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2023/05/09 07:53:01

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Time: May 8, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:09 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the dynamic CEO & founder of Woonkly, Daniel Santos, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://woonkly.com

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Daniel Santos — Dynamic CEO & Founder of Woonkly

As a serial entrepreneur and financial and crypto influencer, Daniel has made a name for himself as a leading voice in the Spanish-speaking community. In addition to being a YouTuber with two channels, one focused on finance and the other on entrepreneurship and cryptocurrencies, he has amassed over 380,000 subscribers between them. His latest venture, Woonkly, is a decentralized social network that is disrupting the world of online advertising. With Woonkly, users can earn cryptocurrency directly to their wallets simply by watching ads, while companies and users can promote their products and services to a fully Web3 audience. If you're curious about the latest in tech and crypto, you won't want to miss what Mr. Santos has to say.

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: Let us begin by knowing more about Woonkly and how it differs from other decentralized social networks.

Daniel: Woonkly is a decentralized ecosystem with an Advertising System, a Decentralized Social Network, and an NFT Marketplace. We're built on blockchain and Web3 technology, which allows us to offer unique features such as NFT-powered posts and sales of products and services. In addition, our platform creates a direct connection between advertisers and users, and users can earn BNB by watching ads. This sets us apart from other social networks that rely on traditional advertising methods. Also, in Woonkly, each Post is converted into an NFT, allowing free speech and new revenue streams for the creators and the users.

Q: What are some of the benefits of using Woonkly for advertisers and users?

Daniel: For advertisers, Woonkly offers the cheapest Cost per click on the entire market and a fully Web3 audience engaged and interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain (with only 1 BNB, the advertiser can get up to 20.000 Clicks to his website or social profile, generating hundreds of leads). The Ads can be images or 60 seconds videos like in Tiktok.

Woonkly offers users an easy way to earn crypto by watching ads while enjoying the Social Network and the NFT Marketplace. Our platform is also fully decentralized using 24 Smart Contracts interacting between them audited by Halborn, which means that user data is secure and not controlled by any central authority.

Q: What are WMPs? How does WOOP work, and what is its value on the platform?

Daniel: The WMP is an NFT of the Woonkly Mining Power Collection. Each NFT can be staked in the platform and receive a part of the advertising budget expensed by the advertisers.

The Woonkly Power token (WOOP) is used to interact with the ecosystem. It has a deflationary model in which the token is burned with the use on the platform, but it's not minted again. WOOP is listed in several exchanges, including KuCoin, and is traded on the market.

It also gives powers inside the platform, like front page ads and more powers that we are integrating. But the main thing is to receive a part of the advertising budget spent by the advertisers.

Q: Do you plan to grow your user base and increase the adoption of the Woonkly platform? If so, what are your ways?

Daniel: The main focus is the worldwide crypto enthusiasts as they know the market, and thousands of companies need to reach that type of audience.

Our first goal has been to create a powerful platform with a strong ecosystem and business model. That is done, so now we're focused on building partnerships with other blockchain projects and exchanges to increase the visibility and awareness of our platform. We're also constantly improving our user experience and adding new features to make our platform more attractive to users.

Additionally, we have a decentralized referral system that incentivizes users to invite their friends to join Woonkly. To become an affiliate, you need to be affiliated with another member. Once they use the link and activate the affiliate program, they can start sharing their link to earn money from the campaigns their friends create and the crypto they exchange on Woonkly. This program will greatly attract new users and incentivize existing users to help us grow.

You can affiliate with your friends. If they create campaigns, you win 5% of the marketing budget directly deposited into your wallet. If your affiliates create posts and watch ads (win BNB), you will win 5% on top of their profits!

Q: Please tell us more about the NFT-powered posts and sales on Woonkly.

Daniel: In Woonkly, all the Posts are automatically converted into NFTs allowing creators to monetize their content and earn crypto by selling their posts as NFTs. Additionally, our NFT-powered sales of products and services allow content creators greater transparency and security in online transactions in an easy and friendly way! Anyone can create an NFT on Woonkly and then sell it or create a campaign to promote anything they want.

Imagine selling your posts in the secondary market. We also implemented sharing things, like publishing posts (NFTs) only for your friends, for your followers, or the Woonkly community. Mixed Royalties, Multicreators, and more; All are 100% developed and live!

Q: What's next for Woonkly? Any upcoming developments or features we can look forward to?

Daniel: We're constantly working on new features and developments for our platform. For example, now we are working to integrate the Marketing Panel and the Social Network so all the ads will be integrated between the user's posts.

We are also separating the Social Network, the Advertising system, and the NFT marketplace into two products. Both will use the WOOP token and the WMP. Soon, we're planning to launch a decentralized app that will allow users to use Woonkly from their mobile phones from anywhere.

