KuCoin Launches Educational Program “KuCoin Campus” on International Education Day and Partners with Future Fest for the First University Roadshow

2024/01/25 09:37:51

In celebration of International Education Day, KuCoin is thrilled to unveil its new educational initiative, KuCoin Campus. Going beyond the digital realm, KuCoin Campus extends the interactive learning experience of KuCoin Learn to schools and colleges worldwide, emphasizing the importance of accessible and comprehensive blockchain education.

Campus Ambassador program

The Campus Ambassador program is a key component of this initiative, encouraging students and university groups to join forces with KuCoin. Through collaboration and knowledge exchange within educational institutions, KuCoin aims to empower the next generation of leaders, innovators, and blockchain enthusiasts.

The University Roadshow

Partnering with Future Fest, the largest tech event in Pakistan, KuCoin has kicked off a University Roadshow as the first tour of the KuCoin Campus program to raise awareness and facilitate discussions on the future of blockchain and technological innovation, engaging with students from prominent institutions in Karachi, Hyderabad, and Lahore.

Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin, stated "As the future of finance, crypto is rapidly gaining ground with expanding applications. Our recent survey in Pakistan revealed that 35% of adult crypto users are made of Gen Z individuals aged 18 to 25, highlighting the growing appeal of crypto among younger generations. Recognizing students as pivotal contributors to technological advancement, we understand their eagerness to connect with leading crypto companies. Looking ahead, we remain committed to forging partnerships with educational institutions across various regions, ushering in a future where crypto plays a central role on campuses."

KuCoin Campus Quiz Campaign: $2000 Prize Pool

To kickstart the KuCoin Campus Campaign, KuCoin has launched a campaign where participants can take a simple quiz to share the 2000 USDT prize pool. Join the campaign here.

Survey Into Blockchain Education and Career: $500 Prize Pool

To kickstart the KuCoin Campus program, KuCoin is set to unveil a comprehensive market report. The study aims to gather valuable insights from the local community, delving into discussions about crypto careers and education, and taking feedback from participants to open new dialogues on the exciting possibilities within the blockchain industry. Users who completed the survey could participate in a lucky draw to share 500 USDT rewards.

Join the survey here.

About KuCoin Campus

KuCoin Campus is a global initiative set to unfold through a series of dynamic offline events at schools and colleges around the world. While KuCoin Learn serves as our comprehensive online learning platform, KuCoin Campus extends its educational endeavor into the physical realm. It aims to engage with academic communities, enlightening students and educators alike about the burgeoning world of digital finance and its potential impact on the future.