Trading Bot Fee Rules

Spot Bot 

KuCoin Trading Bot Spot strategy collects trading fees according to the Fee Rate rules of KuCoin Spot, and Trading Bot users can enjoy a 20% discount on the Maker/Taker fee rate of LV0 fee level of the selected coins. 

Example: A user runs the KCS/USDT Spot grid bot. KCS belongs to the Class B of the Spot market and the Maker/Taker rate of LV0 is 0.2%, so the trading fee rate of Trading Bot is 0.16%. 


Applicable Strategy: Spot Grid, Infinity Grid, Smart Rebalance, DCA, and all Spot strategies in the future. 


Futures Bot 

Futures strategies are charged at a fixed trading fee rate of 0.06%. 

Applicable Strategy: Futures Grid and all Futures strategies in the future. 

Update Date: 

03/30/2022 10:00(UTC)