KuCoin AMA With Cookie (COOKIE) — The First Open Economy Bridging Businesses, Creator and Users

2024/06/21 03:43:21

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: June 19, 2024, 12:00 PM - 1:08 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session featuring the CMO of Cookie, Krystyna Kozak-Kornacka, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

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Q&A from KuCoin to Cookie

Q: What is $COOKIE, and what does it aim to achieve?

Krystyna: What a great question!

$COOKIE is the utility and governance token within the Cookie Ecosystem, a joint ecosystem created by two independent partners—Cookie DAO and Cookie3. The $COOKIE token represents the $366 billion digital marketing value currently being appropriated by data giants such as Google and Facebook. With $COOKIE, this value is brought to Web3 and distributed equally among users, businesses, and creators.

Currently, $COOKIE is listed on 5 major exchanges, including KuCoin and the first 24h trading volume was over 52M and this was an amazing achievement!

Some call $COOKIE a ‘low cap gem,’ speculating that the 6M market cap will soon reach 30M (not financial advice).

I, personally, firmly believe in what we here in Cookie do, and I know that our achievements are also powering $COOKIE, so let me recap some of the amazing stats powering the $COOKIE token.

Cookie is the MarketingFi and AI Data Layer for Web3. We provide solutions for users, creators, and businesses to tap into the 366 billion marketing value. Our AI and analytics power everything we do across our two live products and, soon, our third user-facing product: Cookie3 Analytics, Cookie3 Affiliate, and Cookie3 Score.

We are like Google Analytics, but with the Web3 element allowing us to analyze not only off-chain, but also on-chain, and combine it to give projects a real representation of what is happening in their communities, which campaigns are bringing the most quality users, and helping projects reward these most valuable users.

So what are these amazing Cookie3 matrics powering $COOKIE?
- We’re already generating a healthy revenue from business partners
- We have two working products and one underway -> 330 dApps using our products and 18K KOLs & Web3 creators using Cookie3 Affiliate
- 14 billion transactions were analyzed by the Cookie3 AI and Analytics engines
- 1 billion wallets are analyzed and powering the data in Cookie3 Analytics
- 400 million aggregated followers across 18K Web3 creators in Cookie3 Affiliate

Q: Can you describe the different products offered by $COOKIE?

Krystyna: We have 2 fully functioning products with subproducts (yes, we are already generating revenue!) and one product underway by the end of 2024 ($COOKIE by Cookie DAO, finds utility across all three products). So, let's start with our core legacy product which has been live for almost a year now and that is...

Cookie3 Analytics

This one is a B2B solution often called the Google Analytics of Web3, Cookie3 Analytics is a B2B app that allows marketers to track the performance of their campaigns from off-chain to on-chain and measure attributions of their actions, determining the most effective channels and campaigns to attract, convert, and retain quality users. We allow marketers to better understand their existing or potential audiences and find synergies for more personalized and tailored (hence more effective) campaigns.

Then, part of the Cookie3 Analytics is the Cookie3 Airdrop Shield which helps exclude bad actors from participating in an airdrop.

The Cookie3 Airdrop Shield is a product for projects that want to ensure their airdrop is distributed across quality users rather than bots or Sybil attackers. It combines off-chain and on-chain analytics to flag suspicious users and let the project leaders decide whether to distribute the tokens to them or not. Our Web3 AI has been trained on 15 unique characteristics to determine bots and Sybil attackers with laser-point accuracy. Working with our partners, we discovered that, in some cases, as much as 70% of an airdrop is distributed to bots. Our solution helps distribute the value to real users who bring quality.

The second product is Cookie3 Affiliate, the first KOL aggregator in Web3. Cookie3 Affiliate has two ways in which it is used:

1. Affiliate Campaigns: Businesses launch their affiliate campaigns with pre-determined conversion events (tracked by Cookie3 Analytics) and rewards, while creators choose campaigns that work for them. Creators can withdraw their earnings directly into their wallets, choosing from tokens, airdrops, and private allocation rewards. They also receive leaderboard points for inviting other KOLs to the platform or plugging in more wallets. A high position on the leaderboard means further rewards and priority campaign access.

2. FAIR KOL ROUNDS: Every token launching has its own KOL round, but often the community is worse off because. In contrast, the creators get to invest in tokens on preferential terms in return for promotion, there is nothing left for users.

Cookie3 Affiliate is basically like Tinder for KOLs and projects, helping creators find the KOL rounds and terms they want to onboard on. With one major difference: Every KOL participating has a chance to get this preferential allocation for their community as well, making something that was gated open to people who believe in and follow that creator.

What does it mean? For the FIRST TIME EVER! Every day Web3 communities get access to early investments in the preferential KOL rounds!

Here’s some insider’s info, currently there are 12 projects onboarding creators on their fair KOL rounds and these rounds are already 4500% oversubscribed. (the full fund that the projects are onboarding on is over 3M) and it's just 12 projects. Think about how much investment these KOL rounds bring! So both Cookie3 Analytics and Cookie3 Affiliate are the products that are functioning and running.

