KuCoin Labs Launches 50 Million Fund to Find The Next Crypto Gem

2021/04/15 07:59:33Announcements


Dear KuCoin users,

Back to May 2018 KuCoin has initiated the KuCoin investment and incubation program. After 2 years of development, the Program has brought together a group of crypto experts who have engaged in market research, analysis, investment and incubation in the crypto industry for a long time.

Today, KuCoin announces officially and proudly the launch of its crypto market analysis and research institution - KuCoin Labs. Furthermore, KuCoin Labs here established a $50 million fund to find the next crypto gem and empower the development of early-stage crypto projects.

At this moment, KuCoin Labs represents the investment and research force of the KuCoin Ecosystem. With a group of experts in research and market orientations, KuCoin Labs diversifies and intensifies investments into projects at a very early stage to help more BUIDLers achieve sustainable growth and success in the decentralized world.

Besides investments in building projects directly at an early stage, KuCoin Labs will further empower the development of high-quality blockchain projects through marketing and PR support, business partnership support, secondary market fast-track, blockchain technical support, legal advice, business planning, token economy design, and more.

In the future, KuCoin Labs will also provide diversified assistance through the KuCoin ecosystem for new blockchain projects.

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KuCoin Labs E-mail:[email protected]


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