KuCoin AMA With Myria (MYRIA) — A Trusted Ethereum L2 Solution Engineered for Growth and Security

2023/04/06 04:35:24

Dear KuCoin Users,

Time: April 5, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:25 PM (UTC)

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with the Co-founder of Myria, Brendan Duhamel, in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://myria.com/

Whitepaper: Click to view

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Brendan Duhamel — Co-Founder of Myria

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: Tell us a few things about yourself and your experience in Web3.

Brendan: I'm Brendan, the co-founder and Head of Blockchain at Myria. I'm passionate about gaming and coding, and the two make a perfect match for my favorite thing - blockchain technology. I began my blockchain journey when l was 15 years old. l co-founded an accelerator-backed Bitcoin start-up that developed the world's first Bitcoin Tablet, designed to make it easier for businesses to accept Bitcoin as a payment option.

Q: Lots of exciting things are happening lately, from what we hear! So what is Myria, and why is it the best Web3 gaming platform?

Brendan: Myria's ecosystem includes the following:

High-quality blockchain games and dApps developed by over 250+ partner studios building on Myria

Our marketplace and L2 wallet with secure, high-speed, 0-gas transactions & free NFT minting

An easy-to-use software development kit that you can use to onboard your game onto the chain without having to fuss over any complex coding

Myria Studios: Our own in-house AAA game studio. Check out our flagship game, Metarush. We just wrapped up an exclusive gameplay demo a few weeks back.

What ties everything together? Coming to KuCoin on April 6 our native ecosystem token, MYRIA.

Q: How does the Myria token fit into the broader ecosystem of the Myria network, and what kind of utility does it provide for developers and other stakeholders?

Brendan: MYRIA will be used extensively across the entire Myria ecosystem:

Node purchasing and rewards - Node owners get daily rewards in MYRIA, and nodes can only be purchased using MYRIA.

Protocol fees - A proportion of protocol fees on every Myria transaction will be paid in MYRIA tokens.

Staking - Staking rewards will be introduced upon the implementation.

of protocol fees as a dedicated staking reward pool

Governance - MYRIA token holders will be able to vote on ecosystem fund allocation, future development, and the strategic direction of the ecosystem.

Exclusive NFT purchase - The MYRIA token will be utilized for purchasing exclusive NFT collections under Myria Studios

Remember that this is only the token's initial utility. The use cases of MYRIA are expected to significantly expand in terms of in-game utility, purchases, and rewards as more projects join Myria.

Q: You've recently announced with cricket legend AB de Villiers his brand new mobile game that's being built on Myria. Tell us more about that!

Brendan: Myria has teamed up with the legendary cricketer AB de Villiers to bring you his new mobile game - 360 Cricket! This story-based arcade-style game will take you through AB's personal life and professional cricketing career. You'll relive his greatest moments and play in iconic locations that have significantly shaped his career.

But that's not all; 360 Cricket will also feature a pulse-pounding PvP mode for all you competitive gamers out there. So get your game face on and get ready to take on opponents from all over the world.

360 Cricket will be completely free-to-play! That's right; you'll be able to experience all the excitement and thrills without spending a single penny.

AB is excited about the game; we can't wait to share it with the community. So keep an eye out for more teasers and updates because 360 Cricket is coming your way soon!

Catch up on the AMA with AB on his new game

Also, kindly take the time to check out the 360 Cricket gameplay teaser video.

Q: Myria just flashed a glimpse of its flagship game, Metarush, through a closed gameplay demo. How did that go? Can you tell us more about Metarush?

Brendan: Metarush, the debut title from Myria Studios, is a battle royale-type obstacle runner set in the wildly chromatic Myriaverse. It's still in its early alpha stage, but that didn't stop us from giving a sneak peek to some of the biggest names in the gaming community, including European Fall Guys champion, Gako, among others!

The demo was an absolute blast, and we're thrilled to have received tons of feedback from everyone who got to try it out. We're determined to create an enjoyable game that our community will take pride in co-creating. It will be free to play because we want everyone to try it and set their first foot into the Myriaverse.

👉 Teaser gameplay video

Q: What does Myria offer to game studios that want to build a blockchain game but need help with high-cost development and integration?

Brendan: The Myria software development kit was designed to facilitate onboarding new projects onto Web3. If you've already developed a non-blockchain video game, you can easily migrate from Web2 to Web3 with the Myria SDK. Our API and SDK are plug-and-play solutions that connect your gaming projects directly to the Myria Layer 2 with a single line of code, making it a breeze to build and mint.

We're supporting some of the most popular gaming engines out there. Unity, Unreal, and HTML5 will all be supported via the SDK's plugins and utilities. As a result, developers will be able to smoothly interact with the Myria gaming environment, including features like inventory management, character and item interoperability, and login/authentication services.

Q: Please tell us more about Myria nodes, some of their key characteristics, and why someone might be interested in becoming a node operator.

Brendan: Myria Nodes are the backbone of Myria's decentralized ecosystem. Myria nodes are used for various network-supporting activities, including decentralized storage of critical information in the Myria ecosystem, data feed functionality providing smart contracts with off-chain data (oracles), governance voting, and more. The node sale will start on April 7.