Our final product (for now) will come by the end of this year and it is the Cookie3 Score.

Cookie3 Score

The crypto OGs remember the days when airdrops didn’t mean hours spent fulfilling quests. Users simply needed to discover new projects, engage organically, get an airdrop, and watch tokens go to the moon. As Web3 gained popularity, we started working harder for airdrops, often losing to bots or Sybil attackers. No one wins this way - not users who want to discover new projects, not businesses aiming to onboard new audiences.

Cookie3’s MarketingFi Score returns the OG rewards model, where all the user has to do is provide quality through organic interaction. Cookie3’s MarketingFi Score is an off and on-chain behavior score that helps projects determine how valuable a user is, excluding bots and malicious actors at the same time. Quality users then get access to airdrops, unique campaigns, exclusive events, and more.

All users will need to do to start earning their MarketingFi rewards is to:

-Sign up with their wallet;

-Plug in their social media accounts;

-Prove to be a long-term quality user providing value to the projects they love;
-Claim rewards

That's it, but more surprising sub products might be coming as well!

Q: How does the $COOKIE token integrate into the ecosystem?

Krystyna: The $COOKIE token is actually issued by the Cookie DAO which emerged from the very early community of Cookie3. They were looking to tokenize the tech and the vision that Cookie3 was spearheading as a decentralized collective, and they successfully did looking at the $COOKIE token live for almost a week.

The Cookie DAO approached us (Cookie3) with a proposal to inject the token into the ecosystem. We soon found utilities and use cases for the token across the entire ecosystem and well so it is a joint ecosystem of Cookie3 tech and the $COOKIE token = the Cookie Ecosystem.

Q: What are the main utilities of the $COOKIE token?

Krystyna: Within the Cookie DAO framework, $COOKIE has two native utilities:

1. Staking: $COOKIE staking benefits from staking rewards and a healthy APY. Stakers can stake the token directly on the Cookie DAO site - - with an embedded staking portal.

Right now there is a staking APY of up to 27%

2. Governance: Holding $COOKIE means automatic governance rights within the Cookie DAO, allowing one to make decisions related to the DAO Treasury, DAO Fund, and token utilities. Additionally, the Cookie DAO’s partnership with Cookie3 granted $COOKIE holders further governance rights regarding Cookie3 product and project updates and the rewards that $COOKIE stakers receive from the Cookie3 platforms.

Due to a joint partnership, the Cookie DAO and Cookie3 constitute the Cookie Ecosystem, in which the $COOKIE token acquires further ‘gained’ utilities across Cookie3 platforms and products. These acquired utilities include:

1. Multi-airdrop access: $COOKIE stakers earn airdrops from multiple Cookie3 ecosystem projects. These airdrops come from fees that the project pays to use Cookie3 platforms. The fees are collected in the projects’ native tokens. Therefore, $COOKIE stakers are getting endless access to airdrops from new and established altcoins across the industry.

The airdrops are gathered from 4 places within the Cookie Ecosystem:

a. Cookie3 Airdrop Shield: Cookie3 Airdrop Shield is used by projects to determine bots and Sybil attackers and exclude them from an airdrop. Cookie3 collects a proportion (about 10-20%) of the ‘saved’ airdrop, and the Cookie DAO passes it onto $COOKIE stakers as airdrops.

b. Cookie3 Affiliate: Projects use Cookie3 affiliate for two reasons:

(i) To launch affiliate and referral campaigns with creators and pay for results when users convert into an action desired by a project;

(ii) To launch fair KOL rounds onboarding creators as early investors but at the same time allowing those creators’ communities to benefit from the investment as well. In the first case, the project pays creators rewards in their native tokens or USDT, and Cookie3 collects a platform fee, which then gets distributed to the $COOKIE stakers. For the KOl pirate round investments, Cookie3 collects a management fee in the form of 10-20% of the project’s KOL round supply and then, with the help of the $COOKIE DAO, redistributes these fees to the $COOKIE stakes. Users get access to exclusive KOL rounds and tokens for the first time in history.

c. Cookie3 Score allows users to connect their wallets and social media accounts to receive a score based on their on- and off-chain Web3 activity. This score is then used by projects that want to onboard and market quality Web3 audiences to pass rewards to users with the highest ranking. Cookie3 collects a fraction of the rewards a project wishes to distribute as a platform fee, and then the Cookie DAO distributes it as airdrops to $COOKIE stakers. There are over 250K users on the Cookie3 Score waitlist.

Now onto the second $COOKIE 'acquired' utility from the Cookie x Cookie DAO partnership!

2. Exclusive access: $COOKIE can be redeemed for AI data credits within the Cookie3 Analytics platform when projects or users want to access AI-powered Web3 data and analytics. Such a model creates a demand for $COOKIE that will increase proportionally to the demand for AI Data, marketing, and analytics, which is projected to more than quadruple and hit $2.5 trillion by 2030.

