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The live price of Stargate Finance is $0.5405, with a total trading volume of $ 26,470 in the last 24 hours. The price of Stargate Finance changed by -1.25% in the past day, and its USD value has decreased by -12.98% over the last week. With a circulating supply of 204,338,417 STG, the market cap of Stargate Finance is currently 110.56M USD, marking a --% increase today. Stargate Finance currently ranks #245 in market cap.
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How can I buy Stargate Finance (STG)?

Buying STG on KuCoin is fast and simple. Create an account, verify your identity, deposit funds, and start your trading. It's that simple! See How to Buy Stargate Finance (STG) for more information.

What is Stargate Finance (STG)?

Stargate Finance is a decentralized asset tokenization platform that aims to make investing in assets easier, more accessible, and more transparent for investors worldwide. It is a fully composable liquidity transport protocol that can be used to perform cross-chain token swaps through unified liquidity pools for instant guaranteed finality.

Powering the Omnichain DeFi protocol, the Stargate composable native asset bridge supports a 1:1 swap between native assets of multiple blockchain networks on its infrastructure. The instant guaranteed finality feature provides complete assurance to users and dApps accessing Stargate’s token swap services.

In addition to offering a convenient way to swap tokens across multiple blockchains, Stargate Finance also offers a lucrative way to grow your crypto portfolio through its liquidity pools, yield farming, and staking features. You can use the platform to lend liquidity to pools for rewards.

The STG token is an ERC-20 standard token utilized by the Stargate platform to pay for services, such as tokenizing assets, executing smart contracts, and auditing funds. The STG crypto also functions as a medium of exchange for fund investors and token holders. STG also plays a vital role in the ecosystem, as it is required for investors to invest in assets, receive fund distributions, and redeem investments.

How Does Stargate Finance Work?

The company works to solve two core problems inherent in the current financial model: a lack of transparency in the asset selection process and a lack of liquidity for investors holding illiquid assets. With the help of AI-driven systems, asset tokenization, and blockchain technology, Stargate Finance lets investors easily and instantly invest in assets worldwide, regardless of their location.

Liquidity providers can lend liquidity to the pools on the platform in exchange for LP tokens. These LP tokens can then be farmed to generate rewards in the form of the native STG token.

Each STG token holder is eligible to become a member of the Stargate community. Staking STG tokens and locking them up can allow them to receive veSTG, the governance token of the platform. With this, they can participate in the Stargate DAO and vote on proposals that can drive the platform’s future direction.

The Stargate Finance bridge solves the bridging trilemma of instant guaranteed finality, unified liquidity, and support for native assets with true composability. This lets users perform wrapping, swapping, and bridging of native assets all in one single transaction.

Stargate protocol's unified liquidity pools can be used by multichain DeFi applications to offer a unified experience without compromising user experience or depending on synthetic assets. The Stargate Finance dApp has been designed on top of LayerZero. This omnichain interoperability protocol is a messaging transport layer for smart contracts to communicate across different blockchain ecosystems.

When Was Stargate Finance Launched?

The CEO at Stargate Finance, Franz Wohlfahrt, has a history in asset management and has held leadership roles at various funds and investment companies. Franz is accompanied by several other team members with impressive resumes and experience in their respective fields. The company is headquartered in Liechtenstein and has offices in Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

The Stargate Finance bridge on LayerZero was launched on 17 March 2022, when its STG token went live. As of August 2022, it supports token swaps across seven blockchain networks - Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Matic, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Fantom.

10% of the total supply of STG tokens, at 100 million, were put up for public auction at the launch event. The team raised $25 million worth of funding in this round, after which 100 million STG was frozen for one year, followed by six months for linear unlocking for participants in the auction.

Since its launch, as of August 2022, the total value locked (TVL) has risen to over $439 million. Its stablecoin liquidity pools across the supported blockchains offer APYs ranging from above 3.50% to more than 6.75%.

Stargate Finance (STG) Price Movements ($)
PeriodChangeChange (%)
7 Days$-0.0816-13.11%
30 Days$0.103323.63%
3 Months$-0.0385-6.64%
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Stargate Finance Conversion Rate
  • 1 STG to USD$0.54057546
  • 1 STG to EUR€0.5050456
  • 1 STG to AUD$0.817069
  • 1 STG to KRW₩747.05
  • 1 STG to JPY¥85.21
  • 1 STG to GBP£0.42473554
  • 1 STG to INR₨45.16
  • 1 STG to IDRRp8,871.92
  • 1 STG to CAD$0.7434318
  • 1 STG to RUB₽48.22


How much is 1 Stargate Finance (STG) worth?
KuCoin provides real-time USD price updates for Stargate Finance (STG). Stargate Finance price is affected by supply and demand, as well as market sentiment. Use the KuCoin Calculator to obtain real-time STG to USD exchange rates.
Is Stargate Finance (STG) a Good Investment?

Stargate is one of the first companies to solve the bridge trilemma by simplifying cross-chain asset transfers for users, all from the same UI of the DEX it is integrated into. The Stargate Finance price could register an uptick amid the rising adoption of its technology by users and dApps looking for more interoperability between different blockchains.

