KuCoin AMA With NewsCrypto — Educating the Crypto World, From Newcomers to Established Traders

2021/04/06 03:48:23


Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: March 31, 2021, 12:00-13:24 (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the NewsCrypto team in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Project Introduction:

NewsCrypto is the best place for money-making decisions in the crypto world. The project is solving key problems in the cryptocurrency industry, mainly the lack of education and information.

NewsCrypto products such as the mobile app, web platform and native wallet offer everything a trader needs to kick-off or scale up their trading career. The project ecosystem is designed in a way to benefit active users and token holders.

As more and more people enter the market, we obligate ourselves to provide education about the essentials of how cryptocurrencies work, as well as the basics of investing and trading, in order to prevent people from falling prey to disinformation, which is all too abundant on the web.

NWC token is the native token of the NewsCrypto ecosystem, which offers a comprehensive set of indicators, educational resources, staking options and entertainment for everyone from novice traders to experts in crypto.

Official Website: https://newscrypto.io

White Paper: https://newscrypto.io/whitepaper.pdf?ver=2.3

Follow NewsCrypto on Twitter and Telegram.


Luka — Head of Business Development at Newscrypto.io

Aljaž — PR Manager at Newscrypto.io

Luka and Aljaž are members of the NewsCrypto PR department. They started their crypto journey in early 2018. They were thrilled about the idea of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and since then, they have actively engaged in the industry and remain excited about what the future holds.

Q&A from KuCoin

Luka: Hello KuCoin community! Thank you for the introduction, happy to be here!

Aljaž: Hello KuCoin Community!

Excited to be here and looking forward to presenting NewsCrypto and answering questions from your side. Let’s go!

Q: Please introduce NewsCrypto's vision and project's mission.

Luka: NewsCrypto’s vision is to become the number one source of trading information in the crypto industry by the end of 2021. Whether users are on the platform or the app, we want to be that first thing you open or click on when you think of cryptocurrencies. This could be achieved by dedicating to constantly develop and upgrade innovative solutions in the crypto trading world.

The 3 main things we are focusing on are education, a transparent source of information, and a comprehensive set of trading tools and indicators available for our users. And our mission is to provide them better and more user friendly than any other service out there.

Q: Could you briefly explain your products and what kind of problems they are solving.

Luka: Newscrypto.io is a project that is solving key problems in the cryptocurrency industry, mainly lack of education and information. The industry has been getting a lot of attention in the last few months and 2021 will definitely be a big year for crypto.

We have developed quite a few products, including platform, mobile wallet, mobile app and trading simulator. We provide traders with a set of highly effective tools for efficient crypto trading. These products also help users to learn about cryptocurrencies as well as stay updated on what is going in the crypto world. These products are suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders.

Q: Lately NWC has gotten a lot of interest and your market cap has risen from below 20 million to over 80 million. What happened?

Luka: Indeed, it was inevitable. More and more people are entering the market each day, which means there is a growing need for our project. We are teaching traders essentials of how cryptocurrencies work, as well as the basics of investing and trading, in order to prevent people from falling prey to disinformation, which is all too abundant on the web.

Education always comes before adoption, this is why there will always be the need for our project and our services. This is why our vision is to become the number one source of crypto trading by the end of 2021.

Q: KuCoin and NewsCrypto have been partners for over a year now. What has NewsCrypto achieved since that partnership?

Luka: Yes indeed, what a journey. Since we have partnered we developed quite a lot. We became a cross chain token, utilizing Stellar, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain protocols. We are using Stellar for fast and cheap transactions and Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain for swaps. And we are aiming to exploit protocols even more! Besides cross chain we also developed a trading simulator which allows traders to test their strategies with demo money before entering real markets and losing money.

We also launched our mobile app which allows users to keep track of their portfolio and see what’s going on in the crypto market at any time and any place. Traders can also earn credits by using the app which can then be converted to our NWC token. And there is much more we are aiming to develop in 2021, so stay tuned as we are just about to update our roadmap!

By the way, almost forgot to mention, we are launching our mobile app v2.0 in about 30 minutes, so you are the first to know that Kucoin community.

Q: You are the number one educational project in the crypto sphere according to CoinGecko. How do you plan to remain number 1?

