Top Cat-Themed Memecoins to Know in 2024

Top Cat-Themed Memecoins to Know in 2024

Explore the top cat-themed memecoins of 2024. After the success of dog-themed memecoins, cat-baseded meme coins are gaining quick traction in the crypto market due to their relatibility in internet culture. Learn about their unique features, market performance, and why they are gaining popularity.

Memecoins, inspired by internet memes, have captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts and mainstream investors alike. These tokens often thrive on their community's enthusiasm and the viral nature of memes. While dog-themed memecoins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have been popular, 2024 is seeing a rise in cat-themed memecoins. These feline-inspired tokens are making a significant impact in the crypto space, reflecting the internet's long-standing fascination with cats.


As per CoinGecko, cat-themed coins have a combined market cap of over $1.8 billion at the time of writing. The platform lists 100 cat-themed tokens across leading blockchains, such as Ethereum, Solana, and Base. 


What Are Cat-Themed Meme Coins? 

Cat-themed memecoins are cryptocurrencies inspired by cats and related internet memes. They leverage the viral appeal of cats in meme culture to attract and engage a dedicated community of users. These tokens often feature playful and humorous elements, creating a fun and engaging experience for their holders. 


The popularity of cat-themed memecoins is driven by several factors. Cats have a special place in internet culture, making these tokens highly relatable and shareable. The success of dog-themed memecoins have set a precedent, and now cat-themed tokens are capitalizing on the same meme-driven hype. These tokens are also seeing increased interest due to their ability to foster strong community engagement and their appeal as a fresh and fun investment opportunity. 


Why Are Cat-Themed Memecoins Gaining Popularity? 

Here’s  a look at some of the top reasons behind the rising popularity of cat-themed meme coins in the crypto market: 


  1. Community Engagement: Cat-themed memecoins benefit greatly from strong community engagement. These tokens thrive because their communities are active and passionate. Members promote the coins on social media, participate in discussions, and create content that keeps the buzz alive. For instance, Toshi (TOSHI) has built a robust community through its MEOW DAO, which allows token holders to participate in governance decisions, fostering a sense of ownership and involvement. 

  2. Viral Trends: The viral nature of internet memes plays a crucial role in the success of cat-themed memecoins. Social media platforms amplify these trends, helping tokens like Popcat (POPCAT) gain traction quickly. Popcat, inspired by the viral meme of a cat named Oatmeal, saw its price spike by over 1,600% shortly after its launch. The interactive game Popcat Click, where users compete globally to make the most clicks, has also contributed to its popularity. 

  3. Market Sentiment: Market trends and investor sentiment are pivotal in the rise of cat-themed memecoins. Investors are drawn to these tokens due to their potential for high returns and the fun, community-driven aspects. For example, Cat in a Dog’s World (MEW) quickly became one of the largest cat-themed memecoins by market capitalization after launching in March 2024. Its strong performance is a testament to the growing interest and positive sentiment in the market towards these tokens. 

Top Cat-Themed Memecoins to Watch 

We have analyzed the best cat-themed meme tokens for you to watch and potentially consider investing in, based on their popularity, vision, adoption, and market cap. Here’s a look at the top 10 cat coins in the crypto market: 


1. Mog Coin (MOG) 


Mog Coin (MOG) is an Ethereum-based cat-themed memecoin that launched in 2023 as a fairlaunch token on Uniswap V2. With an initial supply of 420 trillion tokens, 30 trillion have been burned, reducing the current circulating supply to 390 trillion. The token’s name, "Mog," comes from "AMOG," symbolizing an alpha male group, while its mascot, Joycat, epitomizes a carefree and adaptive community spirit. Designed initially for fun among friends, Mog Coin quickly gained traction, establishing itself as a significant player in the memecoin space.The project emphasizes community participation through memes, promoting positivity and humor.

Mog Coin has demonstrated substantial market activity since its inception. It currently trades at around $0.0000009066, with a market capitalization of $355 million. The token experienced a 75% value increase over a recent week, partly driven by renewed interest in Ethereum-related tokens following the approval of ether ETF filings in the U.S. Community engagement is a crucial element of Mog Coin’s success, boasting a large, active following on social media platforms where users create and share memes. This strong community foundation has helped drive the token's popularity and market performance, positioning Mog Coin as a noteworthy memecoin in the competitive crypto market. 


