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The live price of Silly Dragon is $0.02339, with a total trading volume of $ 199,677 in the last 24 hours. The price of Silly Dragon changed by -1.43% in the past day, and its USD value has increased by +25.53% over the last week. With a circulating supply of 999,975,726 SILLY, the market cap of Silly Dragon is currently 23.34M USD, marking a --% increase today. Silly Dragon currently ranks #-- in market cap.
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How can I buy Silly Dragon (SILLY)?

Buying SILLY on KuCoin is fast and simple. Create an account, verify your identity, deposit funds, and start your trading. It's that simple! See How to Buy Silly Dragon (SILLY) for more information.

What Is Silly Dragon (SILLY) Crypto?

Silly Dragon (SILLY) is a cryptocurrency that emerged from the Solana ecosystem. It was introduced by Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of Solana, during Halloween in 2023.

Silly Dragon symbolizes a fresh, playful energy within the Solana narrative, especially as 2024 approaches, a year often associated with the dragon in various cultural zodiacs. This association has generated anticipation for new narratives and innovations centered around Silly Dragon, potentially catalyzing creative initiatives and community engagement within Solana.

The introduction of Silly Dragon has been seen as a catalyst for increased community engagement and creative projects within the Solana ecosystem. The project taps into the trend of meme coins, which have gained a significant following due to their cultural and social media appeal.

How Does Silly Dragon Memecoin Work?

Silly Dragon operates on the Solana blockchain as a part of the Solana ecosystem. It benefits from the blockchain's inherent features like high throughput, low transaction costs, and quick confirmation times.

While initially introduced as part of a playful narrative in the Solana ecosystem, the Silly Dragon project likely aims to foster community engagement. Meme coins often gain value and utility from their community and cultural significance rather than their technical features alone.

The project aims to create a fair and stable ecosystem by burning the liquidity pool and renouncing minting rights. This is crucial for building investor confidence and ensuring long-term viability.

When Was Sily Dragon (SILLY) Coin Launched?

The Silly Dragon memecoin was officially introduced in late 2023. The project gained significant attention during Halloween 2023 when Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana, appeared at a conference dressed in a costume embodying the "Silly Dragon."

This playful but significant moment marked the official introduction of Silly Dragon as a new entity within the Solana ecosystem, infusing a fresh and playful energy into its narrative. The project has since become a part of Solana's broader meme coin narrative and has seen notable market activity, capturing the interest of investors and the crypto community.

$SILLY was listed for trading on KuCoin in December 2023.

What Is SILLY Token Used for?

The most common uses for meme coins like Silly Dragon are trading and speculation. Investors buy and sell these tokens in hopes of profiting from price fluctuations. Due to their often volatile nature, meme coins can attract traders looking for high-risk, potentially high-reward opportunities.

You can trade Silly Dragon token on the KuCoin Spot Market to make the most of changing market conditions and volatility. Remember to do your own research before undertaking any trades in the crypto market.

$SILLY also plays an important role in driving engagement within the Silly Dragon community. The value of Silly Dragon may be partly driven by its cultural appeal and the narrative around it, especially in the context of the Solana ecosystem and broader crypto community.

Silly Dragon (SILLY) Price Movements ($)
PeriodChangeChange (%)
7 Days$0.0047525.54%
30 Days$0.0049426.83%
3 Months$-0.007-23.03%
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Silly Dragon Conversion Rate
  • 1 SILLY to USD$0.02339532
  • 1 SILLY to EUR€0.02162069
  • 1 SILLY to AUD$0.03542543
  • 1 SILLY to KRW₩32.02
  • 1 SILLY to JPY¥3.67
  • 1 SILLY to GBP£0.01842419
  • 1 SILLY to INR₨1.94
  • 1 SILLY to IDRRp375.96
  • 1 SILLY to CAD$0.0321171
  • 1 SILLY to RUB₽2.12


How much is 1 Silly Dragon (SILLY) worth?
KuCoin provides real-time USD price updates for Silly Dragon (SILLY). Silly Dragon price is affected by supply and demand, as well as market sentiment. Use the KuCoin Calculator to obtain real-time SILLY to USD exchange rates.
What Is Silly Dragon Tokenomics?

Silly Dragon is a completely community-owned, decentralized project with no central authority. The tokenomics of Silly Dragon include a total supply of 1 billion tokens, with no transaction tax, which ensures straightforward transactions.

The Liquidity Pool (LP) for Silly Dragon has been burned to ensure a fair and stable ecosystem, and the minting rights have been renounced, affirming a fixed supply and bolstering security.