Luka: True, we managed to become the number one educational project. To remain number one we are going to provide a tool that everyone just dreams of! We have started building an artificial intelligence sentiment price prediction tool. This tool will use machine learning to forecast future price movement of Bitcoin and other major coins, by analyzing news and Twitter posts. We will soon post a detailed thread on how this tool will work.

Besides an AI tool we are also developing DeFi smart contract enabled lending, which will allow users to borrow and lend funds through the NewsCrypto platform. We believe that DeFi will be the future and that’s why we want to be a part of it.

Q: There’s a lot of development going on currently, can you describe what you are working on?

Aljaž: True, recently we’ve been working on product updates and redesign, this mainly includes the release of NewsCrypto App 2.0 that will take place shortly as Luka already mentioned, a mega update of the web platform and rebranded landing page.

Apart from complete redesign (dark and light mode) and improvements of existing features such as portfolio, markets, community predictions sentiment, brand new features about to be released include:

- Personalized smart alerts (MA alerts, exchange listing alerts, price alerts),

- In-app NWC staking (lowered minimal staking amount compare to platform)

- Crypto analysis (Technical and Fundamental reports),

- Improvements in Doodle Pump game and a brand new game

- New rewarding system in community predictions.

We worked hard to improve user experience and offer new incentives for users to use the app (for trading and fun purposes).

Users can earn in-app credits for participating in activities such as: community predictions, referral program, voting on daily Bullish/Bearish sentiment and playing games. These credits can be swapped for real NWC tokens in the profile section in a few easy steps!

You can always stay on track with latest development activities by following NewsCrypto social channels and official landing page: Newscrypto.io

Q: As your products provide a perfect solution for newcomers to crypto, what is your approach to them and how are you acquiring new users?

Aljaž: A curiosity fact to start: We are running a survey on the platform and the results show that around 40% of newcomers know very little about crypto, mass adoption underway.

The aim is to guide a newcomer, present relevant/tailored info and help him/her make profitable trading decisions in the shortest possible time. We are constantly tweaking and adding new topics according to user needs, a DeFi section was recently added to the education program and we hosted a Crypto 101 webinar that covered essential crypto and blockchain knowledge.

To acquire new users, we are partnering with known crypto personas and companies and opening new communities to gain attention from new users and spread awareness about (News)Crypto.

In the last 2 weeks we opened communities in China, Turkey, India, Spain and shortly also in France. A special shoutout to all NewsCrypto ambassadors and community managers that are working tirelessly on this goal.

Q: Tell us more about the progress of the NewsCrypto Ambassador program.

Aljaž: Sure, the ambassador program is a global initiative where users apply and present their ideas on how to cooperate with the NewsCrypto team and existing ambassadors.

Upon application, users get in contact with the team and discuss possibilities of cooperation; everyone is kindly invited to apply and connect with our network.

Get more info about the ambassador program here: http://newscrypto.io/blog/nwc-ambassador-program

We recently partnered up and welcomed new advisors on board to take NewsCrypto to another level.

Q: What is the development planning and decision-making process?

Aljaž: Since inception, our goal is to include the community in the growth process, that’s why we’re hosting feedback session events and AMAs where users propose ideas and submit their opinions.

We collect feedback afterwards, internally discuss the ideas and then present future development activities. We are planning to add a governance utility to the NWC token in the future.

To reiterate: We are especially excited to present more information about future DeFi integration. The aim of this integration is to offer the most user-centric and frictionless DeFi platform: lowest fees and fastest settlement, highest interest rate for savings and no minimum investment level.

Everyone is kindly invited to join official NewsCrypto chatroom and help us build the future: https://t.me/NWC_PublicChat

Q: What can the community expect from NewsCrypto in the future?

Aljaž: The release of NewsCrypto App 2.0 in a few minutes.

We are about to present an updated roadmap with detailed explanation about future development activities next week or in 14 days.

Short-term goal is to conclude product update and redesign and then move to DeFi integration, AI Sentiment Price Prediction tool, Trading Simulator 2.0, Shadow Trading implementation…

We are really excited to share more insights in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to hop on the train and join NewsCrypto.