2. Popcat (POPCAT) 


Popcat (POPCAT) is a cat-themed memecoin built on the Solana blockchain, inspired by the viral meme of a cat named Oatmeal with its mouth wide open. The meme's popularity in 2020 spurred the creation of Popcat cryptocurrency in late 2023. With a total supply of 980 million tokens, all currently in circulation, Popcat aims to leverage the playful and community-driven nature of internet culture. The Popcat Project enables users to create and share memes using an AI-powered platform that customizes feeds based on user preferences, fostering a vibrant and interactive community. 


Popcat has shown impressive market performance and community engagement since its inception. Trading at around $0.36 with a market capitalization of $351.2 million, it has seen a significant trading volume of $21.6 million in the last 24 hours. The token's success is largely attributed to its active and engaged community, which continuously generates and shares viral content, enhancing the token's visibility and popularity. Popcat's emphasis on community interaction and viral engagement has solidified its position as a notable player in the competitive memecoin market. 


3. cat in a dogs world (MEW) 


cat in a dog's world (MEW) is a cat-themed memecoin launched on the Solana blockchain in March 2024. It leverages the playful and viral nature of internet memes, positioning itself as a humorous counter to the prevalent dog-themed tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. MEW quickly gained attention due to its unique branding and the strategic decision to burn 90% of its liquidity pool tokens, creating a stable price floor and reducing volatility. This cat-inspired token aims to capture the fun and community spirit often associated with memecoins while challenging the dominance of its dog-themed counterparts. 


MEW's key features include its strategic tokenomics, where 90% of its liquidity pool tokens are burned, and 10% are airdropped to the Solana community. This approach helps maintain a stable price and fosters strong community engagement. Since its launch, MEW has shown significant market activity, achieving an all-time high of $0.01 shortly after its debut. As of now, it trades around $0.004, with a market cap of approximately $422 million. The token has attracted a vibrant community and is listed on major exchanges like KuCoin, enhancing its visibility and trading opportunities. MEW's unique positioning and community-driven approach have made it a notable player in the memecoin market. 


4. Purr (PURR) 


Purr (PURR) is a cat-themed memecoin launched on the Solana blockchain. It aims to leverage the playful nature of internet memes, capturing the interest of the crypto community. Purr was created to offer a fun and engaging experience for users, encouraging meme creation and sharing within its community. The token has a total supply of 1 billion, with 600 million currently in circulation. Purr's approach focuses on building a strong community and leveraging the viral potential of internet culture.


Purr's key features include its strong community engagement and strategic use of memes to drive interest and adoption. The token has seen significant market activity, with its price currently around $0.14 and a market cap of $81.2 million. Purr reached an all-time high of $0.28 in June 2024 and has maintained a steady performance since. The community is active on various platforms, contributing to the token's visibility and growth. Purr's combination of fun, community-driven content and strategic market positioning makes it a notable player in the memecoin space. 


5. Toshi (TOSHI) 


Toshi (TOSHI) is a cat-themed memecoin operating on Coinbase's Base blockchain, launched in late 2023. Named after Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong's pet cat, Toshi combines the playful essence of meme culture with the innovative capabilities of the Base network. The Base memecoin aims to capitalize on the growing interest in cat-themed tokens, setting itself apart with a strong narrative and community engagement.


Toshi offers unique features such as community-driven governance and potential integration into various decentralized applications (dApps) on the Base network. Despite having no established real-world utility, Toshi has gained significant traction due to its strategic marketing and active social media presence. As of recent data, Toshi trades at approximately $0.000225, with a market capitalization of around $85 million. It saw a 35% price surge recently, driven by increased trading interest and predictions of becoming a major player on the Base network. The community's enthusiasm and robust trading volumes underscore Toshi's potential in the competitive memecoin market.