Is Silly Dragon (SILLY) a Good Investment?

Here are some potential advantages of investing in the Silly Dragon meme coin:

1. High-Risk, High-Reward Potential: Meme coins can experience rapid price increases, offering the potential for high returns. Investors looking for high-risk, high-reward opportunities might find Silly Dragon appealing, especially if it gains traction in the cryptocurrency community.

2. Community and Cultural Appeal: Meme coins often have strong community support and cultural appeal. Investing in Silly Dragon could be seen as joining a community of enthusiasts, especially within the Solana ecosystem, which might have its unique set of events, discussions, and developments.

3. Market Sentiment-Driven Gains: The value of meme coins can be significantly influenced by social media trends, celebrity endorsements, or community-driven campaigns. Investors adept at reading market sentiments and trends might leverage these for potential gains.

4. Accessibility and Low Entry Barrier: Memecoins are generally more accessible and have a lower entry barrier than established cryptocurrencies. This can be an advantage for new investors looking to experiment with small investments.

5. Potential for Future Utility: While not always the case, some meme coins can evolve to have utility in specific ecosystems or applications. It could enhance its value proposition if Silly Dragon develops such utility within the Solana platform or elsewhere.

What Is Silly Dragon Price Prediction?

Although we cannot provide an accurate SILLY crypto price prediction over any duration, you could observe the following factors to understand the price changes in the Silly Dragon meme token:

1. Crypto Market Sentiment and Media Influence

The price of meme coins, in particular, is heavily influenced by social media trends, news, and community sentiment. Positive media coverage or endorsements from influential figures can lead to rapid increases in the $SILLY price, while negative news can have the opposite effect, weakening the SILLY to USD price.

2. Silly Dragon Community Engagement and Hype

The level of community engagement and hype around Silly Dragon can significantly impact the SILLY crypto price. Meme coins often rely on a strong, active community for promotion and visibility, which can drive price movements.

3. Overall Cryptocurrency Market Trends

General trends in the cryptocurrency market can affect the Silly Dragon price. If the broader market is bullish, meme coins like Silly Dragon may also see price increases, and vice versa during bearish trends.

4. Liquidity and Trading Volume

The availability of Silly Dragon tokens on exchanges and the volume of trades can influence the SILLY token price. Higher liquidity and trading volume can lead to more price stability, while lower liquidity may result in higher volatility.

5. Level of Trading Activity for SILLY Token

Meme coins are often the subject of speculative trading, where traders look to capitalize on short-term price movements. This speculation can lead to rapid changes in the price of Silly Dragon token.

6. Future Developments in the Silly Dragon Roadmap

Any technological developments or updates within the Solana ecosystem, which Silly Dragon is a part of, could influence the SILLY coin price. Improvements or setbacks in the platform can affect investor confidence.

7. Comparisons with Other Memecoins

The performance and popularity of other meme coins can also affect Silly Dragon’s price. If similar coins are gaining attention, Silly Dragon might benefit from the increased interest in meme coins as a category.

What is the all-time high price of Silly Dragon (SILLY)?
The all-time high price of Silly Dragon (SILLY) is $0.16024. The current price of SILLY is down 0.85% from its all-time high.
What is the all-time low price of Silly Dragon (SILLY)?
The all-time low price of Silly Dragon (SILLY) is $0.01310. The current price of SILLY is up 0.79% from its all-time low.
How much Silly Dragon (SILLY) is there in circulation?
As of 5 24, 2024, there is currently 999,975,726 SILLY in circulation. SILLY has a maximum supply of 1B.
What is the market cap of Silly Dragon (SILLY)?
The current market cap of SILLY is $23.34M. It is calculated by multiplying the current supply of SILLY by its real-time market price of $23.34M.
How do I store Silly Dragon (SILLY)?
You can securely store your Silly Dragon in the custodial wallet on the KuCoin exchange without having to worry about managing your private keys. Other ways to store your SILLY include using a self-custody wallet (on a web browser, mobile device, or desktop/laptop computer), a hardware wallet, a third-party crypto custody service, or a paper wallet.
How do I convert Pepe 2.0 (PEPE2) to cash?
You can instantly exchange your Pepe 2.0 (PEPE2) for cash using KuCoin's Fast Trade feature. This feature enables you to convert PEPE2 to your local fiat currency in just a few clicks. However, make sure to complete Identity Verification first to enjoy all the features you may need.
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