Get a Free NFT Ticket on KuCoin To Win 30,000 USDT + 30,000 SURV!

2022/01/28 10:50:20

To celebrate Survival Game Online (SURV) getting listed on KuCoin, we will be giving away FREE NFT tickets for the upcoming Championship of Survival Game Online to qualified KuCoin users. With an NFT ticket, you can participate in the Championship of Survival Game Online and win 30,000 USDT + 30,000 SURV.

What is Survival Game Online?

Survival Game Online is an online survival competitive Metaverse GameFi, which introduces VR technology, where users can participate as players and earn great prizes by winning daily fights and passing several games in a row and as game observers, who can earn rewards by betting on the winner.

What is the Championship of Survival Game Online?

The SURV Championship competes together in around 12 minutes. Players need to pass through altogether six game levels.

Level 1 - Green Light, Red Light

Level 2 - Dalgona Candy

Level 3 - Tug of War

Level 4 - Marbles

Level 5 - Glass Bridge

Level 6 - Survival Game

There are a total of 456 players participating in the Championship, and only the final winner can get the rewards — 30,000 USDT and 30,000 SURV. The Championship will start at 12:00:00 on February 7, 2022 (UTC).

To participate in the Championship, you must have an NFT ticket. However, the amount of NFT tickets are limited to 456. This time, KuCoin has 200 NFT tickets for our users! Just trade $SURV on KuCoin to have a chance to win an NFT ticket.

How to Get the NFT ticket?

1.Participate in the listing campaign of Survival Game Online on KuCoin:

2. Participate in the events on KuCoin‘s Twitter and Telegram group:

*Users will be eligible to win only 1 NFT reward.

*Please remember to leave your KuCoin UID and BSC wallet address here: SURV x KuCoin NFTs Rewards Info Collection

How to Play?

Play on the Championship on Survival Game Online:

You can check here for a full tutorial of the Championship or learn from the videos.

Game Level 1

The game is officially two minutes long. Players can move forward when the puppet starts singing.

When the puppet stops singing and turns back, the player cannot move or jump. If movement is detected during the pause, the player is immediately eliminated. Players who do not reach the finish line within 2 minutes or are not in the safety zone will be eliminated.

Touch Screen Operations: The left half of the screen corresponds to the front and back movement of the character. Continuous push allows characters to run. The right half of the screen corresponds to the rotation of the lens. Press the jump button to jump.

PC Operations: WSAD keys on the keyboard corresponds to the character’s front, back, left and right movement. Hold the “Shift” key with the arrow keys to run. Hold the left mouse button to control the rotation of the lens. Press the spacebar to jump.

Watch the video:

Game Level 2

Players need to take out the shape from the candy by long-pressing the screen during the game. Each long press operation will generate a pressing value, and when the value reaches the red line, it may crack the candy. Three cracks during game time will completely break the candy.

Watch the video:

Game Level 3

Tug of war is a team game, and players need to choose their team within 20 seconds after entering the game room.

You can see circles of two colors (different colors represent different teams) keep falling from the top within 120 seconds of the game. Players get points by eliminating the circles. Victory will be determined by the sum of the team’s points. The losing team will be eliminated.

Watch the video:

Game Level 4

There are 8 rounds in Marbles, with 15 seconds in the first two rounds, 7 seconds in the last 6 rounds, and there are 15 marbles per player. Players will be randomly designated as an initiative to guess odd or even, or passive to bet on marbles. If you are designated as passive to bet on marble, you need to choose the number of marbles to bet (number 1–10) and wait for the opponent to guess odd or even. The opponent will win the corresponding number of marbles if he is right, or else you win. And in the next round, the roles will be exchanged: the opponent chooses a number, and you will bet on odd or even. The one who wins 30 marbles in 8 rounds will win the game.

Watch the video:

Game Level 5

There are 10 rows of glass. Each row has two pieces of glass. Players can click the left or right button to jump to the corresponding glass. One piece of glass is safe to step on, and you will fall to the ground and fail the game if you jump to the wrong glass. You can move on the glasses, but be aware of moving out of the glass area!

Watch the video:

Game Level 6

In this level, it refreshes 3 weapons randomly in the scene. Players can get weapons automatically when they approach the weapon. Weapons can not be abandoned or dropped out when the players die. Attacking others with weapons causes 2 HP damage, and attacking others without weapons causes 1 HP damage. Players’ initial HP is 2, and they will die if their HP turns 0.

There is a poison circle, and it shrinks every 30 seconds during the game. Touching the poison circle causes 1 HP damage, and standing outside the poison circle causes extra 1 HP damage every 5 seconds. Pay attention that the poison circle would shrink the movable area continuously in the last 30 seconds. When there’s only one player in the scene, the poison circle stops shrinking and will not cause damage. Only the last player can win the game.

Watch the video:

Matters Needing Attention:

  1. Please enter the game room in advance, click Championship in the upper left corner, and then click “Apply” to enter the waiting hall and wait for the end of the countdown to start the official competition.
  2. It should be noted that when the number of survivors in Level 3 & 4 is odd, the system will randomly select a lucky player to advance directly to the next level, and the player does not need to do any operation, just wait for the end of the countdown.

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