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2022/01/05 06:57:35

The expanding world of cryptocurrencies has experienced several innovations with the introduction of smart contracts in 2015 by the Ethereum Network. The coinage of DeFi in 2018 and its ongoing evolution on the global stage.

In the course of the past year, the surge in popularity of DAO projects also became noticeable and ClearDAO has come up with an innovative approach to financial derivatives on the blockchain. ClearDAO is going beyond just offering a platform to trade derivatives to making it possible for multiple exchanges and developers to build on its infrastructure to launch bespoke financial derivatives.

What is ClearDAO?

ClearDAO is positioned as an open protocol for derivatives, which makes it possible for patrons of the ecosystem to control their risk efficiently and rationally. Users of the platform can effectively take on buying and selling positions in a seamless manner to create financial derivatives within a defined risk profile. The project has taken on a lead role in the market for DeFi derivatives, which at the moment is still in the early stages.

ClearDAO has evaluated the market for OTC derivatives in the traditional markets, and based on this, is bullish that DeFi derivatives can assume surging volumes and capitalization profiles in the days ahead. By placing its focus on developing an open platform, ClearDAO has sought to overcome the limitations of existing DeFi derivatives, which are geared towards just their platforms alone with no room for other projects or developers.

The twin part to the limitations of present DeFi derivative platforms is the offer of just exchange-traded derivatives, which is a far cry from the jostle for bespoke derivatives in the marketplace as the traditional derivatives market has already shown.

In the real breath of decentralized finance, restricted participation, or a failure to go open source narrows the possibilities that blockchain has opened the world to in recent years. ClearDAO has emerged as a shining light of decentralization and open-source platforms in this regard.

How does ClearDAO work?

The SDK or Software Development Toolkit offered by ClearDAO comes with templates and requisite tools that will make it possible for developers and interested traders to create notes, futures, options, and swaps in a definitive and cost-effective manner. Marketplaces will also be supported on the platform and third parties can trade their products as they deem fit, while aligning with the procedures and architecture of ClearDAO.

ClearDAO has three components to its SDK, and the derivative workshop, which allows developers to create their custom-fit derivatives with the aid of ready-to-use tools is integral to its design. The platform also has in place an open marketplace where the open-source code is made available for the use of white label exchanges. Lastly, there are risk management tools that include cutting-edge quantitative risk data that traders can use for macro hedging and portfolio risk management.

For the purpose of accessing real-time data outside the platform and across blockchains, Chainlink Oracle will be integrated to make this possible. Several leading DeFi projects already rely on ChainLink for similar services, and ClearDAO does not intend to reinvent the wheel in this regard. Chainlink is reputed for securing platforms with billions of dollars’ worth of transaction values on an ongoing basis, providing a shield against flash crash events, flash loans using data manipulation attacks, and other possible loopholes.

Who created ClearDAO?

There are 20 team members in the ClearDAO project that work on a full-time basis, and they have an excellent background in flow and structured derivatives as well as hands-on DeFi trading and sales, blockchain technology and global traditional media functionalities.

A good number of team members were early participants in the cryptocurrency marketplace and development, covering such areas as accessing seed capital, marketing, and community building, as well as the development of core technology architecture.

What is the CLH token and what is it used for?

CLH is the ClearDAO token, and it is geared towards governance, enabling holders to vote on proposals and submit recommendations. The SDK of clearDAO is the eminent product of the ecosystem and when the roadmap is fulfilled, members will be able to proffer pathways to enhance or expand it.

Users of the ecosystem will pay for trading fees using CLH as well receive payouts using the native token of the project. While the governance angle to CLH is foremost, token holders will also be able to stake them for attractive rewards and yields. The ecosystem is open to adding further utilities to CLH as the ecosystem consolidates.

Closing Thoughts

ClearDAO has set out innovatively to provide an open-source platform for financial derivatives trading and development of bespoke markets at a time when the DeFi derivatives sector is still in its early stage. Its SDK is the centerpiece of the project, and with its integration to the Chainlink Oracle, security, value, and appropriate pricing can be delivered reliably to the comfort and elation of participants and token holders.

As ClearDAO takes a pioneer role with the launch of its ecosystem, more groundbreaking developments can be expected from the project in the days ahead as it sets out to fulfill the expectations of its founders and community.

Last but not least, ClearDAO (CLH) got listed on KuCoin as a KuCoin 18th Spotlight. On January 7th, ClearDAO will be published on KuCoin, with the trading pair CLH / USDT. Let's wait and see it.

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