As the need for blockchain interoperability grows to drive scalability and higher liquidity across DeFi and dApps, projects like Stargate Finance are poised to witness an uptick in demand. The STG price and market capitalization could rise higher as the Stargate platform offers more connectivity and starts adding support for more blockchain networks in the future.

In addition to rising adoption and increased interconnectivity, higher adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) technologies could also spur the demand for bridges like Stargate Finance. Such a sentiment could also support the Stargate Finance price and drive an uptrend.

The STG price statistics could also benefit from an upbeat mood in the crypto market. As leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum trend higher and take the overall crypto market cap higher, a rise in investor confidence also increases buying activity across the market. It escalates the price of Stargate Finance and other altcoins.

What is the Stargate Finance Price Prediction?

Although it is impossible to make an accurate Stargate Finance price prediction over any duration, the fundamentals of the project indicate that it has profit potential. The value of STG tokens could rise as more users and dApps use the platform to perform cross-chain swaps of native assets.

As the future of blockchain technology will be powered by interoperability, projects like Stargate Finance have immense growth potential. Its technology has the power to connect more blockchain networks with each and allow smart contracts to communicate across different blockchain environments.

The demand for higher interoperability as a critical growth driver not only for the overall crypto industry but also for DeFi, in particular, could also support the current price of Stargate Finance token in the future. The STG token price could head towards and past its highest price as the DeFi market scales and the demand for cross-chain token swaps grows.

What is STG Token Used For?

STG is the native digital asset of the Stargate Finance bridge. It has the following uses:

Incentive Token

Users who provide liquidity to Stargate’s liquidity pools can farm their LP tokens to earn rewards like STG crypto on the platform.

Decentralized Governance via Stargate DAO

STG token holders can stake their cryptos to earn veSTG, the governance token of Stargate Finance. As a Stargate community member, you can then submit proposals on the Stargate DAO and vote on other users’ proposals to guide the future development of the bridge.

Crypto Asset to Trade and HODL

You can trade or hold Stargate Finance crypto in your portfolio as an investor. Buy or sell Stargate Finance crypto against other cryptocurrencies or invest in it in the long-term if you believe in the project’s future potential. Review the real-time Stargate Finance price, STG live market cap, current circulating supply, 24-hour trading volume, and latest crypto news before you trade Stargate Finance.

Earn Passive Income

You can stake STG on the Stargate Finance dApp and other supported platforms to earn attractive APYs and grow your crypto portfolio conveniently. Perform careful research before putting your crypto holdings to work. This is an effective strategy for long-term holders of digital assets.

What is Stargate Finance Token’s Circulating Supply?

As of August 2022, from the total supply of 1 billion, the circulating supply of the STG crypto is a little above 133 million. This figure fluctuates based on the level of activity on the Stargate Finance platform and how much STG is locked for staking.

The higher the amount of STG staking, the higher the number of STG rewards generated. This, in turn, increases the STG circulating supply in the market.

How to Stake Stargate Finance (STG) Crypto

Staking STG is a convenient way to put your cryptocurrency to work and generate passive income. Here’s how you can stake STG on the Stargate Finance app:

1. Head to the Stargate Finance dApp and connect your wallet to the platform.

2. Ensure that your wallet has sufficient funds for staking. If not, head to KuCoin or other supported platforms to buy Stargate Finance tokens and withdraw them to fund your wallet.

3. Click on the Stake tab on the Stargate Finance app after funding your wallet with STG tokens.

4. Select the staking pool of your choice from the options listed on the page.

5. Enter the number of STG tokens you wish to stake on the platform.

6. Select the period over which you wish to lock your STG crypto for the staking operation, starting from one month and going up to three years.

7. Click on Stake after reviewing all the details to proceed with the transaction.

8. Sit back and earn crypto rewards for staking Stargate Finance.

What is the all-time high price of Stargate Finance (STG)?
The all-time high price of Stargate Finance (STG) is $4.2800. The current price of STG is down 0.87% from its all-time high.
What is the all-time low price of Stargate Finance (STG)?
The all-time low price of Stargate Finance (STG) is $0.1016. The current price of STG is up 4.32% from its all-time low.
How much Stargate Finance (STG) is there in circulation?
As of 6 14, 2024, there is currently 204,338,417 STG in circulation. STG has a maximum supply of 1B.
What is the market cap of Stargate Finance (STG)?
The current market cap of STG is $110.56M. It is calculated by multiplying the current supply of STG by its real-time market price of $110.56M.
How do I store Stargate Finance (STG)?
You can securely store your Stargate Finance in the custodial wallet on the KuCoin exchange without having to worry about managing your private keys. Other ways to store your STG include using a self-custody wallet (on a web browser, mobile device, or desktop/laptop computer), a hardware wallet, a third-party crypto custody service, or a paper wallet.
How do I convert Binance Chain Native Token (BNB) to cash?
You can instantly exchange your Binance Chain Native Token (BNB) for cash using KuCoin's Fast Trade feature. This feature enables you to convert BNB to your local fiat currency in just a few clicks. However, make sure to complete Identity Verification first to enjoy all the features you may need.