JUST (JST) Gets Listed on KuCoin!

2020/08/06 04:01:31Token Listing

Dear KuCoin Users,

KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. JUST (JST) is now available on KuCoin. Supported trading pair includes JST/USDT.

Please take note of the following schedule:

  • Deposits Effective Immediately
  • Trading JST/USDT : 19:00 on August 6, 2020 (UTC+8)
  • Withdrawal: 22:00 on August 6, 2020 (UTC+8)

Project Summary

Total SupplyMarket CapIssue DateConsensus Protocol
9,900,000,000 $34,547,249 USD2020-04-03DPOS
Circulating Supply24hr VolumeIssue PriceCryptographic Algorithm
1,433,850,000 $4,702,293 USD0.124TRX-

* The key metric numbers are calculated as at August 5 2020; Issue Price represents the price of latest private sale price.

JUST is built on the TRON Network, the largest decentralized application ecosystem, and aims to provide a set of easy-to-use and transparent financial services for users worldwide. Users can mint stablecoin USDJ by depositing TRX assets as collateral in a smart contract. Project is governed by JUST community members based on the number of JST they hold. Proposals are voted upon and determined by the whole ecosystem.

Official Website:

Whitepaper:Click to view

Risk Warning: Investing in cryptocurrency is akin to being a venture capital investor. The cryptocurrency market is available worldwide 24 x 7 for trading with no market close or open times. Please do your own risk assessment when deciding how to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. KuCoin attempts to screen all tokens before they come to market, however, even with the best due diligence, there are still risks when investing. KuCoin is not liable for investment gains or losses.


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