$COOKIE is the first MarketingFi token with a multi-airdrops utility across Cookie3 platforms and an increasing demand mechanism linked to AI data critics within Cookie3 Analytics that are redeemable with $COOKIE only. $COOKIE token will launch on June 13th, 2024, at 10 AM (UTC).

I can already also tease some ALPHA, that there are more utilities coming to $COOKIE soon.

Q: Could you walk us through the roadmap for $COOKIE?

Krystyna: Of course with pleasure! Let me drop the roadmap we have recently unveiled first.

As you see we have a lot planned. Starting with partnership with TIER1 GLOBAL Web3 partners (some even say we might tease something tomorrow) through to multiple airdrops that will come from the projects using the Cookie3 products and platform. Also, our ambassador program will drop soon - for everyone here who wants to be more involved, we plan to integrate non-ECM chains into our analytics and keep developing our AI so it's always TOP game and of course Cookie3 Score is one of top priorities on the horizon.

Do you want some insider info as well?

We will soon drop a HUGE campaign together with the Cookie DAO. So, expect things like:

-Huge APY

-Gamified campaigns

-Token burns


Q: How did the token listing process go for $COOKIE?

Krystyna: It went really well! I think I already mentioned the $52M in volume during the first 24h! On top of that, $COOKIE had 100K holders already and 8K stakers which is an amazing number! Also, kudos to you Rami because I think KuCoin is currently an exchange with the largest $COOKIE volume. Well done to you and your traders! Of course, there are some fantastic campaigns and competitions running on KuCoin for $COOKIE now, which I am sure you can tell the community more about.

Q: Where do you see $COOKIE in the next few years?

Krystyna: Well, we like to benchmark ourselves to Google Analytics. Since we do what they do for Web2, but for Web3 + with the users and community in mind sharing rev with them rather than taking it all for ourselves. So, with $COOKIE powering Cookie3, I hope that in 5 years we will be huge.

Now, I am really hoping to see this $6M $COOKIE market cap go to $30M (not financial advice) and with the tech and utility, I really believe this is doable (fingers crossed) - What do you think, guys? Then only up from there, with more projects in our ecosystems, and larger rewards to all MarketingFi economy participants.

Free-Ask from the KuCoin Community to Cookie

Q: Almost 80% of investors are focused purely on the price of a token in the short term of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in the long term?

Krystyna: Of course! First, the AI that the users will send to access data in Cookie3 products will create a constant demand for $COOKIE, creating an upward pressure. Second, the staking APY of up to 27% is an attractive incentive for investors, and finally the constant stream of airdrops from the projects using the Cookie Ecosystem.

Q: What revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit? So many projects just like to speak about the "long term vision and mission" but what are your short term objectives?

Krystyna: We are already generating revenue from:

- Cookie3 Analytics (subscription model)

- Cookie3 Affiliate (protocol fees + KOL management fees + KOL rounds fees)

- Cookie3 Airdrop Shield (commission on the 'saved' airdrop)

With three working products that are already generating revenue, we are confident in our product and some of this revenue is shared with $COOKIE stakers due to our partnership with the Cookie DAO.

Q: Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Krystyna: Here is the link to our:

Website, X (Twitter), and Telegram.

token website:

Q: When will your tokens be listed on exchanges and which exchanges do you plan to list on in the future?

Krystyna: We're already listed on KuCoin, Bybit,, MEXC, and Bitget, with a big listing coming this Friday as well.

Q: Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or is it only limited for professional users?

Krystyna: Staking is for everyone! Our current platforms Cookie3 Analytics and Cookie3 Affiliate are for Web3 businesses and creators, but we will soon launch the Cooki3 Score which I wrote about earlier, which will be a product for everyone in Web3, and especially those looking to onboard themselves onto new projects!

Q: How secure and reliable are your smart contracts considering that many projects have experienced failures and lost user funds? Have you thoroughly tested your smart contracts with both parties involved?

Krystyna: The $COOKIE smart contract has been audited by Certik.

Q: Do you have an ambassador program? If so, can you provide me with information on how to become an ambassador? Ambassadors play a crucial role in every project.

Krystyna: The birds are tweeting, it is coming.

Q: Are community suggestions and comments accepted by the team? Does it take community input into account when making decisions?

Krystyna: Yes of course! We will also take into account the voices from the Cookie DAO. If you have any suggestions, be sure to join our community.

Q: How does the Cookie require a high level of security in the processing and transmission of sensitive data, including protection against distributed attacks and paying attention to the protection of user privacy? What measures are used to assess risks, detect and detect vulnerabilities in algorithms and protocols, and how is continuous monitoring and updating of the protection systems of users and their assets monitored?

Krystyna: All of the data that we used and provided to our business users is anonymised and aggregated.

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