KuCoin AMA With Pikaster (MLS) — Earn Great Financial Rewards While Gaining New Experiences

2022/05/24 03:24:49

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: May 18, 2022, 11:00 AM -12:32 AM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the CMO of Metaland of Pikaster (MLS), Luffy, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Project Introduction

Pikaster is a community-driven metaverse created by Metaland, aiming to create diverse scenarios such as various games, social, entertainment, sports, etc to enable players to participate in and manage the ecology together and earn great financial rewards while gaining new experiences. Pikaster was founded in 2021 by a team with previous core members from Blizzard, and Supercell, and received strategic investment from KuCoin and many other investors.

Official Website: https://www.pikaster.com/

Whitepaper: https://megaverse-1.gitbook.io/pikaster/

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Luffy — CMO of Metaland of Pikaster (MLS)

Luffy is the CMO of Metaland. He has more than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry and almost five years of exploration in the blockchain and crypto.

Alicia Senior Partner of KuCoin

Alicia is a Senior Partner at KuCoin. Her role in the KuCoin family is to enhance users’ experience by working with high-value clients, high-quality institutions, third-party trading platforms, trading bots, and high-caliber traders.

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: What is KuCoin Spotlight?

Alicia: KuCoin Spotlight is a KuCoin token launch platform that serves early-stage crypto projects and initial token distribution to provide users with the opportunity to participate in the early investment of preferred projects to gain considerable incomes with low thresholds.

It has strict screening criteria to ensure that the listed projects and their native tokens are high quality. In addition to providing more promising crypto assets for investors, Spotlight supports early-stage crypto projects in crowd-funding, marketing exposure, and industrial influence for further development.

Q: What can users get from KuCoin Spotlight?

Alicia: Through KuCoin Spotlight, users will have the chance to be part of potentially world-changing projects at a very early stage and at an extremely low cost. Moreover, people are also incentivized to participate in the knowledge that tokens can likely be flipped for a profit after listing, as you all know.

So far, KuCoin Spotlight has launched 21 projects with an impressive performance, including CLH, PDEX, CWAR, VR, and so on via Spotlight, with the highest ROI exceeding 924x.

This image gives you a more direct answer to what we have achieved in the last 21 rounds of Kucoin Spotlight.

Q: How can one participate in KuCoin Spotlight?

Alicia: Here is a general flow Kucoin Spotlight:

Step 1: Prepare Your KCS

Your final allocation of the new token is determined in proportion to your average daily KCS holdings during the subscription period. KuCoin will be taking a snapshot once a day of each participant’s KCS holdings. Participants who have an average holding of at least 100 KCS or more will be qualified for the Spotlight, so please check if you have enough KCS holdings before the subscription period;

Step 2: Subscribe

Pass KYC 2, complete the criteria for qualification, then click ‘Participate Now’ to join the Spotlight!

Step 3: Commit Your KCS

Ensure you have a certain amount of KCS in your KuCoin Trading Account before the deduction period.

Step 4: KCS is deducted for Spotlight Tokens

Once the Spotlight subscription period is over, we will calculate each user’s token allocation. A portion of the KCS in your Trading Account will be deducted for the Spotlight tokens. Once the deduction is successful, you may check the amount of Spotlight token shares you received in your Main Account after the deduction period.

However, please note that the amount of Spotlight token shares you will receive is based on your average daily KCS holdings, not KCS holdings at deduction.

Q: What makes the 22nd Spotlight special?

Alicia: To thank our users for their continued support, the KuCoin and Pikaster team have introduced a new set of rules for the 22nd Spotlight.


You can participate in the 22nd Spotlight in 2 different ways:

The ‘traditional way’ - participants must have average KCS holdings of at least 100 KCS. Only the one who has KCS holdings equal to or greater than 100 from the snapshots and clicks ‘Participate Now’ during the subscription period will be qualified for the 22nd Spotlight.

For users who do not have 100 KCS holdings? Don’t worry; we have got you covered!

The KuCoin and Pikaster team have rolled out a Spotlight Whitelist to exempt the requirement of 100 KCS holdings! This means the whitelisted users who have KCS holdings equal to or greater than 0.1 KCS during the snapshot period and clicked ‘Participate Now’ during the subscription period will also be qualified for the 22nd Spotlight!

The KuCoin and Pikaster team have also prepared some gifts for our whitelisted users and IGO participants.

The whitelisted users will also be granted one Pikaster NFT for a month, which can be used when playing Pikaster Game!

Suppose you have successfully purchased a Pikaster Genesis Mystery Egg in KuCoin 1st IGO (regardless of how many eggs you purchased). In that case, you will enjoy a bonus coefficient if you successfully participated in the 22nd Spotlight, where your final KCS holding will be multiplied by 2, a double of the KCS holding amount!

Q: How often does KuCoin launch Spotlight?

