Whopper Joins the KCS Ecosystem, Bringing Custom KCS Cold Storage Card

2019/06/06 14:12:43Announcements

Dear KCS Holders,

We are delighted to announce that Whopper, the producer of cryptocurrency cold storage cards, has joined our KCS ecosystem. Through this partnership, the Whopper team will work with KuCoin to create the world’s first custom KCS physical cold storage card, which will be collectible, giftable and tradable. A community voting campaign will be launched shortly with multiple card designs, with the winning design being made available for purchase soon after.

Current KCS ecosystem partners include ETHLend, ADAMANT Messenger, Aave Pay, PlayGame, SwirlPay, CoinPayments, and Whopper, providing users multiple ways to use KCS. We welcome more partners to join us and contribute to the KCS ecosystem!

About Whopper

Whopper is a producer of custom high quality physical cold storage cards and public key deposit cards. Our automated production system, along with operating all our own equipment, ensures that all key pairs for cold storage are safe with multiple system checks to confirm safety in our system. Available in either full wallet or public deposit address only, we work directly with project teams to create fully custom unique designs. Collectible, gift-able, and trade-able, Whopper cards are the best way to introduce new people to the power of cryptocurrencies, gift friends and family crypto in an easy-to-use card, and pay people on the go.

Thanks for your support!

The KuCoin Team