KuCoin AMA With Truflation (TRUF) — Blockchain and Economic Data Revolutionize Digital Asset Management

2024/04/23 09:04:16

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: April 18, 2024, 02:00 PM - 03:11 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session featuring the CEO of Truflation, Stefan Rust, CMO, Jennifer Morrison, Community Manager, Jake Simenhoff, and Head of Strategy, Roark, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://truflation.com/

Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.truflation.com/

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Q&A from KuCoin to Truflation

Q: Tell us why Truflation is so relevant right now?

Jennifer: Truflation is highly relevant now due to the increasing demand for real-time financial data in DeFi, the rise of real-world asset tokenization, and the rapid expansion of Web3 technologies.

Q: Who are the core customers of the Truflation Network’s Stream?

Roark: Truflation Stream Network's core customers include DeFi dApps, institutional investors, retail traders, data providers, and developers seeking reliable economic data for research and decision-making.

Q: The TRUF launch on April 9 went well, including trending as one of KuCoin’s top coins in popularity. What do you see in the longer-term forecast for TRUF’s utility?

Jake: The successful Truflation Steam Network (TSN) launch suggests strong long-term utility and adoption prospects. The TRUF token will play a pivotal role in both governance, data provisio, and community.

Q: At the moment, what is your biggest opportunity for growth?

Stefan: Our biggest opportunity for growth lies in expanding our data offerings to cover a wider range of real-world assets, enhancing our infrastructure for scalability, and deepening our integration with best-in-class protocols and partners.

Customers interested in our data include lending protocols, decentralized exchanges, perpetuals, synthetic assets as well as liquidity pools, just to mention some in the DeFi world.

Q: What are the long-term sustainable value drivers for Truflation?

Stefan: The long-term sustainable value drivers for Truflation include our robust data infrastructure, our ability to provide accurate and real-time financial data and our role in driving innovation and transparency.

We have verified accurate data available on the TSN. Leveraging that data, we have accurate, verifiable compute associated with that data on the TSN, and finally customers wanting to access compute indexes from the TSN also have access to the underlying data sets. How do we scale this? Bring more data to the TSN enables more indexes to be created and enables the creation of new open limitless markets for all sorts of trading open to all.

Q: Who are your strategic partners and investors, and do you have any plans to leverage these stakeholders?

Stefan: We’re backed by Coinbase and Chainlink laser digital from Nomura as well as countless other investors and strategic partners, all of which we plan to utilize in establishing TRUF as the single source of Truth!

Q: What are the next critical milestones for the TRUF team?

Stefan: The next critical milestones for our team include further enhancing the Truflation Stream Network, expanding our data coverage and partnerships, and driving adoption among retail and institutional users.

Yes, growing the portfolio of indexes and data sets will enhance the truflation stream network. Providing innovation on-chain billing will provide beneficial access to all. We are also going to expand into new markets aggregating international financial and economic data.

And securing adoption for our indexes and data feeds across multitudes of different blockchains with the growth of RWA is another focus for Truflation.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to Truflation

Q: Ensuring trust and security is crucial in the realm of finance. Have any smart contract audits been conducted to ensure the integrity of the system?

Stefan: Yes, we have conducted smart contract audits with Sherlock and with strongholds. Having been in the Blockchain industry for over a decade, we truly appreciate the importance of contract audits.

Q: The name of your Truflation seems fascinating. Is there a backstory behind it? Could you enlighten us on the inspiration behind choosing this name?

Jennifer: Truflation is the merger of truth plus inflation as we want to be the single source of truth. Our robust data infrastructure, our ability to provide accurate and real-time financial data, and our role in driving innovation and transparency.

Q: Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Stefan: Yeah, we are very focused on the Truflation Devs out there providing verified authentic economic and financial data accessible to all. We just found that there is nobody providing unbiased, transparent, and accessible insight into the inflation of a given economy.

Q: Could you kindly provide the Whitepaper?

Jennifer: Here is the link to Truflation’s whitepaper.

Q: What is the target audience for your platform? Is it the crypto beginners or professional users? Or does it cater to both?

Stefan: Our target users are tradfi and DeFi users. Customers are developers building using our data to help them get more Alpha based on doing the research with our data or integrating our data into their protocol to enable trading associated with assets created using our data

Q: How does the TRUF token fit into the Truflation ecosystem, and what are the governance and staking mechanisms associated with it?

Jake: TRUF is the native token for our app-chain, Truflation Stream Network (TSN). Participants in the network must stake their TRUF to be able to contribute data (data providers) or computation (node operators). Staking is not live yet, but coming soon. When operational, staking TRUF will give you voting Escrow TRUF or veTRUF in return, which allows you to vote on the direction of the project and TSN platform. We hope you will all join us and help shape the future of decentralized finance.

Q: How can I stay updated on the latest project information about $TRUF Token? Are there any social media accounts I can follow for updates?

Jennifer: Great question. Truflation is everywhere, from LinkedIn to X to Telegram, Discord, Github, and YouTube. Sign up for our weekly newsletter: info@truflation.com, and X appears to be the go-to for timely announcements.

Q: Can you share with us what are the available RWA Indexes in your platform? Is this data available for everyone?

Jake: We offer an array of indexes on financial and macroeconomic data. Indexes that will be used for RWA asset integrity would most likely be those of our commodities: metals, wheat futures, Orange juice futures, natural gas, etc. We are constantly expanding our offerings in this area. With a premium account, you can access indexes for agricultural staples and the metals most in demand by the market right now (such as those that go into making EVs). Soon we will include more energy raw materials (Uranium, Brent crude).

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