As we speak, the App 2.0 has just been released, sharing the post below:

‼️ The NewsCrypto app V2.0 is out now ‼️

Get the only crypto app you'll need!

✅ Track the market with charts, alerts and widgets

✅ Earn crypto with games and price predictions

✅ Forget about needing multiple apps

Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.newscrypto.app

iOS: apps.apple.com/si/app/newscrypto-app/id1541370304

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Token burn is known to be important for investors, do you have any planned burn or buy back?

Luka: Yes, NWC has a token burning system integrated which makes our token deflationary. Token burning is closely connected with the platform as we burn 20% of our platform's memberships.

Example: If you purchase our monthly advanced membership for 100 NWC's, we will automatically burn 20 NWC's which makes the token grow organically.

Q: What are the utilities of NewsCrypto app 2.0?

Aljaž: NewsCrypto app allows you to track crypto prices, portfolios, news, trends and play crypto games in one place.

The aim is to keep in touch with the market, develop the needed tools and provide the best possible product for the end user.

Q: Can you please explain how we can earn the credits using the mobile app?

Luka: You can earn credits in many different interactive ways. Coming to the app every day and letting us know whether you are bullish/bearish or by playing our community predictions games and much more.

You can also play a game called Doodle Pump and you earn credits depending on how long you survive playing that game.

Q: Have you considered implementing a reward system for the most followed and valued traders on your platform, I mean those whose strategies are more accepted by other traders?

Aljaž: Indeed. Do check the community predictions section on NewsCrypto platform: https://platform.newscrypto.io/community/predictions

Currently, users can post their trading ideas (just as an eg: TradingView) and get rewarded for doing so. There's a weekly competition that starts every Thursday, top 3 predictions are rewarded with a pool of $350 in NWC tokens.

Welcome to join!

Q: Why should I use NWC? What is the benefit of using it?

Luka: The benefits of using NWC is that you can unlock state-of-the-art trading tools and indicators on our platform, you can also stake NWC to earn up to 30% returns as well as use it to purchase weekly reports (Technical and Fundamental reports on different coins). We are also developing DeFi at the moment so you will be able to use NWC as collateral.

Q: Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Could you tell us about your current partners, partnership plans and what benefits everyone can gain from these partnerships?

Aljaž: Agree, a really important component in the current industry.

We recently onboarded new advisors to help the growth process and expand the network of connections and partners.

We are willing to partner with everyone who has a similar vision for the future.

Q: In what manner is your app different from others?

Luka: Good question. So the idea here was that you will only need one app. Currently if you want to have an overview on what is going on in crypto you need at least 4-5 apps, we are trying to solve that problem and have everything in one app. We also noticed a few flaws that other billion-dollar apps have, so we will improve their features and integrate them in the NewsCrypto app.

Q: How do holders of the NWC token benefit in the ecosystem? What power within the governance model do individuals hold? Why is it so attractive and what are the basic requirements to participate?

Aljaž: Ecosystem was designed and is developing in a way to benefit the community. Here's a brief introduction into the current ecosystem. From received membership funds:

- 40% allocated to product development

- 30% marketing and acquiring new users

- 20% token burn

- 10% user rewards system

You can find all info by following this link: https://newscrypto.io/Get-NWC

Q: What is your vision about NWC in short, medium and long term and why?

Aljaž: To become the no.1 platform/app in the crypto space in our segment and to play a vital role in providing education for newcomers.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share or you want us to know?

Aljaž: Wow, thank you everyone for joining the AMA! Thank you KuCoin for having us!

Feel free to reach to us anytime at Newscrypto.io and here: https://t.me/NWC_PublicChat

Have a beautiful week!

Luka: Thank you for having us and thank you KuCoin community for everything. We wish you a profitable week!

If you have any questions, welcome to join our official chat and our DM's are always open.

Giveaway Section

KuCoin and NewsCrypto have prepared a total of 4,200 NWC to give away to AMA participants.

1. Red envelope giveaways: 1,860 NWC

2. Free-ask section: 90 NWC

3. Post-AMA activity: 2,250 NWC

Activity 1 — Quiz: 1,500 NWC

Activity 2 — Price Guess: 750 NWC

. . .

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