply for the KuCoin Affiliate Program, and our team will review and contact you.  

Step 2: Promote your exclusive link 

You can create and manage your exclusive invitation link on the KuCoin Affiliate page, and you can configure your personalized promotion links according to different channels. 

Step 3: Earn commissions easily 

Whenever a user signs up for a KuCoin account through your promotion link, you will receive a commission up to 45% from his completed trades; you will also receive an additional 5% sub-affiliate commissions if you refer others to join the program. 

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How Long Can I Enjoy the Affiliate Commission if I joined the program?

You will be able to enjoy the commissions generated by the invitee’s completed trades. Each invitee will provide a 12-month-basis commission period. And the total commission you will be getting is accumulated by each invitee you have invited. After the commission period, that specific invitee will be no longer generating commissions. Please be advised that the commission period of each invitee is depending on his official registration date. 

KuCoin Commission Scheme for Affiliates

1. Direct Commission:  

Your direct commission is generated by the completed trades from the invitees, and you will receive your commission on a weekly basis. There are two affiliate levels which affect the percentage of your commission. Your initial affiliate level is 1 once you have been approved to become an affiliate. 

Affiliate Level Commission Percentage
Level 1 40%
Level 2 45%

2. Sub-Affiliate Commission:  

An affiliate can invite a sub-affiliate, and all completed trades done by the clients referred by the sub-affiliate will contribute 5% of the commission to the main affiliate. Please be advised that this 5% of commission does not affect the commission scheme for the sub-affiliate (40% or 45%) and the main affiliate can only receive the sub-affiliate commission while the sub-affiliate is a valid affiliate. 

(E.g., if A invites B to be an affiliate, B invites C to be a trading client, then A is the main affiliate, and B is a sub-affiliate, A can get a 5% commission from C’s trading while B receives his 40% or 45% commission from C’s trading depends on B’s affiliate level) 

Affiliate Level Adjusting Mechanism 

After becoming an official KuCoin affiliate, you will receive an assessment every quarter. And KuCoin will adjust your affiliate level based on the performance of last quarter. The assessment operates as below: 

1. The Affiliates need to invite at least 100 new registered users every quarter, of which at least 20 new users make trades, to become or maintain Level 2.

2. Trades refers to the completion of at least one trade on the KuCoin platform including Spot, Margin, and Futures Trading.

3. If a Level 1 Affiliates can meet the criteria of (1), your level will be promoted to Level 2 in the following quarter. If a Level 2 Affiliate fails the criteria of (1), your level will be downgraded to Level 1 in the following quarter.

4. Quarterly assessment starts on 1st January, 1st April, 1st July, and 1st October in a calendar year.

Terms and Conditions

1. The commission is paid on a weekly basis which is distributed on the following Wednesday (UTC+8). 
2.The invitees an affiliate can invite is uncapped as well as the total amount of the commission. 
3.The transaction fees of the inviter’s sub-account are merged into the main account to calculate the commission amount. 
4.Invite yourself to get commissions is strictly prohibited in this program. KuCoin will disqualify any affiliate who practices this actions and reserve right to revoke the commissions they have received. 
5.Hijacking official traffic or jeopardizing KuCoin clients’ account security will lead to cancellation of the affiliate membership immediately and any commission receivables will be revoked. (Including but not limited to, using content that is highly similar to KuCoin's official social media accounts, website content, or website domain names for redirects, or placing KuCoin ads through search engines, etc.). 

6.KuCoin reserves all rights of final interpretation of this program could make amendment without prior notification. 

Additional Notes

1. All former events or programs will upgrade automatically to this plan. 

2. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected], or view the help center.

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