We are also integrating the WOOP token with the advertising ecosystem, in which the advertisers will win the token to create campaigns. Then they would be able to stake it to recover their marketing expenses.

And our main goal will be to integrate AI features in the coming months that will leverage the entire ecosystem to a new level. Many things are going on, and we have yet to do marketing campaigns, but now we are ready. Soon we will start pushing Woonkly to new communities in different languages, as the website will be translated into several languages too.

Sixty (60) seconds of videos like TikTok do all the ads, and it's going to be crazy having it integrated with the social network and the AI features. Also, all the content and posts are uploaded to IPFS, which is fully decentralized.

Q: How can someone join Woonkly?

Daniel: To join Woonkly, users can connect their decentralized wallet, such as Metamask, to our platform. First, go to the Woonkly website and click "Connect" in the top right corner. Then select your preferred wallet provider and network, and follow the instructions to connect your wallet. Once your wallet is connected, you can create your profile and start using all the features of Woonkly, including earning crypto by watching ads and participating in NFT-powered sales.

Also, we have integrated a login system with Instagram and other Social Networks that generate a Crypto Wallet without knowledge of crypto. It's that easy!

For anyone wanting to learn more or get more information, I will hold an exclusive webinar for KuCoin members on May 19th at 7:00 PM (GMT + 1), where I will showcase the platform's functionalities and features, and you can ask me any questions you may have.

Q: Where can we catch up with the news and communities of Woonkly?

Daniel: For further help, visit us!

Official Website | Help Center | Telegram Community | Telegram Broadcast | Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin | Youtube

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: What plans will raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space?

Daniel: This is a must in our roadmap. This system can reach millions of users. So the first thing that we did was integrate the social login (already done). With that, users without knowledge can create a web3 wallet account in Woonkly without any knowledge. They can register by email. But when they want to withdraw their profits, they need gas. So now we are working on integrating a fusion between web2 and web3. Users can create a wallet without a Metamask, only with email, and there will be no gas cost inside. The first goal is to become a TOP project on Web3 Space; the second goal is to increase all Web2 users worldwide in a perfectly combined ecosystem.

Q: Is your project a community only for English-speaking countries or for users not of other languages?

Daniel: Our project is focused on several communities and languages. In fact, up to today, we have not done anything to attract English speakers to speak the language. Imagine, this is our first AMA in English. 95% of the community right now is the Spanish language community. So it has to grow with the English community, then Chinese, Portuguese, etc. As we speak, we translate the website into Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. It's time to let the world know about Woonkly.

Q: Do you plan to bring AI technology to the Woonkly platform?

Daniel: Yes. I should have mentioned it better. But I have been studying a lot about AI, ChatGPT, etc. Even I have an AI Project like ChatGPT, so I know how to integrate AI well. The question is, why? And this is the reason.

This is the premiere: As we integrate AI wrongly, advertisers can create AI Campaigns. In this campaign, they don't only place 60 videos to get clicks. With that AI system, users can interact by Chat with our GPT, like Tech; the AI will detect the user's interests, hobbies, thoughts about the brand, etc. All this Info at the finalization of the CHAT will be converted into an NFT; if the buyer wants to buy the high-end users info, he needs to buy it DIRECTLY TO THE USER so it can generate a super income for the user, as a good user data is evaluated up to 800$ on the market. Imagine that we break the data market, giving the money directly to the user, allowing users to have control and sell their data. This will decrease the data price from 800 $ to $400. And users could win incredible amounts of money by interacting with the advertisers and "selling their data to them." A new world. A new System. That is my vision.

Q: What is your assessment of the current state of the advertising market, and how does Woonkly Power plan to take advantage of these opportunities?

Daniel: With the AI system...imagine. But before we reach that point. NOW, as we speak, Woonkly has the cheapest CPC (Cost per Click) on the market. With 1 BNB ($320), the advertiser can reach up to 20.000 Clicks!! There is NOTHING like this on the market right now. Then the advertisers can compete between them to be in the first positions in Woonkly to get incredible amounts of leads quickly. By combining our system with the AI system, we could have a big space in the advertising market.

Q: Please tell us about your tokenomics.

Daniel: The token is available in several exchanges, but we highly encourage you to trade it on KuCoin. With regards to tokenomics, this is important. At the beginning there were 1,000,000,000 tokens in circulation but we have burned almost 60% and the tokens can’t be minted again. This means that on the market, the total supply now is only 406,000,000 approximately, in which half are in circulation.

The team and advisors don't have any tokens left. We only have WMP (NFT Woonkly Mining Power). This means that the 100% of the WOOPs are in the hands of our community (and about 100M for the 400M in hand of operation).

The total market cap right now is only $2,000,000, which allows a lot of space to grow. In every transaction in WOOP on the platform, the WOOP fee is burned, converting the WOOP token into a 100% deflationary token. It will be having less and less supply over the time.

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