6. Wen (WEN) 


Wen (WEN) is a cat-themed memecoin launched on the Solana blockchain in January 2024. The project draws inspiration from the crypto meme "Wen?" which humorously highlights the anticipation around product releases or price surges. Wen is unique in its approach, representing fractional ownership of a non-fungible token (NFT). This NFT, initially a poem on internet culture turned into a token by its author, resonates with the crypto community. With a total supply of 1 trillion tokens, Wen distributed 70% of its tokens via airdrops to over a million Solana wallets, promoting widespread adoption from the outset. 


Wen stands out with its innovative use of fractional NFTs and its introduction of the WNS 0.0 NFT standard on the Solana blockchain. The project also gained significant attention by acquiring the major cat-themed Twitter account, @ShouldHaveCat, which has over 4 million followers. Wen's market performance has been notable, with its price reaching an all-time high of $0.000519 in March 2024, although it currently trades at about $0.00009646. The coin's active community engagement is evident, with over 147,000 followers on social media and significant trading activity across major exchanges like MEXC,, and KuCoin. This strong community backing and innovative approach position Wen as a key player in the cat-themed memecoin space. 




MANEKI (MANEKI) is a cat-themed memecoin launched on the Solana blockchain, inspired by the Japanese figurine Maneki-neko, which symbolizes good luck and prosperity. The Solana-based meme token aims to blend the cultural significance of this figurine with the viral potential of memecoins. MANEKI was created to attract both crypto enthusiasts and fans of Japanese culture, positioning itself as a token that brings fortune and success to its holders. The project has seen considerable traction due to its unique theme and strong cultural resonance. 


MANEKI stands out with its focus on community engagement and its symbolic representation of luck and prosperity. The token has a total supply of approximately 8.8 billion tokens, and it has been actively traded on multiple exchanges, including KuCoin. As of recent data, MANEKI is trading at around $0.007042, with a market cap of $63.66 million. The token reached an all-time high of $0.02774 in April 2024. The community around MANEKI is vibrant and engaged, with the project frequently hosting events and promotions to maintain interest and activity. This strong community support has been a key driver of its market performance and popularity. 


8. catwifhat (CWIF) 


Catwifhat (CWIF) is a cat-themed memecoin launched on the Solana blockchain. It gained popularity in early 2024 by leveraging the viral appeal of cat memes, particularly inspired by the hit meme "dogwifhat." The project began with an airdrop to more than 1.6 million holders, aiming to create a large, engaged community from the start. Catwifhat employs a deflationary model, burning 4% of every on-chain transaction to maintain scarcity and drive value. This deflationary mechanism helps stabilize the token’s value by reducing the circulating supply over time. 


Catwifhat's key features include its deflationary tokenomics and a strong focus on community engagement. The project uses Solana Token Extensions for automatic burns, enhancing its appeal to investors looking for long-term value. As of recent data, Catwifhat is trading at approximately $0.000000653 with a market cap of $22.76 million. The token reached an all-time high of $0.000002291 in June 2024 but has since experienced volatility typical of memecoins. Community engagement remains high, with active participation on platforms like Twitter and Reddit, where users share memes and updates about the project. This robust community support has been a key driver of Catwifhat's ongoing market presence and adoption, 


9. Bitcoin Cats (1CAT) 


Bitcoin Cats (1CAT) is a cat-themed memecoin launched on both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. This token combines the playful and viral nature of cat memes with the robust security and decentralization offered by these major blockchains. The project aims to create an engaging and fun cryptocurrency experience while leveraging the established infrastructure of Bitcoin and Ethereum. 1CAT acts as a utility token within its ecosystem, offering various incentives for holders and participants.


Bitcoin Cats offers unique features such as integration with GameFi and DeFi, providing users with opportunities to earn rewards through gameplay and decentralized finance activities. The token also serves as a ticket for accessing special features within its gaming platform. As of recent data, 1CAT is trading at approximately $0.00212, with significant trading volumes on exchanges like KuCoin. Despite experiencing price fluctuations, Bitcoin Cats maintains a strong and active community, which is essential for its ongoing popularity and market presence. The token's unique combination of utility and community engagement positions it as a notable player in the cat-themed memecoin space. 