Node owners that operate their nodes will be awarded daily MYRIA tokens. The amount of tokens distributed per day is always the same. This means that rewards for each node will be higher if fewer nodes run. The idea here is to incentivize everyone with a node to run it and better protect our network. To be eligible for rewards, operators must run their nodes for at least 6 hours daily. Aside from daily MYRIA rewards, we're planning more exclusive features accessible only by node operators.

Q: What's Myria's vision for the short and long term?

Brendan: It's going to be a big year for Myria. Launching the MYRIA token and the Myria node was just the beginning. As I've mentioned, we'll introduce protocol fees, MYRIA staking, updating the Myria SDK to make it even more accessible, and adding game system SDKs for developers and a developer platform game build wizard. In addition, I want to ensure I see more of Metarush this year. Other things we're working on include launching an NFT universal order book, our migration to StarkNet, and much more. Read more about it in our Whitepaper.

Q: We read about the Myriaverse. Could you tell us what Myriaverse is and about the ongoing Alliance Keys NFT Airdrop?

Brendan: The Myriaverse is the Myria metaverse. It is a fictional, gamified universe where the three Alliances will battle the Rift and each other. Anyone following the Myria lore will know what I'm talking about. But other games that are being developed in-house will also be included in the Myriaverse, such as Metarush.

Our first NFT airdrop campaign was insanely popular. So that's why we've made a new one. The Alliance Keys NFT Airdrop will run from March 23 to May 25. You can get Key NFTs by completing tasks and earning points. The more points you earn, the higher the rarity of the keys you'll get. Like the Sigil campaign, this will be a one-off opportunity, so ensure you get some keys.

Once you have your Alliance Keys, you can open Alliance boxes across the Myriaverse. These crates contain different classes of weapons, skins, artifacts, and other digital assets with in-game utility.

Free-Ask from KuCoin Community

Q: Please elaborate more on the Myria layer two solutions. What benefits does it bring? Why wouldn't it be better to be an L1?

Brendan: There are many reasons, and I won't get into all of them here but talk about a few that were important to us when deciding to go with a roll-up rather than build our L1.

First, as technologists and engineers, we understand well the power of a great developer community. By leveraging an L2 on top of Ethereum, we can continue taking advantage of all the great work the Ethereum guys and gals are doing and aren't isolating ourselves to only our community.

On the technology side, we all, as a community, see the vulnerabilities inherent in having to rely constantly on bridges as other L1s have to do. So being able to move your assets back and forth between Ethereum and Myria without trusting any bridges is a big deal.

Then lastly, the power of ZK tech will be the future of blockchain scaling, and we wanted to go along for that journey. However, we have so far been satisfied.

Q: Can you tell us about your team members? Are they qualified and professional in their fields? What are the recruiting qualifications for team members for your extraordinary project?

Brendan: The experience our leaders at Myria bring to the table is genuinely impressive. We like to talk about it. I already said a bit about myself but feel free to google my name, and you'll find some fun articles about baby-faced 16-year-old me in the early days of crypto. The others are more impressive!

Andrew Silber is one of my co-founders and the CTO at Myria. He was the Director of Technology at Ubisoft, a Tech Director at 2K before that, and a Team Lead at EA even earlier. He also founded a studio that was acquired by 2K.

Our VP of Gaming is Ivan Fortunov, who has held senior design positions at a few well-known studios, including Lead Game Designer at Gameloft.

Our Lead Art Director has also spent time at many studios and was a Senior Concept Artist at Ubisoft recently.

Q: What is your strongest advantage that will make your team lead the market? For example, did you consider community feedback requests while creating your product to expand on fresh ideas for your MYRIA project?

Brendan: As evidenced in the answer above, our biggest advantage is our team. By that, I mean both that we have the requisite experience (and then some) and also that we have a very game-focused set of leaders working to deliver on our vision. This is important because some projects we think should be done more. For example, we started to make Web3 gaming possible for Web2 gamers and game studios and have continuously stuck to that mission.

Q: Have you been audited? I have yet to hear you talk about the security of funds being what every investor craves and plans to escape in case of insecurity of funds, scams, and rug pulls. How strongly built, are your security put in place?

Brendan: MYRIA is an ERC-20 utility token fully audited by Hacken. The token is used for transactions on Myria's Layer 2 scaling protocol. Lightning fast, with zero gas fees, Myria is a rapidly growing hub for high-quality global gaming projects that need secure scaling solutions.

StarkWare's StarkEx has also been audited by PeckShield. It has successfully handled hundreds of billions of dollars worth of transactions in a couple of years alone, so we know it's battle-tested!

On top of this, being an ETH L2, Myria also inherits the level of security attributed to the Ethereum network, along with other perks such as its users and liquidity.

Q: Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Brendan: Stay current with the latest news, and join the communities available for Myria 👇

Twitter: https://twitter.com/myria

Discord: https://discord.com/myria

Website: https://myria.com

Telegram English Global: https://t.me/myriaofficialgroup

Telegram Chinese: https://t.me/myriachinese

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myriagames

Medium: https://medium.com/@myriagames

Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/myriaofficial

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/myriaworld

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