KuCoin AMA With HAPI (HAPI) — Detecting Malicious Activity in Blockchain With an On-and-Off Solution

2023/11/17 06:59:17

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: November 14, 2023, 12:00 PM -1:05 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with HAPI’s Chief Relationship Officer, Vitalii Yevlakhov, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://hapi.one/

Whitepaper: https://hapi-one.gitbook.io/hapi-protocol/

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Q&A from KuCoin to the HAPI Team

Q: What is HAPI, and what does it offer in the Blockchain space?

Vitalii: Let me briefly walk you through it. HAPI is an on-and off-chain solution providing diverse data on malicious and fraudulent activity within the Blockchain space, allowing businesses and DeFi to ensure safety. Think of it as a "Security Layer" for businesses and safety mechanisms for users.

It consists of a Protocol part, an on-chain publicly available database, and an off-chain part that enables real-time monitoring and vetting of Token Smart Contracts and Malicious Addresses.

Q: How is the Protocol part of HAPI accessible, and what information does it contain?

Vitalii: That's a great one. As mentioned, HAPI has both on-chain (as in it is stored on the Blockchain) and off-chain parts. The Protocol part of HAPI is that it is accessible for both via Smart Contracts and API. To those who are interested in using our database to secure their project/protocol/business, they can easily do so without paying a penny!

It serves as an on-chain database containing information on malicious addresses and activities within the Blockchain space, carefully aggregated in both manual and automated way. We are thorough in identifying and classifying data.

Q: What is the off-chain part of HAPI, and how does it benefit users and businesses?

Vitalii: The off-chain part is designed for enterprises and businesses, but we also allow users to use it for their safety freely.

The off-chain part of HAPI provides a real-time monitoring and vetting system (it identifies addresses risk score automatically) for Token Smart Contracts and Malicious Addresses. It allows users and businesses to actively assess and mitigate risks associated with common vulnerabilities in Token Smart Contracts and identify malicious addresses.

You can check out your risk and reputation score with our early iteration of the updated HAPI Terminal. It's in the early stage of development. The HAPI Terminal will allow users to have everything they need in terms of security in crypto in one place!

Q: What is Scamfari and how can you get rewards for submitting hacks/exploits/scammers?

Vitalii: Oh yes, Scamfari is a very important part of the HAPI Framework!

It is also a place where people can be rewarded for contributing to our database. Scamfari.com is a simple and user-friendly crowd-sourcing platform.

Users can report fraudulent or malicious projects through our website. They can connect their wallet to be displayed as one of the TOP active users. They can also choose a category from the provided options (Social Media Scammer, Fraudulent Website, or Scam Project/Rugpull) and submit the report with accompanying proof.

Once validated, users will receive rewards (tokens) for their submissions. It's really easy and engaging while making a tangible contribution to the safety of Web3. Everyone should try it out and see for yourself.

Q: How does HAPI utilize machine learning in its off-chain data processing?

Vitalii: Definitely! AI is a buzzword, but we have used it before it became a trend. Let me briefly explain it without going into technical stuff too much.

HAPI employs machine learning for off-chain data processing to enhance the accuracy of risk representation. Essentially, we train AI models to simplify how we process data and give risk scores to certain addresses.

It aggregates public and paid data points, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable assessment of potential risks. In short, it’s about how we use AI: aggregate, compile, and simplify.

Q: What is HAPI ID, and how does it help to get ecosystem rewards?

Vitalii: Digital identity is the key!

We all want to be fairly rewarded for our actions on the Blockchain. We want bots to receive only some things while users who do the job and create an on-chain activity are left behind.

We all hate that! That is why we created the HAPI ID. HAPI ID is a unique digitized identity that consolidates your Web3 imprint, securing you from identity theft and safeguarding you from malicious actors.

HAPI ID also ensures that only real users are rewarded with Airdrops. You can get your HAPI ID and prove you are not a bot. We have partnered with several companies and Blockchain ecosystems, such as Consensys and Linea, to push for Digital Identity.


Q: Are there any new developments in the works for HAPI?

Vitalii: We are working with several companies across different verticals. At the moment, we are actively working on integration and adoption for all of our products. It includes Wallets, Decentralized Exchanges, and Centralized Exchanges.

We recently announced integration with the largest Decentralized Exchange on ZkSync - SyncSwap. We are pushing for security across all DeFi and want to advocate for the safety and fairness of users without infringing on privacy. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know about the upcoming developments!

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to the HAPI Team

Q: How is the progress of the HAPI explorer, what is its primary objective outlook, and is it one of HAPI’s primary products for B2C?

Vitalii: We are putting a lot of effort into making HAPI B2C. Updating the HAPI Terminal is an integral part of it.

It's easy to use, displays everything you need, and has everything that users need to be safe and secure in the Blockchain space.

Scamfari.com is also fully centered around users and their contributions. We incentivized users to report bad actors and phishing websites by rewarding them with tokens.

Also, if your question hasn't been picked, you can always go to Scamfari.com and get some rewards there.

Q: Revenue is important for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you built a complete project, and how can you generate profit/revenue from the token? What is the income model?

Vitalii: The business model of HAPI hinges on adoption. We don't want to charge ordinary users to use our suite of services. Instead, we created an enterprise version of HAPI that businesses utilize and pay for. The business model is available on our website.

Q: How does HAPI integrate directly into DeFi and contribute to money laundering prevention from within? How does it ensure the most accurate data for smart contracts from multiple sources?

Vitalii: This is a great question; I will explain it through the lens of someone who's not a developer! The integration is easy, and that's the important part - making it easy!

There are two ways to integrate HAPI:

Off-chain way, e.g., you don't need to call HAPI Smart contract or integrate them directly. Instead, you can use our public API to get all the necessary information.

On-chain is more "from within" approach. The Integration of HAPI Smart Contracts directly into DeFi protocol. It means that HAPI first checks each transaction before it can be allowed to proceed. All of this happens almost instantly, though, so there is nothing that a user will notice.

Q: Please provide the Whitepaper. Additionally, are there any plans for a pre-sale? If so, where can we participate?

Vitalii: We are already trading, actually, and HAPI is on KuCoin.

You can find our White paper here.

It might be a bit wordy, but it thoroughly explains our goals and how HAPI works.

Q: What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?

Vitalii: In our B2B journey, we prioritize making non-crypto native companies compliant. Non-crypto natives who are only starting to explore Blockchain technology or DeFi are often spooked by what a Wild West crypto is. Hacks, exploits, social engineering, and so on can create a negative narrative for these companies.

We ensure that they can have a safe and compliant landscape.

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