10. OmniCat (OMNI) 


OmniCat (OMNI) is a cat-themed memecoin built on the LayerZero protocol, designed to function seamlessly across multiple blockchains. Launched in early 2024, OmniCat aims to demonstrate and advance omnichain technology, allowing tokens to be transferred across different chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and others. This cat-themed cryptocurrency leverages the interoperability provided by LayerZero to maintain its price stability and provide high utility within various ecosystems. 


OmniCat’s key features include its omnichain capabilities, enabling seamless transfers and interactions across multiple blockchain networks. This makes OmniCat versatile and highly adaptable in the DeFi space. Additionally, the token benefits from the security and efficiency of LayerZero's technology. As of recent data, OmniCat is trading at approximately $0.0001123 with a market cap of around $4.68 million. The token has seen a significant trading volume, indicating active market participation. The OmniCat community is vibrant and engaged, frequently participating in events and discussions on platforms like Twitter and Telegram, which helps drive the token’s visibility and adoption in the competitive memecoin market. 


How to Invest in Cat-Themed Memecoins

You can buy and trade cat memecoins on centralized exchanges like KuCoin and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Here’s how to get started: 


Steps to Buy and Trade on Platforms Like KuCoin

  1. Create an Account: Sign up on KuCoin or another centralized exchange that lists cat-themed memecoins. Complete the KYC verification process by providing necessary identification.

  2. Deposit Funds: Add funds to your account. You can use various methods such as bank transfer, credit card, or transferring cryptocurrency from another crypto wallet.

  3. Buy USDT or ETH: Convert your deposited funds into USDT or ETH, as these are commonly used to trade other tokens.

  4. Search and Trade: Find the specific cat-themed memecoin you want to buy, such as MEW. Select the appropriate trading pair (e.g., MEW/USDT) and place your order. You can choose between a market order or a limit order based on your preference. Use stop-loss and take-profit orders to manage risks and secure profits.

  5. Store Your Tokens: Transfer your purchased tokens to a secure crypto wallet. Using a self-custodial wallet like MetaMask ensures you have full control over your assets.

Using Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) with Wallets

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Use a compatible wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet and connect it to a DEX such as Uniswap or SushiSwap.

  2. Ensure Sufficient Funds: Make sure your wallet has enough ETH or the relevant base currency to cover the transaction fees.

  3. Select the Memecoin: Search for the cat-themed memecoin you want to trade by pasting its contract address into the DEX search bar.

  4. Swap Tokens: Specify the amount you want to trade, review the transaction details, and confirm the swap. The tokens will be transferred to your wallet once the transaction is complete.

Important Considerations for Using DEXs Effectively

  • Verify Token Contracts: Always ensure you are interacting with the correct token contract to avoid scams.

  • Understand Slippage: Adjust the slippage tolerance to ensure your transaction goes through without significant price changes.

  • Be Aware of Gas Fees: Monitor the gas fees and execute transactions when fees are lower to save costs.

How to Manage Risks When Investing in Cat-Based Meme Coins

  1. Do Your Own Research (DYOR): Look into the team behind the project and their track record. Read the whitepaper to understand the project's goals and roadmap. Engage with the community on platforms like Telegram and Twitter to gauge the overall sentiment and activity level.

  2. Evaluating Tokenomics: Understand the total supply of the token and how it is distributed. A balanced distribution can indicate a healthier project. Check if the token has real-world applications or unique features that provide value beyond speculation.

  3. Diversify Your Investments: Don't put all your funds into a single memecoin. Invest in a mix of established cryptocurrencies and promising new tokens. Include a variety of asset types to mitigate risk and enhance potential returns.

  4. Keep Up with Market News and Trends: Stay updated by following influencers and analysts on social media who provide insights into the crypto market. Participate in discussions on platforms like Reddit and Discord to stay informed about the latest developments and trends.

Closing Thoughts 

Cat-themed memecoins are carving out their niche in the crypto space, driven by vibrant communities, viral trends, and favorable market sentiment. As these tokens continue to gain popularity, they offer a unique blend of investment potential and community engagement. 


As you explore investment opportunities in these tokens, it's important to stay informed and conduct thorough research before making any real investments, considering the volatile nature of memecoins and their associated risks.


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