Alicia: To ensure the safety of users’ funds, KuCoin will thoroughly vet a project before allowing them to launch their Spotlight. A professional team of 20+ experts evaluates every project that applies for listing on KuCoin Spotlight. Three separate teams perform four levels of research, and projects are analyzed from almost 100 perspectives in six categories. This includes project background, technical level, the expertise of team members and advisors, financial status, marketing capability, and external review are also put under the microscope.

In all, less than 5% of projects are able to complete all checks successfully and get listed on KuCoin Spotlight. Currently, our listing team is actively searching for good projects on the markets.

So, please stay tuned on our social media and official website and be prepared! The next Kucoin Spotlight is on the way!

Q: Please give us a brief introduction to Pikaster.

Luffy: I think five things will help everyone know Piakster better. Pikaster is the first Game-fi project with three tokens: one governance token (MLS) and two game tokens (RBS & SRBS), probably the most efficient way to deal with inflation.

Pikaster is the first IGO project on KuCoin, and 18,000 Origin NFTs are sold out in one minute.

Pikaster launched IDO on MojitoSwap and raised over 1.4 million USDT.

Over 2000+ players joined the closed beta test.

We are the first GameFi project to declare its philosophy being "Play-and-Earn" instead of "Play-to-Earn." GameFi should be fun for all players in the first place, and here are some of the feedback and clips of the game.

Even some remarkable names made livestreams on this.

Q: Would you please give us more info about MLS?

Luffy: MLS is the governance token of Pikaster, and the total production is 200 million. Players have two major ways to gain MLS: a PVP ranking Bonus and Three-tier Referal Bonus. One significant way to consume MLS is by breeding.

The vesting schedule of MLS is as follows:

Q: Pikaster is the 22nd Spotlight project on KuCoin; what's new this time?

Luffy: With everyone's support, our IGO has achieved great success.

So when we were preparing for IEO, we were thinking that we must bring more benefits to our old partners here. A big thanks to all the partners behind the Spotlight project. With their support, we can make this IEO different.

Three bonuses for everyone:

1. As long as you get whitelisted, you also get the chance to join the IEO for the first time on KuCoin.

2. Each whitelist gets a free NFT to use for one month, meaning a much shorter payback period.

3. All IGO participants get a bonus.

You can get more details here.

Q: What's the next move for Pikaster?

Luffy: There will be a huge marketing campaign titled "Master! Assemble!" right after IEO. It's a bit fun and lucrative. On June 1, we'll have the open beta test; no one really shouldn't miss it. Huge bonus for OB. After OB, we will release a Three-tier referral program, which is a really good way for you to make money and is highly expected by many friends.

Besides, we will release the "Profit-Sharing Program," which aims to involve as many communities as possible.

The first project is "Help NFT-Creators Earn." I can't say too much right now, but it's quite interesting; some big communities are already in this.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Do you have any IDO plans for the future of your project? Explain the tokenomics distribution of your project. How much will your team make token farming, and how many tokens will be locked by the team?

Luffy: IDO is already done in MojitoSwap on April 29. For now, join our IEO on KuCoin. About tokenomics, you can check these two pictures. In addition, in the vesting schedule for MLS in IEO, 25% will be distributed on the Token Generation Event (TGE), and the remaining 75% will be distributed in 25% batches every two (2) months from the first distribution (before July 23, September 23, and November 23).

Q: What are your top 3 things for priorities in the next months? Could you share some plans for the upcoming three months?

Luffy: June is another important month for us. CZ OB is in June, and there will be a huge marketing campaign, "Master! Assemble!" as I said. We will launch a scholarship program in June. if you want more info, take a look at our whitepaper:

Q: Is IDO released in batches?

Luffy: IDO was finished on MojitoSwap on April 29. For tokens in IDO (not locked up), you can claim them on May 23. but for tokens in IEO, 25% will be distributed on the Token Generation Event (TGE), and the remaining 75% will be distributed in 25% batches every two (2) months from the first distribution (before July 23, September 23, and November 23)

Q: What about the date of the game launching?

Luffy: We will launch the full version of the game around June 1. Over the past weeks, we finished our CB test. Over 2,000 players brought us so much valuable advice and feedback. I believe our OB can bring you a better gaming experience. Let's stay tuned!

Q: How much is the supply of RBS and SRBS?

Luffy: You can see the total supply of three tokens in this picture. With its innovative designed model of three types of tokens, Pikaster seeks to address the inflation problem that plagues many Game-fi projects. There are one governance token and two types of game tokens in the game. The adoption of dual game tokens can better control the balance. Suppose one type of game token shows an inflationary trend. Users can consume more of the type of tokens subject to inflation through more gameplay to produce other types of tokens to achieve the overall balance of different types of tokens to avoid serious inflation.

Giveaway Section

KuCoin and Pikaster have prepared a total of 2,000 USDT to give away to AMA participants.

1. Free-ask section: 75 USDT

2. AMA activity: 1,925 USDT

Quiz: 1,750 USDT

Participation Rewards: 175 USDT

. . .

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