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2022/02/23 03:11:39

As NFTs increasingly become popular, an uprising of play-to-earn platforms continues with the likes of Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena, and WonderHero allowing players to earn a living apart from enjoying the gameplay.

However, as P2E platforms continue to grow, the price for participation also increases as well as the complexities of participating in each P2E game. As a result, many would-be gamers will be left behind and locked out of the P2E economy. How about having a DAO (decentralized autonomous economy) that enables players to access a plethora of NFTs with ease as well as socialize and interact with other gamers for the best P2E strategies?

Well, this is exactly what RankerDAO is all about. With its first listing on KuCoin set for Feb.24 at 12:00 (UTC), RankerDAO’s native token RANKER is set to start its adventure with a set of features that will give its users access to the best P2E platforms as well as enable a new social-fi experience.

What is RankerDAO (RANKER)?

RankerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization designed for gamers by gamers and a first-of-its-kind social finance (SocialFi) platform. The Social-Fi experience comprises a guild for gamers passionate about P2E platforms where they get to socialize and strategize with their peers in creating new tactics to earn NFTs on P2E platforms.

The goal here is to empower members of the DAO to enjoy the full benefits of exploring existing P2E platforms in the blockchain and cryptos space while limiting the downsides of participation and exploration.

As DAO members, players will have easy access to trendy P2E games while also socializing and building a community of like-minded gamers who have the power to vote on the future trajectory of the platform as well as strategize with peers on how to win tournaments and increase earnings on P2E platforms. DAO members will also benefit from easy access to a variety of NFTs owned by the DAO. Therefore, players can borrow these NFTs as free access to top P2E platforms.

Already, RankerDAO is projected to earn over $6 million in yields and so far, the platform has managed to secure partnerships with pre-released games in the P2E space.

How does RANKER work?

At its core, RankerDAO is a P2E guild created by gamers for gamers. The platform serves as a gateway to competitive P2E where guild members get to play P2E games thanks to the DAO’s ownership of over 500 NFTs.

As a member of the DAO, a player can play games such as Axie Infinity using one of the NFTs owned by the DAO. To play a P2E such as Axie Infinity which is currently one of the hottest P2E games, one needs to make an upfront investment. This is usually in the form of an in-game NFT that grants access to start playing. In the beginning, playing Axie Infinity was as easy as buying a $7 NFT called an Axie. However, as the game’s popularity increased, the price for participation has followed suit requiring players to form teams and purchase a minimum of 3 Axies. At the moment, Axie Infinity has nearly 3 million active players and the price of an Axie is above $200 making the total amount of funds required for participation well above $600.

With such expenses, most players can barely afford to play. However, members of the RankerDAO guild can access NFTs for the Axie Infinity game and connect with other players to team up and strategize on how to win tournaments within the game.

RankerDAO’s team of experts also offers members step-by-step guides on P2E platforms, not to mention the opportunity to rank up and earn exclusive guild NFTs. Also, RankerDAO sets up in-house tournaments as well as the opportunity to coach other players and earn.

What is a RANKER token and What is it used for?

The RANKER token is the native token of the RankerDAO. Platform users can use the token to mint a guild badge and unlock access to the DAO. With a guild badge, players can mint DAO exclusive NFTs, get rewards for completing guild quests, get access to DAO exclusive coaching as well as vote on the DAO’s NFT acquisition process for new games launching on the platform.

There are a total of 300 million RANKER tokens with a set initial circulating supply of 21.27 million tokens. A 4% portion of RANKER’s total supply will go to the upcoming public sale round. Already, 16.7% has been allocated to the project’s private sale round with an additional 16.7% for a seed sale round. The team will receive 5.0% and 11% will go to the platform’s marketing. The platform’s liquidity pool will receive 11.7% and 23.3% will go to players' incentives. Overall, protocol development will receive 11.7%.

With a set public issue date set for February 24th, 2022, the RANKER token will retail at a starting price of $0.05 per token with an initial market cap of $1.48 million.

Who created RANKER?

Liko Yosafat, Founder of RankerDAO. For over five years, Liko has been a noteworthy community builder in the world of crypto. He's been involved in several projects, such as Pundi X, Function X, Binance Angels Indonesia, and ProjectSeed – of which he is also the co-founder. Aside from his passion for crypto projects, Liko is an avid gamer, too, and he enjoys spending his free time indulging in different games across a variety of platforms. Along with his team, who shares the same vision, Liko aims to help fellow skilled gamers earn a decent living – from various play-to-earn games without compromising on fun.

Stefano Adrian, Esports Growth Manager. Stefano has been a key player in growing the E-Sports scene for ESL Gaming. Has handled and organized talents and tournaments from all over ASIA and is now pivoting into growing the vast ecosystem of blockchain gaming.

Who are the Partners of RankerDAO?

With yields projected to go past $6 million by the end of 2022, RankerDAO has amassed a ton of partners ranging from VC firms to other P2E and crypto-related platforms. Some of these partners include Project Seed, WonderHero, Space Falcon, SidusHeroes, MetaGear, Frontier, Black Mamba Ventures, Hot Cross, and BitcoinAddict Thailand to mention a few.

What Makes RankerDAO Unique?

RankerDAO is a first-of-its-kind play-to-earn DAO. With over 500 NFTs players can access popular P2E games such as Axie Infinity and Thetan Arena. Players don't just get to play and explore each P2E world, they also get access to coaching, scholarships, and RankerDAO’s “Social-Fi” ecosystem that connects players for the best P2E experience. What’s more, RankerDAO offers players an opportunity to earn even more from P2E platforms with a P2E Games Yield mechanism designed to help players generate passive income.

Closing Thoughts

Granted, RankerDAO is only getting started the platform presents great promise when it comes to increasing the adoption of crypto and blockchain-related technology through play-to-earn games. The DAO is built for gamers by gamers and has already dished out over 1,500 scholarship applications from players looking to start participating in P2E platforms. With the partnerships secured by the RankerDAO team not to mention the pre-released games that will soon launch on RankerDAO, more interest and price appreciation of the RANKER token is a sure bet going forward.

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